William Ball Family

(Col.) William Ball
b. about 1603 England
d. will dated 15 Oct., 1680, Millenbeck, Lancaster Co.,Virginia
buried: 8 Nov 1680 St Marys White Chapel, Lancaster Co., Virginia

m. Hannah Atherold  2 Jul 1638 London, Eng
b. about 1614/15 (?Wiltshire, England)
d. 25 June 1695
her father: Thomas Atherold, of Stafford Co., England
mother: Mary Vesey

his father: Richard Ball
his mother:
Children with Hannah Atherold
?Richard Ball b. abt 1646
d. died young m. Mary Kensey (dau. of Hugh Kensey)
 Richard Ball# b. 1639 Eng
d. 1676-77 Richmond, VA
m. Elizabeth Linton(dau fo Moses Linton and Mary)
Capt. William Ball# b. 2 Jan 1640/4 Eng.
d. 9/30/1694 in Lancaster Co., VA 1m. Margaret
Williamson 1666 (dau. James Williamson of Rappahannock Co., VA)
2m. Miss Harris of "Bay View". Northumberland Co., VA abt 1674
3m. Margarete Downman 1675 (dau. Rawleigh Downman)
Joseph Ball#
(grandfather to
Pres. George Washington)
b. 25 May1649 Lancaster Co., VA d. 11 Jun 1711 Oakley, Lancaster, Virginia 1m. Elizabeth Romney
2m. Mrs Mary (Montague) Johnson PA
Hannah Ball# b.12 Mar1650 d. m. Captain David Fox, 22 July1670

                        *birth and marriage dates from the records of William Ball Wright, Ball family records 1901.
                        #children and information confirmed by Hayden. 

There is still a good deal of debate about the father of William Ball. Joseph Ball Jr., (son of Joseph, grandson of William) apparently did some research on his family while living in England and tracked down a line through available material to a Ball of Barkham and Wokingham in Berkshire, England. The Records that he was using were compromised by the Great Fire of London in 1666 that burned almost 2/3 of the city and many many earlier records. We still have problems filling in the gaps due to this loss. This is line is being challenged by several researchers who say that the correct ancestor of William of Mellenbeck should be a Dr. Richard Ball of London. See the article of Peter Walne under Richard Ball.

Col. William Ball (1615) is one of the 'founding fathers" of Jamestowne, VA (1607-1670)
[ "Genealogies of Va. Families, Vol 1" : "William & Mary Quarterly] I find this particular statement to be in conflict with his dates of birth. he certainly was not in Jamestown in 1607 and probably didn't arrive here until after 1650. He certainly was an early settler of Virginia on the rappahannock River in St Mary's Parish.

1657 - William Ball came to the colonies with his family in 1657. He settled on the Rappahannock River in St Mary's Parish. The "Millenbeck Plantation" was located near the mouth of the Corotoman River in what is now Lancaster County, VA.[Diane Curko, VANY - http://www.vanygenealogy.com/ball.htm]

1650 - There is a rather long and detail history written by Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis Neale about the St. Mary's White Chapel in Lancaster County, Virginia.  Some of the names connected to this church include David Fox, Ralaigh Downman, John Washington of Westmoreland County, as well as a good deal of information on the Ball family. 

"It was first built , like her contemporary, Old Christ church, in the lowere part of the county (or rather Old Christ was built like St. Mary's, for we are assured that St. Mary's is the older) in the form of a cross, with three galleries, one owned by Major James Ball and Mr. Joseph Ball; one by the Downmans, of Belle Isle, and one was for the slaves of the Churchmen.  ... The old tablets were brought down from the gallery, where they had been laid in the dust, and restored at a cost of one hundred dollars.  ... There were four in number.  Two contain the Ten Commandments and were a gift of David Fox in 1702.  The other two were given by son, William Fox, and contain the Apostless Creed and the Lord's Prayer.  There is no date inscribed on these, but they were given in 1717, as shown by the will of Captain William Fox, dated 1717, in which he directed: "My wife shall send for the Lord's Prayer and Creed, well drawn in gold letters, and my name under each of them, set in decent black frames, as a gift to St. Mary's White Chapel"; and he also left by his will to that church "the font that came in that year." [The wife in this case would be Hannah (Ball) Fox- note by EC]

"The Old Bible was given by Rawleigh Downman, of Belle Isle, in 1838.  The  beautiful circular Communion railing remains as in olden days, but the brick aisles have been planked and carpeted, as has the chancel, and fitted up with modern furniture.  The old Communion table is still in the vestry room. It once stood in the chancel, and was covered with a green velvet cover with a gilt fringe, and in the center was the Ball coat-of-arms in bas-relief and done in gilt.  This was sold years ago to one of the Downmans, whose maternal ancestor was a Ball. "

"In the churchyard are a number of old tombs of massive marble, bearing dates in the sixteenth and seventeenth  centuries.  Nearly all of the oldes are inscribed with the name of Ball. The first is David Ball, seventh son of William Ball, Mary Ann Ball, daughter of Rev. John Betrand, Jesse Ball, Mary Ball, daughter of Edwin Conway, and James Ball, her husband; Fanny, daughter of Rawleigh Downman, of Lettuce, third wife of James Ball and daughter of Richard Lee, of Ditchley.

