Jesse Justin Jenson Family

Jesse Justin Jenson
b.  20 Jun 1896 Cranfills Gap, TX [TX Death Certificate]
d. 9 Nov 1958 Baytown, Harris Co., TX

 m. Helen Magdalene Rohne  1919 St. Olaf's, Cranfills Gap, TX
b. 30 Sept 1897 Boggy Community, Bosque Co., TX
d. 29 Aug 1996 Baytown, Harris Co, TX
her father: Even Paulsen Rohne
her mother: Marianne Oleanne Egeberg

his father: James Thomas Jenson (1872 - 1952)
his mother: Mathilda "Tilda" Hansen

Children (there may have been more children)
Eugene Truman Jenson
b. 12 Sept 1921 TX
d. 22 Jul 2001 Chambers Co, Texas
m. Dorothy Terrell
Myron Magnus Jenson
b. 15 Jul 1924 at 8:07 am, Cranfills Gap, Hamilton Co., TX [Texas, Birth Certificate #43655]
d. 14 May 2001 Baytown, Harris Co., TX
m. Alma Jack Busch 8 May 1949 Chambers Co., TX
(b. 5 Apr 1927 Harris, TX d. 10 Mar 2006 McKinney, Collin Co., TX
Helen Junelle Jenson
b. 1 Sept 1929 at 10pm, Crosby, Harris Co., TX
[Texas, Birth Certificate #78023

m. William Kubik

The following history of Helen Rohne Jenson is taken from the Bosque County History book published in 1985.  

Helen Rohne Jenson

1930 - US Census, Harris Co., TX. enun. dist 101-187, sheet 1a   Crosby Township struck through rewritten as Part of Justice Precinct 3

Jenson, Justice    head    rents $22mo.       m  w  33  mar age23         Texas    Texas       Texas       Superintendent     Public School
            , Helen     wife                                f    w  32 mar age 21        Texas    Norway  Norway
"          , Eugene   son                                 m  w   8                             Texas    Texas       Texas        laborer                oil field
"          , Miram    son                                 m  w   5                             Texas    Texas       Texas        laborer                oil field
"          , Junelle   dau                                    f  w  7/12                        Texas    Texas       Texas

1940 - US Census, Texas, Chambers Co., Justice Precinct 5, e. d. 36-4,  sheet 5b

Jenson, Justice J.      head               m w  43   mar   C5           Texas                School Superintendent  Public School
"        ,  Helen            wife               f  w  42   mar   H4            Texas
"        , Eugene          son                m  w  18  s        H4            Texas
"        , Myron           son                m  w  15  s        H3            Texas
"        , Junelle          dau                f   w   10  s        6               Texas

        Bosque County History: Land and People, Bosque Co. Hist. Commission, 1985, Bosque Co, TX
        Texas State Death Certificates
        United States Census

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