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This index lists pages created to give a better understanding of the life, times and conditions that our ancestors confronted. They are about the regions and culture in which they lived.

Henry Co. Courthouse Alabama, Henry County    
    Cherokee country before 1860
Natchez button

Mississippi- Natchez Territory

   Mississippi Ter. about 1790

Danish Church Denmark -
Jutland Peninsula
       prehistoric to modern
       Cheryl's link to
  "Old Gorm" King of Den.
    Selected farms
        and church locations

SC Navy flag South Carolina History -
   Long Cane Massacre 1760
  American Revolution 1775-1790
 see also immigrant groups to  SC
    Scotland- Early Hist./ Immig.
    Scottish Machens
    Ireland Early Hist. - Immigration

Gausdel.vestre church
LÝten, Hedemark Brief History

        100 AD to modern times
  Oppland - brief history
Stone age to 1600's
     with links to some families


Scotland -
   Early  History
  & Immigration

     Convenanters / Civil War / Jacobite of the 1650 - 1750
      Robert Burns "the bard"

Huguenot cross
French - Huguenots   
       about 1630

Machen crest

Early Hist./ Immig.

Scottish Machens

   immigrants to South Carolina


Ireland History Celtic  to
    Viking Era
Ireland History
    17th-18th C.

    immigrants to South Carolina

Rock church

Texas - Bosque Co. Scandinavian Immigration      about 1890
    Egeberg/Rohne/Johnson Reunion -  1930-2014
     Views of Cranfills Gap, Texas
     Thrashing Bee, Cranfills Gap, Texas
     Cranfills Gap Slide Show
               (allow time to laod)

Slave name
                    button Slave Names Index  
       1779 - 1861
jamestown button Virginia - Jamestown   
        about 1630

DNA Analysis and Scandinavia

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