Hugh Roney Family
North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas

Hugh Roney(Ronay/Ronie)
b. 1791 NC
d. 1871 probably Henry Co., AL
buried: Spann-Roney Family Cem., Shilo Primitive Baptist Church, Henry Co., AL

1m. possible unknown wife, before 1825

2m. Mrs. Nancy Shelley (widow of Benjamin Shelley) c1830
b. 1803/07 SC
d. about 1870 probably Henry Co., AL
buried: Spann-Roney Family Cem., Shilo Primitive Baptist Church, Henry Co., AL

his father - Morris Maurice Roney
his mother-Mary ?
These are the children as listed in the 1850 census, there may have been more before that date.
Children of first wife (unknown)
James Roney
b.  1825   ?              
d. 1862 during Civil War of disease*       
1m. Mary Martha Spann 1846 (d. 1852)*(dau of John Edward Spann Sr.)
2m. Elizabeth ?

Children with Mrs. Nancy Shelley
Eliza Roney b. 1831 GA d. 1900 Henry Co., Ala
m. possibly to Morris J. Roney (son of Morris Roney and Jane)
m. Elijah B. Kellum, Henry Co., AL
Mariah Roney b. 1832 GA . m.
Martha Roney b. 1834 GA . m.
John Thomas Roney b. 18 Jul 1836 GA d. 29 Oct 1912 Henry Co., AL
buried: Newville Bapt. Church, Newville, AL
m. Missouri Wells b.1839 SC
(dau. of John Wells, according to Brennan Roney)
Joseph Roney
b. 1838 AL d. 3 Apr 1862 during Civil War of disease at Orange Court House m. Caroline Box 11 Mar 1858
Nancy "Baba" Roney* b. 1841 AL d. after 1920 AR m. John Elbert Elliott Sr. 1 Mar 1866 (1845 - )* son of James "Jim" Eliott and Mahala Coker) CSA prisoner of war
Alfred Roney
(CSA wounded at Gettysburg)*
b. 3 May 1843 AL d. 10/6/1914 Ellisville, Jones Co., Miss. m. Clara "Mary" A. Elliot 30 Aug 1866 Henry Co., AL (b 1850)*
William Jefferson Roney(CSA pvrt Co., E, 6 ALA  CAV)
b. 25 Mar 1844 Henry Co., AL# d. 22 Feb 1926 Barbour Co., AL,
bur: in Balkum Baptist Church cemetery, Henry Co., AL
m. Mrs. Avey Armstrong 17 Sep 1868 Henry Co., AL,
(dau of John Edward Spann Sr.)
b. 20 Nov 1846 Henry Co., AL - d. 20 Feb 1903. bur: Balkum Bapist Church near Tumbleton, AL
Hugh Roney b. 1846 AL d. during Civil War* m.

*children according to records of Rise Roney Talley
#records of Joe Spann

1790 - US Census.  Maurice Roney is listed with his wife, 4 sons and 2 daughters. We don't know what the names of the children were except for the two above listed.

          US Census, North Carolina, Duplin Co., Series: M637  Roll: 7  Page: 42
           Roney, Hugh         1  4  4  0   0  0  (0  slaves)
one adult male, four males under 16 and four females, no slaves

           US Census, South Carolina, Lancaster Co., Series: M637  Roll: 11  Page: 233
           Roney, Morris       1  4  3  0   0   0     one adult male, 
four males under 16 and three females, no slaves

           US Census, South Carolina, Abbeville
Series: M637  Roll: 11  Page: 469
           Roney, Jno.            1  4  2   0   0   0    one adult male, four males under 16 and two females, no slaves

1791 - Hugh Roney is born in North Carolina

1800- US Census,  South Carolina, Laurens, Series: M637  Roll: 11  Page: 233
           Roney, John         males   1  2  1  0  1         females  1  2  0  1  0   1

1800 -US Census , North Carolina, Orange Co.,
Series: M32  Roll: 34  Page: 528

Roney, David        0   0   0  2   0  -    0  0   0   0   1  -  0  4
Roney, James       1   2   2   0  1   -   2  1   2   0   1  -  0  9

US Census, South Carolina, Laurens Co.,
Roney, John          1   2   1  0  1  -    2  0   1  0   1   -   0   0

1810 - US Census, North Carolina, Orange Co., Series: M252  Roll: 41  Page: 228
          Roney, Ben            0  0  3   0   -   1   0   1    1   0  1  -  0  4
          Roney, Ben Jr.      2  0  0   1    -   0   0   0   0   1   0  -  0  0

