Martin Rasmussen Rohne Family
Norway and Texas

Martin Rasmussen Rohne
b. 11 Dec 1870 Romedal, Norway [obit]
baptized: 22 Jan. 1871 Romedal, Norway  
d. 14 May 1938 at home Cranfills Gap, Texas [obit]
buried: St Olaf's Rock Church, Cranfills Gap, Texas

1m. Helga A. Jenson 1899 St. Olaf's Lutheran Church, Cranfills Gap, Texas
b. Feb 1, 1880  
d. Nov 4, 1962
buried: St Olaf's Rock Church, Cranfills Gap, Texas

his father:    Rasmus Olsen
his mother:  Hellene Paulsdatter

children with Helga A. Jensen
Agnes Helmine Rohne
b. 23 May 1900 Texas d. (at age 2)
19 Aug 1902
buried:St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, CG, TX
John "Johnie" Oliver Rohne
b. 23 Dec 1901 Texas d. 29 Dec 1983 buried: St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery m. apparently never marries
Alvin Palmer Rohne
b. 15 Apr 1904 Texas d. 18 Nov 1982 Pasadena, Houston, Harris Co., TX  (age 78)
[Texas Death Certificates, 1903-1982]
m. Agnes L. Langseth
(b. 1 Apr 1908 d. Apr 1990 Pasadena, Harris, TX
Ethel Clarice Rohne
b. abt 1908 Texas d.
m. Coy Smith of
Hico, Texas
Hilma Orelia Rohne
m. Fount Benfer of Clifton, TX
Mervin Oliver Rohne
b. 13 Mar 1910 Texas d. 18 Oct 1944 France
buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery  (WWII vet.)

Ingmar Juliean Rohne
b. 20 Dec 1911 Texas
d. 2 Jun 1986
m. Effie Jane (b. 29 Aug 1917  d. 15 Feb 2006 Harris Co., TX)
Lillian Pauline Rohne

m. Riley Prisk of Morgan, TX

1865- Helene Paulsdatter is sixteen years old and living at L°ken Vestre in the R°hne census district with the family of Lautitz Gunerus Bryn (age 44) family of Romedal

1865, Dec 31 - Helene Paulsdatter went to live in Vestre Loken with her mother. [records of Maurice Jenson]

1866- Johan Magnus Rohne, Evan Paulson Rohne, and Pauline Paulsdatter lived with their mother at Romedal Prestegard. [records of Maurice Jenson]

1867, Dec. 30 - Martha Eriksdatter Nielson, widow, marries Johan Dyhresen, who died July 4, 1880. [records of Maurice Jenson]

1870, Dec 11- Martin Rasmusen is born to Hellene Paulsdatter and Rasmus Olsen.  [LDS Norway, baptisms, 1634-1927] Hellene never marries Rasmus Olsen. 

The Norway Archive photo shows that Martin was illegitimate but that Even Paulsen Rohne and Pauline Paulsdatter were also witnesses to the baptism. Being "illegitimate" was a fairly common notation.  It seems that some couples would live together for some years while even having children until they finally got around to marriage.  [Norwegian Nat. Archives, digitized parish records, Hedmark, Romedal, Official Parish Register, 1871, page 083]

         Martin Rohne's birth
1871, Jan 22 - Martin Rasmusen is baptized in Romedal, Hedmark. [LDS Norway, baptisms, 1634-1927]

1875 about  - Rasmus Olsen dies and Helene Paulsdatter remarries to Ole Julius Olsen who is Rasmus' brother.

1876, Dec 27  - Hellene Paulsdatter remarries to Ole Julius Olsen in Romedal, Norway when Martin was about five years old. 

1882- Martin Rasmus Rohne is urged to emigrate by his uncle Even who had just married, living in Texas, and who offered to take him in. He was only twelve years old and immigrates to the USA with another uncle who was a carpenter, not yet identified by name. He lives some of the time with Even Paulsen Rohne in Texas.  

