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Welcome to my family records.  You'll find here several ways to guide you through the records. The main file is the list by major family groups that I've been researching since about 1995. I've included here most of the records on these families that I've discovered to date. If you have more or different information on these families I would love to hear from you. Happy hunting. 
  Major family groups
You'll find here the major family lines.  
  Other Family Charts
This index lists other family charts I've developed.

   Ancestor Charts
These charts with links lead through my ancestor lines.
Rock Church
                  button  Regional History pages
These pages are developed to give a more comprehensive idea of the life, times and/or place of the particular ancestors who lived there.
  Surname Index 
This lists other family names that have marriage associations mentioned on the family sheets.
  Occupational Lists to Individuals 
This lists is not an inclusive list but contains an assortment of occupations discovered with links to individuals. (under construction).


DNA history
of I1-253  and I-L22

of Elroy Christenson
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Cheryl's Family
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