Joseph Greer "the Elder" Family
South Carolina, Alabama

Joseph Greer, 1st
b. probably in Ireland
d. before Mar 12, 1783 Old Ninty-Six Dist. S. C.
buried: SC

m. unknown*
her father:(?)* her mother: (?)*

his father: John Greer , the Irish Immigrant
his mother: unknown
Robert Greer b. before 1770 d. 1831 m. Isabell "Ibba" Kilgore, (d. 10 July 1858)dau. of Benjamin Kilgore and Ann McCreary
Joseph Greer Jr. b. abt 1770 SC d. April 16, 1843 will Tallapoosa Co., AL(at age 73).
bur: New Harmony Presbyterian Church Cem., Chambers Co., AL
m. Priscilla (perhaps Wilson)*
(perhaps Andrew) Greer b. d. m. *
(perhaps George) Greer b. d. m. *
there may have been other children but it is not known at this time b. d. m.
*records and birth order of Janice Craft
We are uncertain of the parents of my identified relative, Joseph Greer of 1770, but the research of Janice Craft seems to point to the Joseph Greer Sr. family of Laurens Co, S. C. Janice Craft hired Brent Holcomb to do the research that indicates that there is strong evidence for Joseph Greer Sr. to have been the father of my Joseph Greer. His family is only a best guess projection and we certainly need more proof to verify that we are looking at the correct family. Hopefully someone will come forward with more information.

1755, August 5 - Ann McCrarey researched the records in South Carolina for the McCrary family and found many in the Journal of His Majesties Honorable Council are petitions for land from John McCrarey. On this same date land grants were made to: John Hanna , 100 a waters of Santee
John Greer (6 persons in family) on Duncan's Creek
Timothy Reirday, South side of Saludy R.
Alexr. Moorhead.
[Microfilm reference at S. C. Archives, D532 1754-1756, D533 (CO 5/470, 471) Pro Reel 41]

The previous record seems to indicate a John Greer may have been one of the first recorded Greer in South Carolina as early as 1755. Joseph Greer (200 ac) had land sandwiched between Robt. McCrary (210 ac.) and Basil Prater(150 ac). John Greer had 300 acres next to Bazil Prater 55 acres. Jonas Greer(180 ac) and Jos. Greer (150 ac) is on the south side of Duncan Creek and borders Robt. McCrary's other 200 acres on Duncan Creek.

1764 - Land records of the colony of South Carolina show several Greer here as early as 1764, [Paul Sarrett, Jr. , US

Janice Craft lists Nell Orr of Chambers County stating:
"There was a Joseph Greer and George Greer who were neighbors of Bazil Prather's in Laurens County, SC in the 1770's. A James Greer lived nearby."

There are twelve Greer men listed in the South Carolina Roster of soldiers in the militia during the War for Independence. We are uncertain if any of these are related to our family.

In the following document we have a petition by members of the Little River Regiment to the Gov. of S. C. protesting the arrest of their Commanding Officer, l Colo. James Williams. It is transcribed from a document in the Manuscript collection of the Wm. R. Perkins Library, Duke University. #5767 "James Williams Petition. Several McCreary and Greer family members indicate that they were part of this regiment during the Revolutionary war. The docuement is undated and signed with legible signatures of all included. [document provided by Ann McCrary]

1779 Census, Old 96th Dist., S. C. lists residents in the large frontier county of Old 96th with was later divided into Edgefield, Abbeville, Spartanburg, Laurens, Newport, Greenwood, and Union. [records of Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., US Genweb South Carolina.

1783 - Joseph Greer Sr. apparently dies. Papers are filed to establish the administrators of the estate.

1784, August 15 -

Pp. 98-100: An account of the sale of the Estate of Joseph Greer decd., 15 of August 1794; purchasers: Andrew McCrary, Joseph Greer, Joseph Adair, John Hansel, Saml McComuthey, Thos McCrary, Joseph Greer, Wm Hunter, John Login, John Elmore, Minasa Willson, Benj. Adair, Newton Higgins, John Gray, Robert Scott, John Owens, James Rammage, Hugh Skelton, Saml Bishop, James Dillard, John Rammage, James Dillard, Robert Grier, Bazzel Prater (cooper tooles), James Adair Senr., John Watson, Simon Tedford, Jonas Greer, J. A. Elmore, George Ross, Ben Adair, Joseph Parks, Wm Price, Wm Gray., Robert Greer. Total £ 56 13 9. [SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Winter 1980, No. 1, p.49]

1788, Oct- The history of the Duncan Creek church in Laurens County contains some interesting stories that may include some potential relatives. This Joseph Greer would have to be the Joseph Greeer Jr. since senior would have died by this time. According to this author John Duncan, first settled the area, was Scotch-Irish pioneer from Pennsylvania. He erge [Sellers]

Ordained  Oct 1788, by Rev. Joseph Alexander

Thomas McCrery,  Joseph Greer,  Samuel Laird, Robert Long
James Craig,  Robert Bell

1790- There are Six Greer heads-of-family in Laurens county but Joseph Greer was the only one who had two males over 16. [Craft]

1799- Joseph Greer dies and Robert Greer becomes the administrator of the will. This says to me that Robert was probably the older of the children. 1799 - Joseph Greer bought from Robert Greer 200 acres on Duncan Creek. Robert Greer Adm. of estate of Joseph Greer, Deceased. Located between Enoree and Duncan's Creek. Bounded by lands belonging to John Greer. witnesses: John D. Kern, Samuel McConahey [Laurens Co., Deed Book G, p 617. 15 June 1799 ]

1803 - Robert Greer sells 20 and 200 acres to Joseph Greer on Duncan Creek. This could only be to Joseph Greer Jr. born in 1770, his father died before 1799. This is probably part of the property that was originally own by John Greer "the immigrant". [Laurens Co., Deed Book G, p 608 and p 617]

1820- U. S. Census show the heads of households in Laurens and Spartanburg Co., SC