Oscar Rohne Family
son of Evan Rohne

Oscar Rohne
b. 20 Feb. 1884 Boggy Community, Hamilton Co., TX
d. 21 Feb 1930, of Hodgkins Disease,
buried - St Olaf's Church(Rock Church), Cranfills Gap, TX

m. Malinda Josephine Olson 29 Nov. 1904
b. 14 Apr1886
baptized: 3 Jun 1886 - within a month of the dedication of the Rock Church
d. 15 Jun 1971.,(age 85) Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co., TX
buried -St Olaf's Church(Rock Church), Cranfills Gap, TX
her father - Johan Olson mother- Marie Arneson

his father: Evan Rohne
his mother: Mariane Egeberg

Ernest Jewel Rohne
more photos of Ernest Rohne
b. 5 Nov 1905
Hamilton Co., TX
d. 17 July 1995 Glen Rose, Somervell Co., TX
buried -Rock Church*
m. Clarice Belle Bertelson 22 Sep 1927 (b. 19 Sep 1906 Bosque Co.,TX-d.16 Dec 1983 Bosque Co.,TX) more photos of Ernest Rohne
buried- Rock Church*
Marianne Mae Rohne
more photos of Mae Rohne
b. 3 Feb 1908
Cranfills Gap, TX
d. 29 June1986
Rock Church
m. Jim Jenson 1928
 more photos of Mae Rohne
Beatrice Juliette Rohne
more photos of Juliette Rohne
b. 22 Mar 1910
Cranfills Gap, TX
d. 22 Dec 1978 m. Thomas Barrett Tolman in Phillipines, (d. 29 Sep 1957)both captured and interned for three years in Phillipines more photos of Juliette Rohne
Olga Mathilda Rohne
more photos of Olga Rohne
b. 26 May 1913
Hamilton Co., TX*
d. 18 Jul 1991 Carlsbad, N. M.*
m. Elmo Odell Knudson 18 Oct 1936 (b. 2 Jun 1912 Bosque Co. TX - d 27 Aug 1985 Carlsbad, NM)*
son of Alfred Knudson
 more photos of Olga Rohne
Cora Pauline Rohne
more photos of Cora Rohne
b. 24 Aug 1916
Cranfills Gap, TX
d. 13 Jan 2000
buried -Rock Church
m. Jimmie Goodman 17 Sep 1938
more photos of Cora Rohne
Cecil Molden Belford Rohne
more photos of Cecil Rohne
b. 30 Dec. 1919
Cranfills Gap, TX
d. 20 Apr 1980 Cranfills Gap, TX
buried -Rock Church
m. Dorothy Anderson, 8 Mar 1944
more photos of Cecil Rohne

*records in the St Olaf's Directory of 1970

20 Feb. 1884-Oscar, second child of Evan and Mariane Rohne is born. "The Rohne home also was the first American home for other relatives, viz. Pete Lahlum, August Lahlum, Martin Rohne and Olaf Rohne. For almost 30 years Mariane's mother Olea Olsdatter Egeberg resided in the Rohne home until her death on August 14, 1911, at the age of 94 years." [Wayne Rohne's records]

1901- May 11 - Evan died of bronchial pneumonia which he had contracted while out soliciting funds for a parochial school with a new immigrant and teacher, Otto C. Orbeck. [Wayne Rohne's records]

1904, 22 Nov. - Oscar Rohne get a marriage license is listed as Oscar Rhone in the records of Bosque Co.. He marries Malinda Josephine Olson on Nov. 29, 1904.

Oscar Rohne and Malinda
        Olson 1904
photo courtesy of Tony Rohne

1905,  Nov 10 - A birth is listed to Oscar Rohne in Bosque County, Texas.  That is different from the preceding list.   Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997,  from the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Microfiche. 

