Jacob M°ller Christensen Family
  Denmark and United States

Boston Police Dept w/
        Jake Christenson
Jacob Christenson with the Boston Police Department about 1950

Jacob "Jake" M°ller Christensen
b. 13 Feb 1891 S°ndjberg, Denmark
d. 4 July 1978 Brockton, Mass., USA  (death cert. #035017)

1m. Marie A.  before 1920
b. Denmark
d. Denmark
her father: unknown
her mother: unknown

2m. Jennie  H. (before 1942)
b. ?
d. ?  (alive in 1955)
her parents: unknown

3m. Johanna Sorensen  after 1955 before 1972
b. 23 Sept 1907 Denmark
d. 2 Jan. 2005, Boston, USA
her first marriage:  Jens Hygom
she apparently has at least one child by her first marriage but none by Jake

his father: Paul M°ller Christensen b. 26 Feb 1849 Denmark
his mother: Ane Johanne Pedersen b. 20 Nov 1848, S
°ndjberg, Denmark

? possible child
d. died young
? possible child b.  d. died young m.
b.  d. m. 

1908, November 1 - Jacob Moller Christenson immigrated to the United States from Copenhagen, Denmark on the vessel RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line. It was launched in 1907 and at the time was one of the fastest and largest ships afloat.  It eventually was sunk by a German torpedo on May 15, 1915 off the coast of Ireland which help to bring the United States into WWI since 128 US citizens lost their lives. Jacob would have been one of about 1138 3rd class/steerage class passengers.  [US Immigration Declaration of Intention, 23]

Lusitania on maiden voyage
RMS Lusitania on the maiden voyage, 1907.
photo wikipedia.com

1910 - US Census, Justice Prect. 3, Hamilton Co., Texas, Roll: 1558  Page: 187
"Jake"Jacob is listed here with his brother P.  L. Christenson, the different spelling in the census makes it tricky to track these individuals.  He indicates he arrived in 1908 and is a farmer at this time.  
Christianson, P. L.           Head    m  w  27  m(mar.) 4 (yrs)                     Den. (Danish overwritten)  Den. Den. 1901NA   English   Farmer
          "            , Cora       Wife     f    w  23  m     4        2 (child. born)   Texas          Norway        Norway    English    none
          "            , Emroy    son       m   w  3    s                                           Texas          Denmark      Texas                           
          "            , Mary       dau.      f    w  11/12  s                                     Texas         Denmark       Texas
          "            , Jacob      brother  m  w  19   s                                    Den. (Danish overwritten)     Den.     Den.  1908 al.   English   Farmer laborer                

1912, January 22 - Jacob Moller Christenson at age 20 files his Declaration of Intent to become a citizen of the United States of America.  He says he is age 20, a farmer, "light' complexion, 5' 10'', 170 lbs, light hair, blue eyes. He is born in Denmark on 13 February 1891, lives in Cranfills Gap, Texas and last lived in Thisted, Denmark.  He left from Copenhagen, Denmark and arrived in New York on 1st day of November, 1908. 
[US Immigration Declaration of Intention, 23]

Jacob Christenson's naturalization paper
Jacob Moller Christenson's Declaration of Intent.
photo Elroy Christenson 2014

1917- Jacob Christenson becomes a Naturalized Citizen in 1917 according to the 1920 Massachusetts Census.  

1919- Jens Christian Sorenson Hygom applies for a passport as a naturalized citizen.  He states that he was born 12 Oct, 1887 in Norvup, Denmark.  He emigrated Oct 28, 1908 and lived eleven years from 1908 to 1919 in Cranfills Gap, Texas. His intent is to travel back to Denmark to see his relatives.  [Passport applications.
Roll 0984 - Certificates: 139500-139749, 15 Nov 1919-15 Nov 1919]  I have no idea who this is but an interesting piece of information of someone else who lived in the Gap.

1920 - US Census.
Roll: 732  Page: 68 Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
Jake is listed here with his apparent first wife as a boarder on St. Botolph St.
Getchell, Addie L.       head          f    w  65   w(widow)   Maine              Maine               Maine               dressmaker       home
Christenson, Marie A. lodger        f    w  29    m(mar.)     Pennsylvania   Pennsylvania    Pennsylvania    none
Christenson, J. M.       lodger        m  w  29    m (mar.)     Denmark         Denmark          Denmark           Police officer,   Boston

1928, 21 Dec. - Johanne Marie S. crosses the border from Canada at Niagra with her husband Jens Hygom.  They are listed as naturalized citizens.  Her birthplace is listed as Stagsted, Denmark.
   [Border Crossing from Canada to US, 1895-1956]

1942-  Jacob Moller Christensen is registered for the draft.  serial number U2284.  He lists his address as 70 Wilmington Ave, Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.  His age is 51,  His wife is listed as Jennie H. Christensen who lives at the same address.  He is born in Thisted, Denmark Feb. 13, 1891.  He is working for the City of Boston, Police Department, 154 Berkeley St., Boston, Suffolk, Mass.  [US Draft Card. revised 4-1-42]

Jake's history is somewhat secretive.  He was also quite a story teller so much of what he may have told us may have been fabricated or embellished.  We had no idea, for instance, that he may have been married by 1920 and still don't know anything about this marriage.

