The English Camp/Kemp Ancestors
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The English Camp/Kemp Ancestors

We really have no conclusive proof that our known relative of Thomas Camp/Kemp I is related to the Camp/Kemps of England. There is a good deal of conjecture surrounding this family and early settlements in Jamestown based on the investment of Lawrence Camp/Kemp in the early Virginia trading company.

Several researchers have proposed that there is a connection to the family of William Campe of London, who married Mary Farmer in 1584 in London but no true ancestorl line has been established. William Kemp and Mary Farmer had at least four sons: Lawrence, Richard, Nicholas, and Thomas. Most of the records that could have established this family line were burned the Great Fire of London of 1666. William Campe may be related to the Kempe family of Norfolk.

Lawrence Kemp, son of William and Mary Farmer Campe was a member of the Company of Honorable Drapers and Weavers. Lawrence had no children of his own but was a prominent figure who made a number of investments that left him very well off. In John Burke's History of Virginia, Vol. No. 1 appendix, Lawrence Camp is the named as a large subscriber to the fund for colonizing Virginia and was therefore called a "Member of the Great Charter of the Virgina Company" when it was granted by King James I on May 23, 1609. He had owned seven shares of stock in the Company which he was allowed to draw 700 acres of land in Gloucester County, Virginia. This land fell to his brother Thomas Camp upon his death. In England, Lawrence Camp endowed a fund at Cambridge University for the maintenance of poor scholars. He also gave 7000 pounds to found an Alms House in Parish of Fraim Barnet in his home county. He was also the builder and patron of the Church of All-Hallows-In-The Wall where be was buried. On his death his estate was divided among his three brothers. Richard took the property in England and remained there, Nicholas took the New England investments, and Thomas received the land and estates in Virginia.

This Thomas may have had a son, Thomas Camp, who is one of the early known settlers. Therefore the Thomas Camp of King and Queen Co. Virginia is probably the great grand nephew of the Lawrence Camp. Most of the Colonial Records of Gloucester and county were destroyed which could prove this association. [Williams. p.43]

William Campe
b. c1560 ST. Dunston in the West London, England

m. Mary Farmer 1584 St. Peter Westcheap, London

Lawrence Campe b. * d. 1751 m.
Richard Campe b. * d. m.
Nicolas Campe b.* d. m.
Thomas Campe b.* d. m.

There was a Richard Kemp who was Secretary of the Virginia Company.  Richard Kemp gave some goods of Samuel Mathews to Thomas Hill after Samuel Mathews was arrested in May of 1637. This prompted Mathews to seek redress in England where Hill was ordered to give back the belongings of Mathews. There must have been a close relationship to Thomas Hill. Thomas Hill received a patent for a 3/10- acre lot in Jamestown city next door to Richard Kemp, who built one of the first brick houses in Jamestown which known as house 44 in archeological digs. Thomas Hill later buys a 600-acres of Richard Kemp's 4,332-acre Rich Neck tract near the Middle Plantation.  Middle Plantation is now the site of Williamsburg.  [McCartney 389]

It seems that the above Richard Kemp had to flee to England in 1640 along with the Governor Christopher Wormeley.  They were accused of cruelty and oppression in the colony and had considerable difficulty in making their return to Virginia.  They were twice prevented from doing so by order of the house of lords, the second order being served on them when they were already on shipboard and about to depart.  These charges seems to have had a foundation in fact.  Wormley actually confessed later to having tried a case against one Taylor unjustly, when a commissioner of Elizabeth City.  [Tyler 106]

On February 12, 1620 the first William Campe came to Virginia. He may have arrived on the Bona Nova. A William Kemp also came to Virginia on the John and Dorothy in 1634.  It is not known if these are the same person. [McCarney 441]

*I have some dates from LDS files but no documentations that says that we are dealing with same individual and Russ Williams has none.

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