Robert Barron Family
England & Virginia

Robert Barron
b. ? abt 1595 England
d.? after
1637, James City County, Virginia, British North America

1m. ....unknown..............
d. ...................
her father: ............... wife: .................

his father: ............
his mother: ...

Robert Barron arrived in the Virginia Colony on the "David" under the command of Jo Hogg, Master, from Gravesend. [(The original Lists of Person of Quality.... Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700., p.129.) Williams. p. 5]

"Theis under written names are to be transported to Virginea, imbarqued in David J: Hogg Mr have been examined by the Minister of Gravesend etc.

Edward Browne            25           Henry  Melton           23                Jo:  Lamb               22
Samuel Troope              17           David Lloyd              30               Tho: Nunn               22
Wm Hatton                    23           Donough Gorhue      27               Jo: Steevens             19
Daniel Bacon                 30           Geo:  Butler              27               Edward Crabtree      20
Robet Alsopp                 18           Addam Nunnick       25               Wm Barber            17
Teddar Jones                  30           Jo: Stann                   27               Ann Beeford            25
Tho: Siggins                   18          Edward Spicer          18               Martha Potter           20
Abell Dexter                  25           Jo: Morris                 26               Jane Jennings           25
Rich. Caton                    26           Richard Brookes      30               Margaret Bole         30
Tho: Granger                 19           Robert Barron        18               Mary Rogers           20
Jo: Bonfilly                    21           Jonathan Barnes       22               Margaret Walker     20
Roger Mannington         14          Henry Kendall          17               Freese Brooman      20
Josua Chambers             17          Tho: Poulter              31               Eliz: Jones               20
                           ]Tepper, Michael.  Passengers to America, 1635]

The following list of passengers includes Robert Barron and what appears to be several single women.  We presently have no record of whether one of these women is the mother of Andrew Barron but if he was born shortly after Robert immigrated he would have to make a marriage some rapidity. Neville Mann is quoted in some records as having Andrew Barron coming to Virginia in 1635 on the "David" at age 18.  I think this is unlikely in view of the following record and there may have been confusion about Robert being David. 

The David, September, 1635: The David departed London for Virginia
Ship and Passenger Information:

Jo. Hogg, Master September [2], 1635
41 passengers listed by name and by age

Alsopp, Robert, 18
Bacon, Daniell, 30
Barber, William, 17
Barnes, Jonathan, 22
BARRON, Robert, 18
Bold, Margaret, 30
Bonfolly, Jo:, 21 [Possibly Bonfilly - dot above indistinct 5th letter.]
Brooman, Freese, 20
Brookes, Richard, 30
Browne, Edward, 25
Butler, Ger:,27 [Gertrude?]
Caton, Richard, 26
Chambers, Josua, 17
Crabbtree, Edward, 20
Dexter, Abell, 25
Feelding, Jo:, 19
Gorhie, Donough, 27
Granger, Thomas, 19
Hatton, William, 23
Jennings, Jane, 25
Jones, Elizabeth, 20
Jones, Tedder, 30
Kendall, Henry, 17
Lamb, Jo:, 22
Lloyd, David, 30
Lovett, Gurtred, 18
Mannington, Roger, 14
Melton, Henry, 23
Morris, Jo:, 26
Nunn, Thomas, 22
Nunnick, Addam, 25
Porter, Martha, 20
Poulter, Thomas, 31
Rogers, Mary, 20
Siggins, Thomas, 18
Spicer, Edward, 18
Spicer, Henry, 28
Stann, Jo:, 27
Steevens, Jo:, 19
Troope, Samuel, 17
Walker, Margaret, 20

The following is taken from the book The Barron and Hall Family Histories: With Notes on Related Families, by Roy Holmes Hall of Dallas, Texas in 1967:

      "It is entirely possible that young Robert landed at Jamestown and from there removed to Kent Island, now a part of Talbot County, Maryland.  William Claibourne, a Virginian, established a colony and a trading post on the Island in 1631. Shortly thereafter, Claibourne was having difficulty with Lord Baltimore's Colony because they would not recognize his proprietary rights on the Island. This Maryland established 1634 on st. clement island, claibourne believed had prior rights. did not have patent, but only a trading license, so his claims were held to be invalid by king' s court, and he  lost the dispute. This contest over land titles developed into open hostilities between the two settlements.    A naval battle between Claibourne's ship Cocktrice and the St. Margaret ensued at the mouth of the Pocomoke River on April 23, 1635, the same year that Robert arrived in America. The quarrel between Claibourne and the Maryland colonists was the chief topic of conversation at Jamestown, and there was considerable excitement. Claibourne made numerous trips to obtain recruits for his colony on KentIsland, and the opportunity for Robert Barron to be among them was established, although his name does not appear on records known to date." [Harrison ]

The following is Joseph Barron's will:
        County in the Province of Maryland planter, being sick and weak of body,
      but of sound and perfect memory praised be Almighty God for the same and
      being very sensible that all men are born to dye and after that must come
      to Judgement, being therefore willing to settle my affairs in the world
      and to dispose of such estate as hath please God to bless me herewithall
      do make and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking and
      making void all other former wills and testaments heretofore by me made
      or done in manner and form following. First of all I commend my soul and
      spirit to the care and protection of Almighty God who gave it and my body
      I commit to the earth there to be decently buried at the discretion of my
      executors hereafter named hoping for a joyfull resurrection unto eternal
      glory through the merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who with
      the Father and Spirit liveth and reigneth one God Blessed forever
            Imprimis: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife, Rachel
      Barron, my dwelling plantation now living upon during her natural life
      with house and all other stock as well as cattle as horses as hogs and
      all other things thereon or thereunto belonging and after my wife's
      decease the said dwelling plantation above named I give to my daughter
      Elizabeth Barron her heirs with all the stock cattle. Said as aforesaid
      she the said Elizabeth living with her mother and to be guided by her
      until she comes of age, and if my daughter Elizabeth Barron should dye
      without issue then the said dwelling plantation shall return to my
      grandson, Joseph Barron, son of John Barron, dec'd and his heirs forever:
       I will and hereby devise that at my wife's decease, my household stuff
       and furniture whatsoever be equally and justly divided between my
       daughter Elizabeth Barron and my son-in-law George Prouse (who was really
       his stepson p.h.), freely and absolutely to them and their disposal:
       Lastly, it is my true intent and meaning of those presents that my just
       debts be honestly paid and discharged at some convenient time after my
       decease as witnesseth my hand the nineth day of March in the year of our
       Lord, one thousand seven hundred twenty four. Signed in the presence of
       Thomas Wills, Henry Woods, and William Servant. Proved in court on 2 June 1725.           

        Joseph's estate was appraised by Mich Fletcher, John Catrop on 2 June 1726 at L 24.12.4.
        Kin: James and Elizabeth Merrick; creditors, Thos. Richardson, William Clayland.
        Proved 28 June 1726 by Rachel Barron, Administrator.   
        (Inasmuch as Joseph listed his daughter Elizabeth as a minor in 1724 and she was married to Merrick in 1726, it is probable that she married James Merrick circa 10 December 1725 instead of 1713 as noted in the Talbot County marriages.)


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