1946 - Sept 6 - Jacob M. Christensen sails from New York to G÷teborg on the ship Gripsholm.   He stated to come from Boston and is in "T" class.   [Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951]

1946 - Dec 2 - Jacob M. Christensen is on the ship Gripsholm sailing from G÷teborg, Sweden. [New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957]

1946- Nov 22 - Jacob Christensen sails from New York for G÷teborg on the ship Gripsholm. He stated that he came from Boston, Mass. and is married.  [Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951]

1949- Nov 18 - Jacob M Christensen sails from New York for G÷teborg on the ship Gripsholm.  He stated to come from Boston, Mass and is married and is in "class 1".  [Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951]

1948-49- Jacob M. Christensen - is listed in the Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass. telephone directory.  He is listed at 70 Wilmington Ave.(Dor), on page 2972

 Kent Christoffersen was told as a child that "Jake" was the first person in Massachusetts to shoot 99 skeets in a row.   He apparently used to shoot regularly and may have gambled in the process. He showed Kent what a terrific shot he was by shooting tin cans almost as fast as they could be thrown without even aiming from the shoulder.  (Christoffersen 5/13/08)

1955 - Oct 28 - Jacob and Jenni Christensen arrives in New York from Prestwick, Scotland on Scandinavian airlines from one of their apparent trips to Denmark.   [New York passengers lists , 1820-1957, Ancestry.com]

@1958- illegible dated postcard to Pete L. Christenson, Rt. 1, Jonesboro, Texas.
"Just a greeting to you from faraway Denmark, The folks are all well except Moller he is getting old also Karen.  Greet the whole family.  With love to you and Eva - your brother Greetings from all. Jacob.   [collection of Elroy Christenson]

Jake and Johanna
Jake and Johanna.   We have no idea when or where this photo was taken
photo in the collection of Elroy Christenson

1961, July 12 - letter from J. M. Christensen, Vestergade 15, Aabybro, Denmark to Chris and Violet Christensen.
The best wishes for the 16th of July 1961
To you good folks from far-away Denmark where we are spending the summer.  We are about ready to start of a trip through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and England. and from Scotland back to Copenhagen.  Our best wishes to everybody, with
Love from Chris & Johanna.  [collection of Elroy Christenson]

1968- Jacob M. Christensen is listed in the Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass. telephone directory.  He is listed as living at 70 Wilminton Ave., (Dorchester Center). 

1970- Jacob M. Christensen is listed in the Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass. telephone directory.  He is listed as living at 70 Wilminton Ave., (Dorchester Center). 

1972 Jan 17- Jake and Johanna take a trip to Denmark.  A postcard written to Leldon Christenson reads:
"Dear Betty , Leldon, Eva and Boys.  We are still in Denmark, the weather has been good no snow, have enjoyed being with the family.  but the vacation is over we are leaving for home tomorrow on the big jet 747 from Copenhagen to N. Y.  Love to all. Uncle Jake and Aunt Johanna. " [collection of Elroy Christenson]

1978- July 4 - Jacob M. Christensen died in Brockton, Mass. His last residence was listed as 02021 Canton, Norfolk, Mass.
            [Mass. death cert. #03017]

After Jake dies Johanna makes several trips to Denmark to visit her relatives. 

1993 - 29 Mar. Gordon Nygom, Johanna's son dies in Calverton, Suffolk, New York,  He was born in 29 Aug 1930.

2005, Jan 2- Johanna M. (Sorensen) Christenson dies at about the age of 100. 

Of Canton January 2nd. Beloved wife of the late Jens C. Hygom & the late Jacob Christensen. Mother of the late Gordon Hygom. She is survived by her daughter in law Betty Hygom of New York & 3 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren. A memorial service will be held in the spring. Arrangements by the Dockray & Thomas Funeral Home Canton Dockray & Thomas Funeral Home (781) 828-0811
Published in the Boston Globe on 1/4/2005.

According to SS death records  her last address was 02021 Canton, Norfolk, Mass. 

2014 - A plaque listing the names of Scandinavian immigrants is engraved with Jacob Moller Christensen's name is on the main monument stone of the Leif Erikson Memorial at Shilshole Bay Marina in Seattle, Washington. This memorial is sponsored by the Leif Erikson International Foundation which "Symbolizes the courage to venture to a new land" and so far contains 2,276 names.  His name was included by the paid sponsorship of Miniette Christensen Shipley, the grand daughter of Christian, daughter of Ervin Christensen. 

Leif Erikson Mem. 2014

Erikson Mem. - Christenson/Rohne
Leif Erikson Memorial, Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle, Washington and the new "runic stone"
Christian Anders "Andrews" Christensen is listed with his brothers Jacob Moller and Peder Legind Christenson
Photo Elroy Christenson, Oct 2014


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