Shooting at the West Seattle range at 1 PM Thursdays.
West Seattle available Friday evenings, by appointment. Talk to Alan.

Champion Arms April 6th, 6:30 PM.
April th 2011 meeting
Club meeting at Oxbow Rec Center 6:30 PM

May 2012 meeting
Oxbow 6:30 PM

June 2012 meeting

Oxbow 6:30 PM

July 2012 meeting

Oxbow 6:30 PM

2012 Officers are:
President: ........ Alan Olsen
Vice-President: . Rod Hendry
Secretary: ........Bob Langenbach
Treasurer: ........Bernie Schmitt

 Mailing address:  BER&PC, The Boeing Co., M/S 7H-85, P.O. Box 3707 Seattle, WA 98124-2207 

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Benefits to membership: Your membership in the Employees Rifle and Pistol club entitles you to shoot free at two ranges in the Seattle area.
  • the West Seattle .22 Range on Thursday afternoons.
  • and West Seattle Friday evenings.
You will be given the coveted Members Password to get into the members only area of this web site. Inside the members only area, you can see the monthly events, read the minutes for the last year, access the guns for sale area, and get access to the related gun sites.
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Another reason to join
The Boeing Employees Rifle & Pistol Club (BERPC) in 2011 is in its 66th year serving the fraternity of local shooters committed to safe hunting, marksmanship, competition, reloading, collecting, education, plinking and all around fun.

Club Meetings are held the first Wednesday each month starting at 6:30 PM, most often in the Oxbow Recreation Center, Room 201. (please check Events calendar for location) Meetings feature interesting shooting videos, news, awards, activity discussions, guest speakers and an open discussion period.

Rifle and Pistol teams:
The Rimfire Team shoots at the West Seattle Stadium's 50' Indoor Range for standard velocity .22 caliber rifles and handguns.
The Pistol Team (all centerfire handguns) is looking for a new venue.
The Rifle Team shoots at various ranges each month, in the Greater Northwest.

Club Website:
Firearm safety is a major emphasis for the Club and classes are being offered periodically at inexpensive rates for members and guests. Reloading: The Club no longer reloads on company property. But those who wish to learn are directed to contact one of the club officers for information.