John Stillee
?South Carolina and Miss. Terr.

John Stillee/Stilly/Stilley/Still Lee
b. 19 Jan. 1752 d. 30 Sept 1808, probably in Natchez, Adams Co, MS


Elizabeth White Hollaway m. c1784
b. 1 Mar 1750-52 Culpepper Co., VA#
d. 31 Aug 1817 Baton Rouge, LA
her 1m.John Holloway
her father - James Taylor White
mother - Elizabeth Powe

his father -perhaps descended from "Poncet Stelle dit desloriers"[sic] a Huguenot
mother - unknown at this time
children w/ John Stilley
Lee Paul Reuben Stille* b. 9 May 1784 Natchez, Adams Co, MS d. c1820, Claiborne Co, MS (twin)m. Mary Polly Clark (b.c1790, Claiborne Co, MS- d.c1820, Claiborne Co, MS), dau. of Gibson CLARK and Susannah PHILLIPS
Maria Sally "Sarah" Stille* b. 9 May 1784 Natchez, Adams Co, MS d. (twin) m. George B. WATSON
Michael Lamport Stille*
("Miguel" in Spanish records)
b. 22 Nov 1786 d. 19 Jun 1823 St. Helena Par., LA m. Delilah Starnes (b. 3 Jul 1789)
Frederick Starnes is security on several documents for her

1738 - Elizabeth is born to James Taylor White and Elizabeth Powe of Culpepper Co., VA. [ White, Gifford. James Taylor White of Virginia, p. 3]

We still do not know if Elizabeth may have known John Stillee in South Carolina but the records exit that present some questions of prior knowledge of a John Stiles in the same region that her father James T. White had lived.

But after the death of John Holloway, supposedly at the hands of Indians, she continued to raise the minor children by her previous marriage and then has a few more.

1781, Oct. - John Holloway is killed by Indians. His wife, Elizabeth survives with the six minor children. [McBee, May Wilson, Natchez Court Records, Genealogical Pub. 1953]

Elizabeth inherits very little in terms of valuable goods after the death of John Holloway. Some of the items included a pair of sheets, a few dishes, some carpenter's tools, a few sows, and four slaves: "Samuel, of the Angola nation, aged about 50 years, appraised to $50; Sarah, a native of Barbados, aged about 30, " and two girls, 8 and 10 years of age born in South Carolina both valued at $200 each. The slaves total value of $650 with the other goods for $183. [Inventory Conveyence, Records of Natchez, MS. Book A, Nov., 1781, p 304]

1782- Elizabeth marries again to John Stillee in Natchez Territory. John may be the same John Stiles that had land in Craven Co., SC. near James T. White [Patent Land Survey,Index of Land Acquisitions 1770-1870,]

Elizabeth gives testimony in several different court cases in the Natchez Postscripts. Note the differing spelling of William Dewitt and John Stilly. [Wills, Carol. Natchez Postscripts 1781-1798,]

1788 -
In this year they baptized their children in a Catholic Church in Mobile by Father Michael Lamport.
See part of the Original Baptism document, (photo enhanced -EC)

The record in Spanish is recorded to "Juan Hillery Lee," I assume this to be a misprint or mistranscription. It is interesting to note that Michael Stillee is referred to as Miguel Washington here but afterward and in the Stilley bible he is referred to as Michael Lamport Stilley. I still don't know what other connection there may be to the Lamport family.


It is possible that John Stilley may have operated a tavern as early as 1788 in Natchez District. In one record John Ferguson on his oath declares that he was formerly engaged by John Still Lee to arrange his books at a time when the said Still Lee kept a tavern in this district. [Natchez Rec., Book F, p415, Feb. 5, 1795]

John Stilley had gone into a partnership business with several other individual but went bankrupt. After this their property was seized to satisfy a debt, John Stilley and Elizabeth moved to the Tombigbee River. [Holloway, Lisabeth. "Four Generations of Holloways"]

1804 - p.537.  Claim No. 529.  18 Mch, 1804.  Jesse Edwards, of Claiborne Co., to John Stillee, for $300, in hand paid, 640 acres on Road leading through teh Wilderness from the Grindstone Ford at the forks of Big Black and the Wilderness Roads, which land I settled and cultivated in 1797 and am thereby entitled to a donation of 640 acres.  Jesse (x) Edwards. Wit: Rd. Claiborn, W. B. Shields.  // File.  Claimant, John Still Lee, 9 Mch. 1804.  Wit:  James Holloway, 21 Aug. 1804.  Notation: Davenport Wiseman, Thomas F _________, and Sarah Edwards, June 12, 1806.  Certif. D-251, issued 8 Apr. 1807.  [Natchez Rec., Book B Land Claims, p. 399]

1808- Sept 30 - John Stillee was ill from at least the 27th of Sept through the 30th. On the last day E. H. James the doctor or pharmacists who made house calls and gave medication. John dies apparently on the 30th after he is given a tincture of opium. The doctor submits a bill for $23 to the estate. Paid by March of 1811. [photocopy from John Stilly]
"The estate of John Stilly" is billed for a coffin at $8 by Edwards Hinds. Bill is paid by Reuben Stilly on the same day. [photocopy from John Stilly]

1811, Dec. 23. - Elizabeth Stilly gave to "James Holloway my son and the son of John Holloway discd. and one of his heirs for whom I have been guardian", a negro woman Lucey and her two children Jeffry and Isaac, for $200 dur her as guardian of James in 1800, which said negro woman and children "do of right belong to said James Holloway as son and heir of John Holloway."        [St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, Conveyance Book B Term of Parish Judge Audley L. Osborne]

1817, Aug. 30
In a letter written by L. Brown to Mrs. Elizabeth Stilly who is then in the Highlands of Baton Rouge.

The following note was probably used to accompany Dorinda on her journey. 31 Aug 1817 - Elizabeth (White) Holloway Stilley dies at Baton Rouge.


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