Vallset Kirke in Norway
Romedal parish, Hedmark

Vallset Kirke

Vallset Kirke 1

Vallset Kirke, 2016
photo Elroy Christenson 2016

Vallset kirke w/ cem.
Vallset Kirke, 2016
photo Elroy Christenson 2016

Rohne School at Vallset Kirke
The old school building at the Vallset Kirke, 2016
photo Elroy Christenson 2016
The Vallset Church was probably built about the 1600's and was part of the Romedal Parish.  My grandfather, Even Paulsen Rohne, was taught in the Vallset kirke school building, at that time being the Rohne School District of Romedal. 

The Vallset Kirke is part of the Romedal parish, several kilometers away.  The parish priest would have been in control of the land for his own sustenance.  More recently the Vallset Kirke is subordinated to the Romedal Kirke and the Romedal priest or preacher

Where is this?
1862 map
This partial map of LÝten and Romedal area of Hedmark comes from 1862
several farms on which our relatives have lived. Some  like Stor-Ree go back to the 1500's
[Norgeskart historical map - Amtskart]


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