Elias Mackey Family
Montgomery Co., Virginia

Elias Mackey

b. about 1755 Scotland*
d. after 11 July 1817 Knox Co., Kentucky. *

m. Louise Wall
b. 1755 Scotland*
d. 1831 Knox Co., KY
her father: Mathias Wall
her mother: unknown
his father: unknown
his mother: unknown
William Mackey b. 1769 d. Livingston, MO. m. Mary Cathrine Parman 21 Apr 1806*
Benjamin Mackey b. 6 Jun 1776 TN d. 20 Dec 1856 Jasper, MO m. Mary Potter 26 Nov. 1800 Ð Greene Co. TN
(dau. of Thomas Potter)
Ruth Mackey b. before 1784 d. Aft 1880 m. William Potter
(son of Thomas Potter)
Risse Mackey b. d. m. Joseph Kelly
John Mackey b. 1785 d. m. Barbara Fann 15 Sep. 1800- Greene Co. TN
possible Mackey daughter#
(1810 census)
b. d. m.
Mathias Wall Mackey b. before 1794 d. 5 May 1815, War of 1812, Fort Meiggs Lucas, Ohio
m. Elizabeth Potter 10 May 1807 Knox Co., KY
(dau. of Thomas Potter)
her 2m. Thomas Wilkerson
Alexander Mackey b. 14 Feb 1794 Green Co., TN d. 25 Dec 1842 Knox Co., KY m. Sarah Golden 14 Jul 1811 Ð Knox Co., KY
(b. 16 Apr 1794 GA d. 22 Jun 1861 Knox Co., KY)
probably Thomas Mackey# b. (1795-1800 probably in TN) d. m. Sarah Murphree (dau. of Solomon Murphree and wife of three possible marriages#)

*records of Martha Waldrop
#records of Deven Lewis

We have found no records that indicate where or when Elias Mackey was born. The birth date here is based on other researchers best efforts.

c 1775 - Some researchers have stated that Elias Mackey is said have owned his own ship which he sailed between Liverpool and New York City. This is apparently based on someone finding a ship building company in New York named, Westervelt & Mackey in the early to mid-1800's. This Mackey connection to Elias is doubtful due to his young age. If his birth date is correct he would have been in his twenties during the period he was supposed to be sailing ships as a captain, then how old would he have to be to have his name on ship building company? Could this have been his father's company?

1774 - Elias Mackey did settle in Washington County, Virginia. This is proved in this land record which also connects Thomas Potter family to the same time and place in Virginia. It is interesting that there are two different ways to spell Mackey here - McKey and McCay

1776 - Elias Mackey was a private in the infantry of Lt. Robert McFarland's Company, of Washington and Montgomery Co., VA. He is an accepted ancestor for the Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR #631005
[DAR records dated 12 Oct 1978]
Elizabeth Potter Mackey Wilkerson applied for a Pension, file 402-203. Nat.

1782- Elias Mackey shows up on the land tax list for Washington Co., Virginia for the first battalion in the County of Washington 1782 No. 2.
           Elias Mackey    100     7    10    1/6

After the war he moves his family to Greene County, Tennessee where he lived on the South side of the Nolachucky River near the junction of Lick Creek.

1807 - The Knox Co., KY tax lists

Elizabeth Potter Mackey Wilkerson applied for a Pension, file 402-203. Nat. Archives.

1810 US Census, Knox Co., KY,
Deven Lewis believes that Elias Mackey could possibly have had a son named Thomas Mackey born 1795 in TN. Thomas' eldest son is named Elias Mackey but no documentation has been found to place Thomas in the family. In the 1810 census the elder sons of Elias - William, Benjamin, John and Matthias - lived nearby with Alexander apparently listed as the male, age 16-25. Deven Lewis proposes that Thomas is the male child listed as 10-15. [Lewis 8/18/04] 1816 - Knox Co., Kentucky Tax Records,
Thomas McKey shows up close to Alexander McKey who seems to be taxed for 40 acres. Thomas should have just turned 21 which would allow him to be listed. No other spelling for a McKey/Mackey is found in this record with an exception of Matthew McKee/McKey, who is apparently unrelated.

1817, July 11 - In the DAR application of Louise Wall Miller uses the land transfer to help establish his death date whereby Elias W. Mackey deeded land on the Cumberland River "in consideration of the love and affection that the said Elias W. McKey hath towards the aforesaid Alexander McKey. Elias apparently died later in 1817. It is believed by Deven Lewis that Thomas may not have been 21 at the time of the transfer or that he didn't live in Knox Co., Kentucky at that time. [Lewis, Mackey manuscript 8/18/04, p. 10]

1830 - US Census,  Tennessee, Mc Nairy.   page 129 There is an Elias Mackey here but he is too young and could to be a possible grandson only 20-30 years old.  He has two sons 5-10 years, one son 10 - 15, one daughter 5-10, one daughter 10-15,  and a wife 20-30 years old.
Elias Mackey      males   0  2  1  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0   0
                           females 0  1  1  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0

1850 - US Census, Missouri, Dallas Co., Dist. 26, page 324.

William S. Potter         66 m              farmer               $300   Virginia
Ruth             "               63 f                                                    Virginia
same page
Benjamin Potter            34  m             farmer                $900   Tennessee
Sarah        "                   31 f                                                     Kentucky
Jane                               12 f                                                     Missouri
Luiza                               9 f                                                     Missouri
John                                8 m                                                    Missouri
Henry                              6 m                                                   Missouri
Clark                               5 m                                                   Missouri
Martha                             3 f                                                    Missouri
Josephine                         1 f                                                    Missouri
next door
Benjamin Mackey          74 m            farmer                $150    Virginia
Mary        "                     67 f                                                    Virginia
Mary A.    "                    34 f                                                    Kentucky
James Denton                 18 m            farmer                            Tennessee
next door
David W. Mackey          30 m            farmer                            Tennessee
Sarah         "                    28 f                                                    Tennessee
Elias C.                             4 m                                                   Missouri
Daniel        "                     3 m                                                   Missouri
William  J.  "                     1 m                                                  Missouri
next door
Terrance Popejoy            31 m            farmer                           Kentucky
Nancy     "                       26 f                                                   "
Rachiel  J.  "                      7 f                                                   Missouri
James M. Popejoy             5 m                                                  Missouri
William T   "                     2 m                                                  Missouri

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