1907, March 30, Oscar Rohne, as Guardian, made application to the County Court to sell the minors' interest in the 320 acres in the John Pool Survey, the homeplace. The sale was authorized on May 6, 1907. Mariane Rohne bought the 1/3 undivded interest of her minor children in the homeplace for $1,706.66. By Records, Bosque County, Texas, Oscar Rohne, Cora Christenson, joined by her husband C. A. Christenson conveyed all their interest in the Rohne Homeplace to Mariane Rohne. Mariane also bought the minors' interest in the personal property, i.e. cattle, horses, farm implements, etc. for $343l.98. The Deed from Oscar Rohne Guardian to Mrs. Mariane Rohne dated May 22, 1907 [records in Volume 55, page 608, Deed Records, Bosque County, Texas/ records of Wayne Rohne]

1910 - US Census,  Bosque Co., TX Roll: 1533  Page: 172
            Rhone, Oscar        head     m    w    26 m 5yrs               Texas        Norweigian    Norweigian       farmer
            _____ , Malinda    wife     f      w    23 m 5yrs   3/3      Texas        Norweigian    Norweigian
            _____ , Earnest      son      m     w    4   s                         Texas          Texas            Texas
            _____ , Mae           dau       f      w    2   s                         Texas          Texas            Texas
            _____ , Juliet         dau        f      w    2/12 s                    Texas          Texas            Texas

1918, Sept 10 - Draft Registration

Oscar  Rohne
Fairy, Hamilton Co., Texas 
age 34   born Feby  20 , 1884
occupation - farming      nearest relative - Mrs Malinda Rohne in Fairy, Texas
tall  and slender build,   eyes blue       hair brown.

1920 - US Census,  Hico Justice Precinct, Hamilton Co., TX  Roll: 1810  Page: 76
            Rohne, Oscar        head      m   w  35 m        Texas            Norway/Norway        Norway/Norway        farmer
            ____ ,  Malinda     wife      f    w   32 m       
Texas            Norway/Norway        Norway/Norway
            ____ ,  Ernst  J.      son       m   w   14 s         Texas                         Texas                          Texas
            ____ ,  May            dau.       f    w   12 s         
Texas                         Texas                          Texas
            ____ ,  Juliette       dau.       f    w    9  s         Texas                         Texas                          Texas
            ____ ,  Olga            dau.       f    w    6  s         Texas                         Texas                          Texas
            ____ ,  Cora            dau.       f    w   3/12 s      Texas                         Texas                          Texas
            ____ ,  CMB           son       m  w    6/12 s       Texas                         Texas                          Texas

1920-April, Closing of the Guardianship Account. The proceeds from the sales of the minors' interest, usually at 8%. From the funds, education expenses were paid to the minors. As each minor became 21 years of age, her or his part of the Estate was paid over to her or to him. The Guardianship continued until it was closed out upon Chris' reaching age 21 on April 28, 1920. Oscar filed 12 annual accounts and Final Account. [records of Wayne Rohne]

"He was the oldest son, so he became the mainstay of his mother in management of home and farm. His father died young, so Oscar was regared by his brothers and sisters, not only as a brother, but as a father also. He served St. Olaf Lutheran Church as trustee, deacon, delegate to church conventions in Iowa, member of building committee when church was and when administration building of Clifton College was built. Also he served as director of First Security Bank of Cranfills Gap for many years." [Cora Rohne Goldman, Bosque County History: Land and People, p. 640]

Evans Sons
Oscar Rohne (bottom left) w/ brothers, Paul,  Chris and John Magnus

1930- Oscar Rohne dies of Hodgkins disease and age forty six. In his brief life he was a very active member of the St. Olaf Lutheran Church. He served as trustee, deacon, and delegate to the church convention in Iowa. He was a member of the building committee when the church wa built. He also served on the building committee for the Clifton College administration building. He was director of the First Security Bank in Cranfills Gap for many years as such provided loans to many of the local farmers and committee members.

His obituarary in the Clifton Record, March 7, 1930.

One of our respected and esteemed citizens and church members has passed away from our midst n the very prime of life. One who stayed with his church and community from infancy until his demise; and his passing is greatly mourned by kin and all who knew him.

Oscar Rohne was born four miles south of Cranfills Gap, February 20, 1884, and passed away at his home six miles north of Cranfills Gap, February 21, 1930, forty-six years of age.