          South Carolina, Laurens Co., Series: M252  Roll: 61  Page: 76
          Roney,  Edward      1  0  0  1  -   0  1   0   0   0   0  -  0  0 

South Carolina, Laurens Co., Series: M252  Roll: 61  Page: 36
           Roney, James          1  0  1  0  -  0   0   0  1   0   0 
           South Carolina, Laurens Co.,
Series: M252  Roll: 61  Page: 78 
       (This may be a duplicate record by a different census taker.  There is far too much similarity between the records of James. )

          Roney, James           1 0  1   0 -  0   0   0  1   0   0   0   0  0 
           South Carolina, Barnwell Co.,
Series: M252  Roll: 60  Page: 101
           Roney, Hugh           1  0  0  1  - 0   0   4   1   1   0   0   0

1812- War of 1812,  Hugh Roney is enlisted as a private 5 Oct 1812 in the 3rd Regiment (Few's), Georgia Militia. discharged as a private.
                                [US Service Records, War of 1812-15, Roll box 179, microfilm M602]

1820 - US Census, North Carolina,
Series: M33  Roll: 82  Page: 188
          Roney, Benj.     0   0   1   0  1  -   0   0   0   0   1   -   4   
          Roney, Andy    1   0   0   1   0  -  3   0   1   0   0    -  1

           South Carolina, Barnwell Co., Series: M33  Roll: 119  Page: 12
          Shelley, Elizabeth 2 0  0  2  0  -   1   0   1   1   0   -  6   0  2  2  0 
          Roney, Hugh     3  0   0   1   0  -  0   2   2   1   0   -  0   0  0  0  0

1823- Hugh Roney, the son of Maurice, and his wife Nancy are witness to a suit brought by his uncles wife, Martha Shelley against Michael Shelley .

1825- Hugh Roney has moved to South Carolina where he, by then, has apparently married Nancy and his oldest son, James is born.

1830 - Hugh and Nancy moved to Georgia where the next three children are born. He shows up here in Thomas Co., Georgia, near the border with Florida.

1835 - "Hew (Hugh) Ronie (Roney), Nancy Ronie (Roney) (Roneys settled west of Brown's Crossroads in 1835 from Edgefield District, South Carolina with the Spann Family. " [records of Steve Elliott]

1835 - 45- Morris, Hugh and Nancy Ronie/Roney are members of Shilo Primitive Baptist Church.,  Edgefield Co., S. C.

A partial list of church members is: February 24, 1844:
Arnett Arnold, Charles Messer, James Givens Martin Armstrong, Coraline Himby, Matilda Messer, Mary Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Winnifred Givens, and Elder John W. Pellum (Pelham) Pastor.

Members accepted in 1844:
John A. Hood, Nancy Hood, Nathan Smith, Ferdon Miller, Julie Ann Miller, Salley Messer, Jese Messer, Irene Armstrong, Elizabeth Burnett, & Elizabeth Paulk. Martian Armstrong and A. Arnold were ordained deacons.

November 19, 1844: Elder P.H. Edwards as pastor and Moses Armstrong as Clerk. John Miller joined March 15, 1845 and V.M. Pellum and Nancy Pellum received by letter on May 17, 1845. More new members: Grace Burnett, Peter Messer, Susanna Messer, Mary Ball, Elder Ambrose Pelham, Nancy Pelham, Emilia Horn, Jane M. Paulk, Willis Lock, Nancy Lock, William Melton, Elizabeth Messer, Louisa Dunn, Jane Rico, Lucretia Smith, Morris Ronie (Roney). In 1847: Elder U. M. Pellum, pastor
In 1848, new members: Abrigal Hughes, Ward Jackson, Mary Jackson, Thomas Osteen (Austin), Robert Smith, Joseph S. Lock, Robert Whitehead, H. H. Lock, I. W.Pelham, James Kirkland, Needham Smith, Nancy Whitehead, John Creamer, Matthew Whitehead, Hugh Ronie (Roney), Josiah Langley, James Smith, James Lock, Sally Smith, Rebcca Smith, Mary Whitehead, Susana Whitehead.

Skipping to after the War Between the States: Thomas Gray, E. Carter, and M. Armstrong all served as Moderator but Elisha Nordan was clerk. Bro. T. H. Medley called as Moderator and alternated with Elder L. W. Stuckey, Elder D. H. Pellum, and W. H. Bodiford. Members: J. Messer, J. Monk, M. T. Bell, J. H. Culpepper, A.M.Nance, Jefferson Clemmons, Davis Hutto, J. C. Culpepper, R. W. Montgomery (later early merchant in Halesburg and post master), and T. C.McClenny.