These names show that this church counted among her numbers names of old Virginia Aristocrates of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  Among the Churchmen of the eighteenth century we will mention, Chinn, Downman, Carter, Ball, Mitchell, Lee, Lewis, Ewell, McCarty, Towles, Chowning, Sneads, Pierce, Robinson and Chilton.  ...

In the corner of the churchyard ... Col. William Ball, who came to this county from England in 1650, settled at the mouth of Corrotoman River,  bringing his family. He died in 1669, leaving two sons and one daughter, Hannah, who married Daniel Fox.  William left eight sons.  Joseph left no male issue, but General George Washington is his grandson by his youngest daughter, Mary.  Mary Ball, grandmother of Washington, lies buried at "Epping Forest," five miles from the church, and a handsome oil picture of her adorns the walls of the court-room at Lancaster, county seat.  None of Col. William Ball's children are buried at the church, but his grandchildren and their descendants.  Joseph Ball married a Miss Ravenscroft, of England, and settled in London.  He was brother of Mary Ball, who was the mother of Washington.  He only daughter, Fannie married Raleigh Downman, of Morattico; Fannie, who married Col. James Ball, of Beaudley, and Mr. Raleigh Downman, of Belle Isle.  "   [Lewis pp. 308-312]

1639 - There are opposing theories as to whether Richard born to Wm and Hannah survived.  Some have found records of an infant death. Some have found records of Richard marrying.   It could be that both are true.  I have other families where a child of the same name died as and infant and a later birth was named the same.   Not being named in a will as is indicated in the 1680 will does not necessarily mean that Richard was not his son and provided for in some other way or at an earlier time and still living. 

1670- 1740 - Various Ball family members served as Burgess of Lancaster County, VA

           [William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 4 (Apr., 1897), pp. 260-261.]

1680 , Oct 25 - William Ball writes his last will and testamony.

1690-  Will of William Ball (jr)  here lays out the reason why so many researchers have been confused about the Ball line.  There are numerous William Balls, and Joseph Balls.   The most important thing is the indentification of the connection of the families.   William states here that Capt David Fox is "my brother", more accurately he his William's brother-in-law. 

