Scott "Serge" Bernhard - tour director
    Elroy "Elroi" Christenson - managing director


We just loved this part. "Dinner next to Lake Annecy" in 1999.

S & E Tours LLC has closed operations in December of 2014 after fifteen years of wonderful travel experiences.  We want to thank all out previous clients and friends.  We have had a great time and hope that we have provided a French cultural experience that was unique among tour groups. 

S & E Tours LLC is a company that used to specialize in small scale tours for lovers of small French villages, fine French food and fine French wines. Our tours have a maximum of 26 participants which travel France in small buses. "Serge", who teaches French, and "Elroi", who teaches art, at North Seattle Community College are the tour leaders.

The Guides of S & E Tours LLC

Scott "Serge" Bernhard, tour director
"Serge" has been a teacher of French and head of the Language Department at North Seattle Community College for many years. Although he teaches Spanish along with French, he adores France and speaks French as a native Parisian. He has led many tours of France both independently and as a tour guide for other companies. "Serge" is an accomplished musician and entertainer who brings his guitar along on the trips for frequent song fests into the night. He has written books on French language for the traveler and is an avid historian of French culture.
Elroy "Elroi" Christenson, managing director
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"Elroi", now retired, had been an art teacher for forty years and head of the Art Department of North Seattle Community College. He has traveled world-wide but likes France best of other European countries. "Elroi" has worked with "Serge" on several trips to the Dordogne, Provence and the Luberon. He handles the teaching of art history, watercolor and sketching techniques while on tour. He was a featured "artist in action" in a film on travels in Provence.
See his watercolors here.

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Elroy's Watercolors from 2008
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