John Machin Family
The immigrant ?
? England

John Micham/Meacham
b. c1650-55
d. 1712 Middlesex Co., VA (probate 1713)

1m. Micall or Michall Blake
d. between 1701 -1710 probably Middlesex Co., VA

2m. Mary Brime/Brame (widow of John Brime/Brame) Mar. 1710

his father: unknown
his mother: unknown
Children with Micall/Michall Blake
Joseph Machen b. 10/17/1679 d. m. Jane (possibly Norman) d.1709
Michall Machen b. 4/07/1683 d. m.
James Machen baptised 5/17/1685 d. 1733 m. Mary Fearn 7/8/1708 (d.1733)
Pead Machen baptised 1/8/1692 d. m.
William Machen b. 2/25/1693/94 d. m.
Daniel Machen baptised 3/15/1701/02 d. m.

Thomas Machen (born before 1679) may be a child of this family?

The earliest John Macham is recorded in head right grants based on his transportation to the colonies by Christopher Branche in 2 grants dated 12 /8/1635 and 5/8/1638. This may be the same person or an earlier relative of John Machin, above, recorded later with his family in the Christ Parish Church records of Middlesex County, Virginia between 1679 to 1683. This later John Machin had his children baptised here so he obviously lived in the region for some time. There is a Thomas Machen in the area later that could indicate that John is also the father of him. We have very little additional information on this family. The various leads we have indicate that John Machin may be a relative but no conclusive evidence has been found. Due to the paucity of records of this time periods it may never be proved beyond a doubt. Although my own research indicates at least a distant connection to Scotland, most of the records seem to indicate that our original immigrant probably came from somewhere in England.

By 1666 there from four to eight Machen families living in Virginia.

There were several persons who came to the colonies and eventually claims headrights in early Virginia records abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent.

Laura Edwards also discovered in The Complete Book of Emigrants the name of John Machem, age 18. as a passenger dated July 6, 1635. Four more references were for goods being shipped to John Machen, planter, of Virginia from Bristol between 1668-1672. [Edwards. 3]

Samuel Macham is listed in records in Virginia as early as 1609. Whether he is related to any of the other Machens here later is still very speculative. [Virginia Colonial Rec. database., SR 07316, p.1]

Several land records also are listed in Virginia. One for Edmund Machen in New Kent Co., for 1000 acres on 20 July 1662. [Land Office Patents and Grants, Virginia website]

Thomas Machen may be the oldest child of this family but it was not recorded in the parish records. The family may have moved to This does not mean he was not a child of the family but that records are inconclusive. There are frequent examples of incomplete recording of births and deaths. Thomas was probably the oldest child and ends up becoming the executor of the estate of John Fearn. The Fearn family is closely connected with the Machen family in these early records.

1701-1710 - John's first wife probably dies between these years.

1710 - John marries Mary Brime, the widow of John Brime.

?1700- John Micham is accused of slander by Richard Willis, gentleman and JP. John Micham is himself a Justice of the Peace and militia man at this time. He is quoted as saying " You, Richard Willis are a rogue and I will prove it. You hath not done me justice in court." Willis asked for 200 pounds in damages but although he won the suit he was only awarded with one pound. This hollow victory was probably due to the juries view of what Willis true reputation had been. [Edwards. 7]

1713-The John Meachen died and his estate went to probate. In this we find his second wife's name is given as the widow of John Brame

1712- John Machen dies leaving his estate to Joseph, James, Daniel and Henry. The will was thus written before Joseph died in 1709. It is also assumed that Pead and William had died by this time since they are not included in the will. However, even though Thomas Machen is not included in the will does not mean that he was not a member of the family or an heir. It was apparently was common practise that the oldest son was the understood heir to the estate and therefore there was no need to mention him.


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