General list with no dates:
Natilia Messer, Irwin Miller, Patience Miller, Sally Arnold, Mary Arnold, Nancy Hood, Austin Windsor, Mary Windsor, Martin Armstrong, Charley Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, William McCoy, Elisha Nordan, Sarahann Nordan, Chesley B. Moore, Albenie Moore, Sarah Dykes, Madison Chancey, Arrina Clemmons, Jane Givens, A. Dyess, Nancy Wyatt, Jane Wolf, Mary Johnson, Nancy Ethridge, Jese Messer, Susan Messer, Margaret Messer, John J. Givens, Elizabeth Givens, William Arnold, Elizabeth Arnold, John A. Hood, Sarah Armstrong, Hew (Hugh) Ronie (Roney), Nancy Ronie (Roney) (Roneys settled west of Brown's Crossroads in 1835 from Edgefield District,South Carolina with the Spann Family), Jane Bodiford, Eliza Bodiford, Francis McCoy, Penelope McCoy, William P. Armstrong, Mary Givens, Lucinda Lock, Harrod Arnold, W. H. Bodiford, Margaret Southerlin, Thomas Southerlin, Sarah Whitehead, Penna Clemmons, Dewillea Clemmons (Clemmons may be for Clements), William Givens, Sarah Clemmons, Drucilla J. Mes! ser, John E. Clemmons, Nancy H. Arnold, John M. Pellum, Martha H. Miller, Martha Ann Armstrong, Thomas Huston (Houston), Lanty Edwards, Tom Windsor, Maryann Chancey, A. M. Nowell, Elizabeth D. Nowell, Caroline E. L. Albritton, John H. Culpepper, Martha G. Summerford, Delilsha Ann Culpepper, G. Summerford, Nancy Etheridge, Carrie Gissendanneer, John A. Jones, Joseph Messer and wife, Jefferson Clemmons, J. C. Culpepper, John Ward, Sarah E. Whitehead, Elizabeth Carter, A. Sias, and Nancy Ronie
(Roney). [Steve Elliott records 3/28/02]

1837, August 15- "Hugh Roney of Henry County Alabama" files for "public land" in Sparta, Alabama.
"the North West quarter of the South West quarter of Section twenty-seven in Township six of Range in the District of lands subject to sale in Sparta Alabama containing forty acres."

1846 - Hugh Roney, Jr. is born, even though his oldest son, James is now getting married and is twenty years old.

1850 - Hugh Roney (sr.) and Nancy are in Henry Co . with their eight children [Henry 423 So]
James Roney, the oldest son, is also here with his wife and daughter, Nancy, age 2 and son, John E., age 1/ [Henry p 433]
Hugh Roney  59   m     farmer                       400              SC
Nancy            47    f                                                            SC
Elza                19   f                                                            GA
Mariah            18   f                                                              "
Martha            16   f                                                              "
John                14   m                                                            "
Joseph             12  m                                                           Ala
Nancy                9  f                                                              "
Alfred                8  m                                                            "
Hugh                 4  m                                                             "

1855- "John Elbert Elliott moved with his parents to Camp Springs Community of Henry County, Alabama.  The family of Hugh Ronie lived 10 miles northwest of the Elliott's by the way the crow flies.Ê By land it was about 15 miles. "[records of Steve Elliot]

1860 - US Census, Henry Co., Alabama  ,
        p. 424
        Hugh Roney              59  m         farmer               S C
        Nancy                        47 f                                      S C
        Elza                           17 f                                      GA
        Mariah                       18 f                                      GA
        Martha                       16 f                                      GA
        John                           14 m                                    GA
        Joseph                        12 m                                    Ala
        Nancy                          9 f                                      Ala
        Alfred                          8 m                                     Ala
        Wm                             6 m                                     Ala
        Hught                          4 m                                     Ala

1860 -US Census, Alabama [m653-11 Henry 196-197]

Hugh Ronie is living with Nancy in Abbeville, 5th precinct, Henry Co. Alabama. The placement of Nancy J. and James S. after the 14 year old Hugh, indicates that she is of separate family as is usually done in the census.

