Aadalen/Oadalen Farm in Norway

Aadalen farm #224, Lten, Hedmark, Norway

Adalsbrug/Adalsbruk foundry

Aadalen farm site

Aadalen Farm site, 2016
Photo by Elroy Christenson 2016

The actual site for this farm has some ancient roots. It is mentioned on Oluf Rygh's work as #224.
224. Aadalen. Drying. 1da one. - Aardalen HC. OC.2 262.Aadallen 1604.1 / 4th Aadallen, Oudahl 1616. Oudallen 1669. Oudahlen1723. * rdalr, river-valley; 1st Led r, Gen. of . More often as farm name, also well known as the name of Settlements in forms Aadalen and Ardal. Enanden Form is Odalen that is influenced by , Page Form of (Mail. P. 41 ogVang GN. 184).  [Dokumentasjons-prosjektet (in Norweigian and Danish) [ ]
Aadalen farm existed in 1842 as a farm near a nice stream presently called Svartelva which was probably called the Ardal and Ardal river valley which supported the newly developing foundry. I believe that Olea Olsdatter was born and her family worked on the farm until the factory took over the land.  Several generation of Olea's grandparents lived, worked and were born on this farm back as early as 1656. 

In the mid- 1800 a paper mill had established itself on this stream down from the farm.  They had built a dam for a power source and probably brought in wood from nearby forests. The influx of work and workers and its power source probably drew the first construction of a small foundry on the Aadalen farm.  The farm was first used as a source of food for the factory workers from the Klevfos paper mill and the Adalsbruk foundry.  Eventually the foundry expanded to consume the land and my family probably found the industrial site to be less healthy and certainly far too noisy.  

Stream adalsbruk sign
 Stream with rock wall of the foundry. 2016
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016
This sign nearby the stream identifies the intensity of the
manufacturing that went on here.
photo Elroy Christenson 2016


adalsbruk casting
Adalsbruk workers doing sand casts for stove parts, 1905
copied from the Klevfos industrial museum

The foundry took the name of the farm and bridge over the stream- "Aadalsbrug" or Aadals bridge. It's original product was a scythe blade which apparently was rather successful since they started producing other products such as cast iron stoves. As the business expanded so did the need for land.  Eventually the farm is consumed by additions to the factory and living quarters for the workers.  They started turning out plows, rakes, printing presses, steam boilers, railroad and bridge parts.  In its late stage the factory also produced the Norge-sykkel, the only bicycle produced in Norway.  There were up to fifty buildings supporting the process. Along with the Klevfos paper mill this area became the second largest industrial area in Norway in the early 1900's. It remained an active foundry until 1928 when a huge fire consumed the entire plant.  The location of the farm is now covered by houses but a walking path exists along the stream to the Klevfos community center.  

There is little information on the farm Aadalen but it is listed as farm #224 in Oluf Rygh's book on Norway farm. 

224. Aadalen. Udt. 1daen. -- Aardalen HC. OC.2 262.
Aadallen 1604.1/4. Aadallen, Oudahl 1616. Oudallen 1669. Oudahlen 1723.

*rdalr, Elvedalen; 1ste Led r, Gen. af . Oftere som Gaardnavn,
ogsaa bekjendt som Navn paa Bygder i Formerne Aadalen og Aardal. Enanden Form er Odalen, der er paavirket af , Sideform af (Indl. S. 41 og Vang GN. 184).
224. Aadalen. Udt. 1daen. - Aardhal HC. OC.2 262.
Aadallen 1604.1 / 4. Aadallen, Oudahl 1616. Oudallen 1669. Oudahlen 1723.
(Norwegian translation in Google)
* rdalr, Elvedalen; 1st Led r, Gen. to get. More often that Gaard (farm) Name, recognized as acquainted with that name on the village in the form of Erne Aadalen and Aardal. a another form is Odalen, where the influence af , Side Form af (Indl. S. 41 and Vang GN. 184).
(Danish translation seems more accurate, in Google)
* rdalr, river-valley; 1st Led r, Gen. of . More often as Farm Name, also well known as the name of Settlements in forms Aadalen and Aardal. a
Another form is Odalen that is influenced by , Side Form of (Indl. S. 41 and Vang GN. 184).

There are a few Medieval records that show the name of Aadalen.
Gunnar Dyressn, bailiff in Ringerike, testament is made that he Erlend
Dyressns  recorded the testimony of three men who witnessed his
parents Statements that neither the king nor any other man possessed
something in Finn Sand (fishing grounds) in Aadalen, just as they also delivered up Explanation on
Farm's boundaries and the right to fishing. [Oluf Rygh' Norske Gaardnavn]

Ole Nielsen Aadalen 1719      Marte/Marthe Nilsdatter 1790             Olea Olsdatter 1817


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