unknown Watson Family
possibly Wales

unknown Watson
b. abt. 1700 possibly Wales

m. unknown
her father:
her mother: 

his father - ?
his mother-
William Watson
b. abt 1728 ?Wales
d. c1767
m. Patience Moore abt 1749 SC
John Watson
b. abt 1729 ?Wales
?Peter Watson b.

We have little idea who the father of the Watsons who immigrated may have been.  According to Sam Watson, a Watson family, researcher, William Watson is one of several Watson brothers who came from Wales through England to New York. They then migrated to Virginia, then to North Carolina later to South Carolina by 1745. According to Sam Watson, a Watson family researcher, the Watson brothers owned through various grants offered by King George II and King George III and purchases about sixteen square miles of South Carolina land.

I have thus far not been able to find any ship manifest to identify exactly when or how they immigrated or what their origin may have been.  I did find that several Watsons were sent on the prison ship Scipio that left Liverpool 30 March 1716 with ninety-five prisoners
to Antiqua/Virginia, the Americas.  They included:  Petr. Watson, Wm. Watson(1), Wm. Watson(2).  These prisoners were part of a ten shipments of Jacobite rebels consisting of 639 out of a total of 1301 prisoners that were transported as indentured individuals that basically were to serve seven years of labor as a piece of real property.  Since our particular Watsons seem to have been able to accumulate a good deal of property early on and move freely among the colonies I tend to think that they were not of this indentured set. 

 "In the sixteenth century the Watson's came from Wales, by way of England, to New York, from there to Va., Then through N.C., leaving some of the colony along the way at each of the places named. They finally reached S.C. in 1745, where they settled, and their descendents have remained to present day, on lands granted by King George II and King George III, to which they added large acreage by purchase. The Watson family owned by grant and purchase sixteen square miles of land at one time; it lay between the Saluda and the Edisto rivers. Our ancestors William and John Watson, six generations from us, and the founders of our tract. He came to the ridge in 1745; he had one brother, no sisters of which we know, but with him were three Watson Brothers who were his first cousins. Williams Wife, we think, was named Penelope and was a sister of John Watson. John Watson's daughter, Martha, married Capt. Michael Watson, her first cousin. John Watson was a brother to William Watson's wife, also brother to Richmond, Arthur, and Ezekil. The oldest John, on whom we have a record, came over in the seventeenth century, on the same boat with Elizabeth Smith, whom he rescued from Drowning and on reaching New York married. They settled in the New York State."
Michael was the son of William and Penelope and had no brothers but four sisters, namely, Mary Perry, Patunes Anderson, Sarah Perry, and Keziah Willias.   ....

William Watson, the founder of the Watson family, met his death through treachery of false friends, while fighting the Cherokee Indians at the Edisto River.

We are decended from two branches of the Watson family, namely William and John. Elijah Watson said there was only one family of Watsons and they all came over at the same time."
               [Mr. Sam Watson. article on The Watson Family published in The Carolinas Genealogical Society Bulletin. Vol. VII, no.1 Summer 1970]

1756, December 21 -  I don't know whether this person is related to this family. 

Testament of John Watson jr., merchant in Charleston, South Carolina, who died there.  Made and given up by David Somerville, merchant in Edinburgh,  - his executor.  Reberence to his daughter Margaret Watson; his wife .  .  .  .  Blair; his brother Robert Watson jr., merchant in Edinburgh his brother William Watson, weaver in the Canongate; his sister Jean Watson, daughter of Robert Watson sr., merchant in Edinburgh.  Cautioner  -  Walter Murray, brewer in Edinburgh.  Registered  -  21 December 1756.
                                   [Dobson, David. page 149]

Watson William.  Sometime in Jamaica.  To his father Alexander Watson, merchant in Aberdeen, 1 July 1769. 
                                    [Dobson, David. page 150]

Watson Robert.   In Jamaica but at Pope Head Alley, Cornhill, London.  Euphan Boswell in Leith, widow, his sister, and Thoma Boswell, yeoman in Leith - administrators.  Reference to Susan Saunders; his natural daughter Mary Watson;  his natural son Robert Watson. 3 May 1799.   [Dobson, David.  page 161]


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