Will of William Ball

In the name of God, Amen, I Capt Wm Ball of ye Paarish of ST. Mary's White Almighty God for the same and considering the  frailty of this life being but a blast I doe make this my Last will and Testament in Manner and form following hereby revoking and making Void all other will or Wills Formerly by me made sealed or Published.  First I give my soule to God That gave it me and Commit my body to the Earth to be buried in decent order at the Discreation of my Executors hereafet named I hope and true confidence that I shall have a joyful Resurrection at the Last day through the merrits of my most dear and Precious Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.  I give unto my Dr. Wife all and every part of this two hundred seven acres of land whereon I now Live will all the housing and appurtenances  thereunto belonging and also my mill hereon standing during her Natural life and also full Power to plant make and manure for her own use a Plantation if she Please on every other Paarcel of Land hereafter by me hereby given and then they be under the tuition ofmy sons William and richar, and that whenever the siad mill be out of repaire my will is that my asaid sons William Ball and Richard Ball giev their assistance to mend repaire or new build her and that they be paid for their paines as the mill earnes it.  I give unto my said sons William Ball and Richard Ball all my tract of Land Lyeing in this Next to Richard Cundiffs being about nine hundred and Fifty acres to Equally divided between them Provided they aquit all their right which they or either of them may Possibly have of in and to that Divident of Land in Richmond County next above perpetua Creek being about one thousand acres on whihc my Quarter Plantation now is unto their two brother Joseph Ball and George Ball then I doe give unto my said sons William Ball and Richard Ball to them their heirs forever all and every part of the above said Nine hundred and fifty acres of Land Lying in this neck next Richard Cundiffs as aforesaid but if my said two sons William Ball and Richard Ball molest their two said Brothers Joseph Ball and George Ball in their Quiet Possession at any time or times hereafter either them or their heirs in the said one thousand acres of Land at Perpetua Creek where my Quarter now is that I then do hereby give my said two sons Joseph Ball and George Ball and their heirs all and every part and Parcel of that nine Hundred and Fifty acres before hereby given unto my said two sons William Ball and Richard Ball as aforesaid.  I give unto my two sons Joseph Ball and George Ball to them and their heirs all and every part and parcel of Devident of land in Richmond whereon my quarter now is neqr the had of Perpetua Creek to be Equally Divided between them.  I give unto my four sons (viz) James Ball, David Ball, Streichley Ball and Samuel Ball to them and their heirs forever all and every part of my uper Devident of Land being sixteen hundred Acres more or less Lying in Richmond County above Mr James Harrisons to be equally divided Between them.  I give unto my dear Daughter Margaret Ball to her and her heirs forever all that and every part and parcell of that Devident whereupn m mother Lives at the mouth of Corratomon being about three hundred acres and fifty Acres more to bee laid out of my ajoyning Devident next to the plantation that James Wood lives on only reserving to my dear one third part of all the sider made thereon clear of all charge making cask.  I give unot my said son William Ball a man servt named Luke Dickson and a negro man named Robin and a negro woman named Dyner and my silver Tumbler and a Punch cup at mother's when xhe is dead. I give to my son Richard Ball a man servt called Thomas Alderton and a negro woman called Daoe and Silver Mustard pott.  I give to my dear wife three negroes call Sambo, Tom and Mary and three English or white servants at my Quarter i Richmond County Called Robin +++ James Canady and Sarah and a silv er salt siller, Tankard and Drinking Cup of Silver and which of my Cups she shall make Choice of.  I give to my son James Ball Two slaves called Dominy and Kate and a boy a girle.  I give to my son Joseph a Girle slave call Nany.  I give to my Daughter Margaret Ball two slave called Sarah.  I give unto my son Samuell Ball a Girle slave called Dolf.  The rest of my white servants and slaves not before hereby given-being Cox Scotch, Tom Betty and her molatto Child, three negro women called Dolf and Betty and Bess at Mothers.  I give unto my three eldest sons viz William Ball Richard Ball and James Ball in Consideration that they be at the charge of bringing up and maintaining their dear Mother.  And the residue of all my Estate whereon had found or being not before hereby given I give to be equally Devided between my dear children here named James, Joseph, David, George, Margaret, Stretchley and Samuel after their mothers Decease but my will is that my dear wife have the use of it all During her Natural Life.  I doe make and ordaine my son William Ball and my son Richard Ball the Executrs of this my Last will and Testament and my loving Brothers Capt David Fox and my loving friens Mr. George Heale and Mr Edwin Conway the overseers of this my last will and Testament.  In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand andd Seale this 28th day of September Ao 1694. William Ball, (Seale) Signed Sealed and Published in Presence of Abraham Taylor, George Hinch, Edwin Conway.  Probat fuit &c Quarto Die No bris Ao Domi 1694, pr Sacrament Abraham Taylor &c &c Test John Stretchley           Cop: Test Thos Edwards C L C    [Hayden p. 53-54]

1695-Jun 25 - Hannah Ball writes her will and dies by Oct 12 1695. Her will is filed in Lancaster Co.,Virginia. Will Book 8, p. 102. June 25, 1695

1698 July to Aug - William Ball, as executor of Capt. Wm. Ball, deceased for a debt, files suit against the estate of Henry Bell and the executor Richard Bell(this sometimes spelled Ball).

1710- William Ball was Appointed Colonel in the Militia by Governor Spotswood.

Coats-of-Arms in Virgnia, "William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers," Vol. 1, No. 3. (Jan., 1893), pp. 167-171.

Elizabeth 2d Dauter was Bornd 4h day of Feby 1680 about Sunrise & weighd 11 lbs. Baptzd at St Marys Sunday 15 May Mrs Margaret Ball, Mrs Elizabeth Rogers & Captain Ball standing for her.

Elizabeth 2d Dauter was Bornd 4h day of Feby 1680 about Sunrise & weighd 11 lbs. Baptzd at St Marys Sunday 15 May Mrs Margaret Ball, Mrs Elizabeth Rogers & Captain Ball standing for her.

Joseph Youngest son born Friday 28 Novr 1690 & Christnd at home on 10th Decr Mr Robt Carter & Mr Joseph Ball Godfathrs & Mrs Judith Carter Godmother.

John Payne and Anne Chichester, Anne Ball, b. Feb. 16, 1769.

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers, Vol.
1, No. 3. (Jan., 1893), pp. 156-157.

Capt. William Ball and his wife Margaret Williamson had a daughter, Margaret Ball who married Rawleigh Downman. When Rawleigh Downman died Margaret became involved with Rawleigh Chinn. Its hard to tell from the timing but this may have been one of several affairs that Rawleigh Chinn had. Rawleigh's first marriage to Joseph Ball's daughter Esther collapsed and Rawleigh has three illegitimate children with Margaret Ball Downman, Esther's first cousin according to the researchers of the Ball Library. [Ball Library. 12/1/02]

1740- 1743 List of Vestrymen in St. Mary's Parish, before the union of the parishes, from 1739 to 1756, and of both parishes after the union. by David Ball. (minister)


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