James Tarpley I Family

James Tarpley I
b. 1659/60 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA
d. before 5 Aug 1713 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA

m. Mary Biddlecombe 1687 King and Queen Co., VA
b. c 1670 Old Rappahannock Co., VA
d. 16 Dec 1718 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA
her father: James Biddlecombe d. 1687
her mother: Mary Brassieur d. 1713

her 2m. Samuel Peachey Jr.
d. betwn Jan 1711 & before 4 Jun 1712
his first wife: unknown
his father: Samuel Peachey Sr.

his father: Captain John Tarpley
his mother: Mary
John Tarpley b. 21 Feb 1690 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. before 1713
(not mentioned in his father's will)
Mary Tarpley b. 1 Feb 1691 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. after 1714 m. (remembered in the will of Samuel Peachy with a calf, 1714)
James Tarpley b. 8 May 1692 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. 1765 Charlotte Co., VA m. Mary Camp (his cousin) 5 Jan 1733/34 King and Queen Co., VA
(?possible marriage to Mary Oldham)
William Tarpley b. 16 Mar 1695 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. 17 Aug 1789 Old 96th Dist. S. C. m. Mary
Thomas Tarpley b. 28 Feb 1697 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. m.
Elizabeth Tarpley b. 2 Feb 1701 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA* d. m. (?) Lynch
Lucia Tarpley b. c1703/04 North Farnham, VA d. m. Daniel Stephen/s 20 Oct 1728 North Farnham Parish, VA
Charles Tarpley b. c1705/6 North Farnham, VA d. m.
*birth dates recorded in the North Farnham Parish register. [McGhan. Vitals 438]

James Tarpley seems to have been a very diligent farmer who was not active politically or militarily. In 1704 he helped George Glasscock set off an acre of land for a grist mill in Richmond County on Farnham Creek on the southside of "Runn". William Barber, his half brother and Edward Jones, perhaps a cousin through marriage, also helped the venture. [Williams. p.63 (Fleet, XVII, p.1)]

p.25  "In obedience to the Within order we the Subscribers have ment (and have to the best of our Judgement Layd out an acre of Land) on the within mentioned Land on the South Side of the Runn within Mentioned beginning att a beach by the swamp side thence down the swamp  x x which said acre of land we have Valued to two hundred pounds of tobbo witness our hans this 30th Day of Octob'r 1704
                                   Will Barber
                                   James Tarpley
                                  Edward Jones   [Richmond County Records, 1704-1724]

The James Tarpley family were members in the North Farnham Church Parish well enough to have their children noted in the parish register for birth and baptism.

Will written on 12 Dec., 1711 probated August 5, 1713, Richmond Co. VA,

According to Russ Williams, "Mary Biddlecombe must have been a strong willed individual. She presented her own husband's estate to the court about the same time she was having to assist with her own mother's estate. Her mother Mary died between May and September 1713. She later returned the Inventory for that estate too. In the years afterwards (and it is not known when she died) her family and descendants scattered southward." [Williams. p64]

1711- Samuel Peachey writes his last will and testament in North Farnham Parish, Virginia.


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