1862-65 -The Civil War.
Alfred Roney, Joseph Roney and John Elbert Elliot, his sister's soon to be husband, enlisted to fight during the Civil War . Alfred and Joseph were attached to the 15th Alabama Infantry Company 1. Alfred was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg and taken prisoner, later exchanged and served with the 15th until the end of the war in 1865. Joseph died of disease at the Orange Court House in 1862. John Elliot served in the 46th Alabama Infantry Co. He was taken prisoner and served time in a Union prison at Camp Chase Ohio. [Records of Rise Roney Talley]

John Elbert Elliott, Sr. age 17 and his brother Davis Andrew Jackson "Jack" Elliott, age 27 both joined Company I, 46th Alabama Infantry on May 10, 1862 in Columbia, Henry County, Alabama. Pvt. J. E. Elliott captured at Battle of Nashville on December 15, 1864 shipped off to Camp Chase, Ohio. Corporal Davis Andrew Jackson "Jack" Elliott was discharged at end of war in Brayer's Crossroads, Tennessee. John Pinkston "Pink" Glover, father in law of John Elbert Elliott, II,was in Company I, Alabama 46th Alabama. Also in the 46th was Henry Day, father-in-law of J. P. Glover. Another neighbor was Capt. Andrew Jackson Armstrong of Company I, 4th Alabama. All of these in the Haleburg/Camp Springs area of Henry County. [Steve Elliott records 4/01/02]

1865 - After the war was over John Elbert Elliott, Sr was thought to be dead. "As he and another Southern compatriot were walking back to southeast Alabama from Camp Chase, Ohio [which I understand is a national park now] they caught a stray hog, killed the hog, ate for the first time in days and then they were peddling the extra meat and a Yankee sheriff locked them up for stealing livestock and they were imprisoned some 8 to 6 months there." [Steve Elliott records 4/01/02]

1866-"John Elbert Elliott, Sr. eventually returns home to marry Nancy Roney in 1866. They had two children, James Warren "Jimmy" Elliott and Cordelia Ann Elliott who first married Alexander Napier, a merchant in and the first postmaster of my hometown of Haleburg, Henry County, Alabama. "Aunt Delia" divorced Alexander Napier because he would not move to Texas. They were divorced in February 1893 and she married James W. Bacon, raising his children from his first marriage to Nannie Jo Harnage." [Steve Elliott records 3/28/02]

1866 - Alabama State Census, 1820-1866 This particular census shows several of the families that emigrate to Arkansas living together, listed on the same page.

                                   m- 10        m10-20    m 20 +       m total     f -10     f 10-20     f  20+    f total        total
Jas Waller
                        1                              1                   2           1                            1           2               4
Noel Grace                                                      1                   1                                                                       1
Wm Spann                     1                              1                   2           1                            1            1              4
C N Armstrong                                                1                  1                                                                       1
Jas Armstrong                                                 
1                   1                                                                       1
G. Fuller                    
    1               3              1                   5                                         1            1              6        
Avy Armstrong                               1                                    1          1                            2             3             4
F Spann                          1                               1                   2                                        1             1             3
Wm R. Kirkland            2                              1                   3          1                            1             2             5
John Kirkland               1                               1                   2          1                            1             2             4
Jacob Whithead               1               1              1                   3          1                            1             2             5
Hugh Roney
                                    1              1                   2                                        1             1             3
Wm Roney                                                      1                   1                                                                      1
A Roney                                                           1                   1                                         1            1             2
Jas Armstrong                 2               1              1                    4          2             3              1            6           10

1870 - Henry Co., 5th Precinct, Abbeville,

William J. Roney and Avey Spann had two children: Mrs Avey Spann Armstrong Roney died 20 Feb 1903. She is buried in Balkum Baptist Church near Tumbleton, Alabama.

William J. Roney and Adaline moved to Dale Co., AL immediately following their marriage. They had one child together. Dalton Lee Roney b. 20 Aug. 1905. It has been observed that this child was born before they had married.

1870- "Alfred Ronie (Roney) married Clara Ann "Tinsey" Elliott and moved to Laurel, Mississippi in the1870s and there raised a 13 member family." [Steve Elliott records 3/28/02]
The marriage records of Henry Co., Alabama say that Alfred M. Roney marries Clarra Ann Ellett on 30 Aug. 1866.  [Alabama Marriages 1816-1957]

1891- Shilo Primitive Baptist Church. Although it had a rather large congregation at one time, many folks left the area and maintenance of the church was not done. It was finally disbanded in 1891. Several families were buried in the cemetery adjacent to the church and among them were Morris, Hugh and Nancy Roney. Recently Holt Stokes, Henry County Commissioner for the past twenty years, has plowed over the cemetery which is now in a wheat field. [Steve Elliott 3/28/02]

1905, Sept. - William J. Roney married a second time to Adaline Armstrong Roney, the widow of William H. Roney. She was his step daughter, the daughter of Avey Armstrong, his first wife's first marriage. Adaline had three children by her first marriage.


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