He was next to oldest of nine children and the oldest son, so he became the mainstay of his mother in the management of home and farm as his father, Even Rohne, died about twenty-nine years ago. In that way he was regarded by his brothers and sisters not only as a brother, but as a father also. He was a man of trust in every way; serving his church as trustee, as deacon, as delegate to church convention held in Iowa; member of building committee when the church at Cranfills Gap was built; also when the administration building of Clifton College was built. He served often on other committees in his church which he loved, as he had received so much good from it. Here he was baptized, confirmed and married.

For many years Mr. Rohne was a director of the First Security State Bank of Cranfills Gap.

In the fall of 1904 he was united in marriage to Miss Malinda Josephine Olson. The St. Olaf congregation decided to be with them on this their 25th anniversary Thanksgiving Day last fall. The members came out in great numbers and several neighbors[sic]. It was such a beautiful autumn day. The silver wedding and thanksgiving service were combined; and a fine luncheon was served by the visiting ladies in honor of Mr. And Mrs. Rohne’s anniversary.

Six children were born to them. Two sons and four daughters: Ernst J., Cecil M. B., May (now Mrs. M. Menson; B. Juliet and Cora P. All were present at the bedside when the father passed away, and at the funeral. One grandchild, his mother and wife also survive.

His mother assisted his wife n caring for him. We complemented him oft-times with such wonderful sympathetic and good nurses he had, and he appreciated it so much and was grateful and needed the care, as he suffered with that severe malady, cancer, on the left side of the face.

Besides his wife, children and mother, three brothers and four sisters survive him: Mrs. M. J. Mickelson; Mrs. Gustav Knudson; P. B. Rohne and Chris L. Rohne of this community; Mrs. C. T. Jenson, Milan Minn., Dr. J. Magnus Rohne, Decorah, Iowa (Luther College), and Mrs. Justin Jenson, Crosby, Texas. One sister, Mrs. P. L. Christenson, is gone before.

Mrs. C. T. Jenson and Dr. Magnus Rohne could not be present at the funeral but sent messages of condolence and instead of floral tributes, sent sums of money for Clifton College in memory of their brother. His nephew, Prof. Irving Christenson sent a telegram of sympathy from Kansas.

1930 - US Census, Justice Precinct, Hamilton Co., Texas.   Cranfills Gap Road.   enum dist. 97-6, Sheet 2A ,. page 73 taken April 3, 1930 This is the wife of Oscar who died the same year. Note the different spellings on each page.

Rohne, Malinda          head     owner        f  w  43  wd.     Texas     Norway     Norway   farmer
     "    , Olga               dau                         f  w  16   s         Texas     Texas       Texas
      "  , Cara                dau                         f  w 13    s         Texas      Texas       Texas
next page,
Rhone, Cecil                son                        m w  11             Texas         Texas       Texas
Anderson,  Eddie         lodger                   m  w  24             Texas      Norway    Texas

 a few farms a part on the same page as Malinda is Odell Knudson, that marries Olga, who is with his father Alfred.
Knudson,  Alfred          head       renting     m  w  39 mar  20     Texas   Texas    Norway
"               ,  Emma          wife                           f   w  38 mar  19     Texas     Texas    Texas
"                , Odell           son                           m  w  17  s  
             Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Juliette       dau                           f  w    16  s               Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Virgie M.   dau                           f  w    12  s                Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Truman       son                           m  w  10  s               Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Adeline      dau                           f   w     9  s                Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Emroy         son                           m   w   8  s                Texas     Texas    Texas
"                ,  Marie          dau                            f   w     6  s               Texas     Texas    Texas

1976, Sep 21- Ernest Jewel Rohne and his wife Clarice Belle Bertelson celebrated their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. They had three sons, Tony, Alson and Anthony, as well as, two daughters, Eudoris and Karen.


Bosque County History: Land and People, Bosque Co. Hist. Commission, 1985, Bosque Co, TX
Rohne, Tony.  records and correspondence  - web site http://www.rohne-olson.com/Ernest/ErnestRohne.htm
St Olaf's Church Directory, 1970
United States Census
Wayne Rohne's records, 915 W. 7th St., Clifton, TX 76634. phone (817) 675-4329

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