5 Oct 1882 - Martin boarded a steamer "Geiser" of the Tingvalla Line going directly from Christiana, Norway to New York, USA.  The voyage took twenty-three days all the way from Christiana to Bosque Co., TX.  He traveled with an uncle who was a carpenter.  I still do not have a name for this uncle.  [Martin Rohne story, page 2]

Martin writes the story of his life up to this point and that I included here as links to PDF pages. 

Martin Rohne
Martin Rohne
Martin's Story p.2 PDF
Martin Rohne
Martin's Story p.3 PDF
Martin Rohne
Martin's Story p.4 PDF

He claims that he was just under 12 years old and the first job he got was picking cotton. [Martin Rohne story, page 2]

1899- 29 Aug - M. R. Rohne marries Helga Jenson in Bosque Co., Texas [Texas select County Marriage Index 1837-1977]

Martin Rohne young    Martin Rohne obit button
Martin Rohne in Texas about 1900                              click this link to a larger obit

1900- US Census, Texas, Hamilton Co.,  Justice Precinct #2,  enum. dist. 83, sheet 12A.  this is the son of Helene Paulsdatter and Rasmus Olsen whom she apparently never married. 
Rohne,  Martin R.       head    w  m  Dec 1870      29  mar  0          Norway    Norway      Norway     1882    18yrs in USA   farmer  
"         ,  Helga             wife     w   f   Feb 1880      20  mar  0          Texas        Norway      Norway
"         ,  Agnus H.        dau      w   f  May 1900      0/12                  Texas        Norway      Norway

1902- Aug 19 - Agnes Helmine Rohne (oldest daugher of Martin and Helga Rohne) dies and is buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas.  the tombstone gives these dates "b. May 23 1900 d. Aug 19, 1902"

1910- US Census, Texas, Hamilton Co., Justice Precinct #2, enum. dist. 66,  sheet 17A  

Rohm, Martin R.        head    m   w   40  mar1  11       Norway     Norway      Norway            farmer            gen. farming
"         , Helga A          wife     f    w   30  mar1  11       Texas         Norway      Norway            farm laborer   home farm
"         , Johnie O         son      m   w   8   s                     Texas         Norway      Texas
"         , Calvin  P         son      m   w   6  s                     Texas         Norway      Texas  (this should be Alvin)
"         , Ethel C.          dau       f    w   2   s                    Texas         Norway      Texas
"         , Mervin O        son      m   w   1/12  s                  Texas         Norway      Texas

1920 US Census - I have not been able to find Martin R. Rohne in this census.  I believe they lived in Hamilton Co., TX but the census taker didn't find them.  I've gone through all of Hamilton county they are not here.  The same is true of the 1930 Census. 

Martin Rohne fam. about 1935

Martin and Helga Rohne family about 1935
(2nd frm lft) Alvin, (3rd frm lft) Lillian, Ethel (2frm rt.), 4th frm lft Mervin, (center) Hilma, Ingmar(lft of Ethel)

1938- Martin Rohne dies at the age of 68 and is buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas
tombstone inscription of "h/o Helga Jensen Rohne"

1940 - US Census, Bosque co., TX, Cranfills Gap, enum. dist. 18-20, sheet 2B notice the spelling of "Rohme". They are living next to Minnie Mickelson (head) and Martin Mickelson.
Rohme, Mrs Helga    head    f   w  60  wd          Texas        renter    Bosque         
"          , John              son     m  w  38  s             Texas        r            Bosque                     laborer                   odd jobs
"          , Mervin         son      m  w  30  s             Texas         r           Bosque                     laborer                  school building

1944 - Oct 18 - Mervin O. Rohne (son of Martin and Helga Rohne) is buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas. 
the tombstone gives these dates  "b. Mar 13, 1910   d. Oct 18, 1944 s/o Martin and Helga Rohne - Killed in France World War II- Co B 191 ST-TK-3" seems to be part of the 70th Infantry of the Army and an armored tank corp.

1961- Nov 4 _ Helga A. Jenson Rohne is buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas. 
the tombstone gives these dates  "b. Feb 1, 1880   d. Nov 4, 1962  w/o of Martin Rohne"

1983 - Dec 29 - John O. Rohne (son of Martin and Helga Rohne) is buried in St Olaf's Rock Church Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas
his birth date is given as Dec 23, 1901.


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