There are many benefits available to Boeing Employee Rifle and Pistol Club (BER&PC) members in addition to our sponsored shooting activities.  Your elected officers are reviewing these activities to bring the club into financial harmony.  Your input is appreciated!


1.      The BER&PC has a private library available only to members in the password protected area of our “members only” area of the BER&PC web site.


Members, with a web site password, can view the catalog and request items from the library at this link:


We often direct new members to our library so they can check out popular videos on the safe storage and handling of firearms.


2.      Indoor range shooting at Champion Arms in Kent.


Once you have filled out your BER&PC application and mailed us your check, you should receive your BER&PC membership card for the current year within six weeks.


After you have your BER&PC card, you just show that membership card and your photo ID to the range master at Champion, sign in, and you can shoot in an indoor lane as long as there are no “cash paying” customers ahead of you.  


There are no limitations (yet) on our agreement with Champion Arms, but please keep in mind that BER&PC members are second in line for a range position behind all other range activities that generate income for the range. 


It is important that you sign in when you shoot at Champion!


All guests pay the full range fee to Champion arms.


Members may wish to call first to make certain there are not special groups that have reserved the entire range.


You will need to sign the Champion paper work and get your safety briefing from the range master at your first visit.


3.       The Club also sponsors 22 rim fire shooting in West Seattle each Thursday.


There is a private range located under the West Seattle Stadium in West Seattle.  Current BER&PC members meet there at 1:00 PM most Thursdays to shoot .22 rimfire rifles and pistols.


4.      The Boeing Employee Rifle and Pistol Club (BER&PC) holds general meetings the first Wednesday of each month.


The meetings start promptly at 6:30 PM at the Oxbow Activity Center in Seattle.  There is usually a business meeting and a speaker.


Points to remember as a BER&PC member:


You are totally responsible for where your projectile goes after it leaves the barrel and any damage it does.


Every person who handles firearms must seek out qualified consultation regarding what type of personal liability insurance or other insurance they may need to have.


Always ask for a range safety briefing from the range master if you have not shot at that gun range or if you have not shot at that gun range recently; rules, limitations, and procedures are always changing. 


Ask for a written copy of the range rules, limitations, and procedures and read them.  Understand the rules and follow them.


Be certain your signed range agreement at that particular range is current.

If something in your life goes wrong and firearms are involved it could be the best piece of paper you have signed in a long time.


Do not instruct on any range unless you have cleared what you are doing with the range master.

Before instructing anyone in anything, ask yourself how you would explain your qualifications to twelve of your peers.


Although there are exceptions, family members and significant others are best instructed by a professional third party who is not related to the family.  Range masters tell us the most common mistake is the boy friend teaching a girl friend.


If you are not intimately familiar with the firearm you are handling SEEK OUT INSTRUCTION FROM A QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR!  Don't just try and "figure it out" on the range.



Your bullet should go into the range backstop - not the floor, ceiling, or wall.


If you observe any action, inaction, attitude, or behavior that you deem unsafe; tell the range master immediately.  Leave the range if corrective action is not taken immediately and direction isn't followed with a positive attitude.


Tell a BER&PC officer about your experience (fun, funny, sad, scary, whatever) so we can pass the word on.