Jesse G. Jones
Jesse Jones Family

Alabama,Texas, Washington State
Susan and Jesse Jones Jr. photo probably by Jesse about 1866

Jesse G. Jones

b 26 Feb 1842 Sommerville, Morgan, AL
d. 11 Apr 1917 Knox City, Knox, Texas [pension appl. 1930]
buried: Knox City Cemetery, Knox Co., TX

1m. Susan Francis Varnell
b. 17 Oct. 1841 Franklin Co., Tenn
d. 1876 Miller Grove, Hopkins Co., Texas
their father: Richard Varnell - - their mother: Arta Macy Fowler

2m. Permelia Varnell
b. 10 Feb 1844 Franklin Co, Tenn (younger sister to Susan above)
d. 24 Dec 1935 at home, Knox City, Texas
buried: Knox City Cemetery, Knox Co., TX
 their father: Richard Varnell - - their mother: Arta Macy Fowler

his father:   William Jones (d. 1856 Ala)
his mother: Eleanor Brashears b.1811 Tenn
Children of Susan Varnell
Jesse Brashear Jones b. 27 Aug 1866 Bonham, Fannin Co., TX d. 24 Jul 1943 Knox City, Texas m. Lillian Katherine Pollard 27 Jan1889 TX (b 21 Sep 1871 Sedalia, MO)
2m. Marion Augusta Lucas Bonnell 27 Dec 1911
William Richard Jones b. 6 Jan1869 TX d. 1 Mar 1952 Knox City, Texas 1m. Ida Pratt 17 Aug 1890 TX
2m. Minnie White
Ida Oppie Jones
b. 5 Apr 1871 Miller Grove,
Hopkins Co., TX
d. 12 Feb. 1949 1m.Thomas Marshall, Montague, TX
2m. Dutton
Olive Eugenia Jones b. 3 Mar 1875 Millers Grove, TX d. m. J. T. Pollard 1890 Montague, TX

No known children of Permelia Varnell
Although Permelia didn't have any children of her own she raised her sister's children into caring adults.

1856 - Jesse was orphaned by the age of fourteen in Mississippi. He was adopted and educated by a businessman who saw potential in him even as a teenager. Jesse's sisters were raised in Alabama where they had previously lived.

1860 - US Census, Alabama, Morgan Co., Alabama. Series: M653  Roll: 19  Page: 307
Henry, Turney                  34  m   w              farmer                $500    $7600     Alabama
Jane M.,  Turney              38  f    w            housewife                                          Tennessee
Renet E. W. Turney         14  f    w                                                                        Alabama
Mary T. A. Turney           12  f    w                                                                        Alabama
Peter J. Turney                 10  m   w                                                                        Alabama
(?Wallrom) E. P. Turney    8 f                                                                               Alabama
Julia E. M. Turney              4 f                                                                               Alabama
Jesse Jones                        19 m                 (?Ambnotypet )                                Alabama
(we can't figure out what Jesse's career is here  Am??otyp?t,   It may be a "hypnotist".  The family that he is staying with seems to have a number of slaves)

Jesse Jones
              Confederate uniform
A late photo of Jesse Jones in Confederate uniform.
             photo probably by Jesse, collection of Sue Keller

1862 February.- As a young man he enlisted in the Confederate Army in 7th Ala. Cavalry. He was19 years of age when taken as a prisoner of the war on16th of February of 1862. This was the date when Fort Donaldson in western Tennessee was surrendered to the Union army commanded personally by General Ulysses S. Grant. Grant insisted on "No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted." This battle and the "unconditional surrender" statement made Ulysses S. Grant a national hero. [World book Encyclopedia, World Book Inc. Chicago.1987]
Jesse was one of about 13,000 troops stationed here. Although taken prison for period Jesse some how escaped through deep snow and cold rather than being sent to the Chicago prisoner of war camps. According to the pension records he re-enlisted in 28th Miss. Cavalry in Malone's Regiment. He was also wounded in the battle at Murfreesborro in the left elbow.[Pension records, 1930]

The US War Department stated that he enlisted as a private in Company G, 28 miss. Cavalry, of the Confederate States Army on the 14th of February, 1864 in Fannin, Mississippi for a three year period. Company muster rolls list him for March and April of 1865. His name appears on a roll of Prisoners of War, surrendered May 4, 1865, and paroled at Gainesville, Alabama, May 12, 1865. [pension application , 1930] Jesse was proud to have been a veteran of the Civil War and having fought for the South. During the war he carried the mail primarily as a cover for his spying activities for the Confederate Army. He was captured and escaped several times. He was wounded at Murfesboro but was not discharged till the 15th of May 1865 at Donville Ala. His story is best told in his own words.

Jessee G. Jones "Reminiscences of the Civil War"

1870 - US Census, Black Jack Grove Post Office, Precinct no.4,  Hopkins Co., TX Roll: 1592  Page: 151

next door to Jesse Jones is a believed relative to Elroy Christenson. If this is the same Dempsey Cain as in his line Dempsey marries four times and has at least four children by Rebecca Hollaway in Mississippi before starting his migration to Arkansas where the other Hollaway family moved.

1871 - Jesse Jones lived in Miller Grove, Hopkins County, Texas. Ida Oppie Jones is born here this year. Here he made his living as a photographer and journalist. As a photographer he claimed to have taken photographs of most of the people in Hopkins County "since I came to this Contry, ten years ago, many of my kind patrons have died, leaving with their frinds Pictures which they prize as precious jewels. He wrote the following poem on an advertisement given out locally.

He wrote many regular articles on his war escapades in the local newspaper. These have been collected and put into the historical section of the University of Texas archives. They have been transcibed by Marlene Grubb with printed typos and listed here with an index of their contents.

J.Jones.but.jpg Jesse G. Jones "Reminiscences of the Civil War"

1876 - Miller Grove, Hopkins Co., Texas - Susan Varnell Jones dies. She was quite a beautiful woman and had at least four children. She unfortunately dies in the birth of her last child. Her sister, Permelia Varnell, perhaps comes in to take care of the infant. He marries Permelia but she never had any children of her own but raised her sisters children to adulthood.

1880- US Census, Hopkins Co, TX p.227B

Jessie G. Jones            self                    mar          m  w   36            Alabama
Permelia Jones           wife                  mar            f   w   34            Tennessee
Jessie Jones                   son                   single       m  w  13             Texas
Willie Jones                  son                   single       m w   11             Texas
Ider O. Jones                 dau                   single        f  w     9             Texas
Ollie U. Jones               dau                   single        f  w     5             Texas
Richard Varnell           fatherinlaw     mar            m w   83             Tennessee
Ardy Macy Varnell     motherinlaw   mar            f  w    81             South Carolina

1900- US Census, Montague Co., Texas.  Roll: 1660  Page: 246

Jones, Jesse G.       head      w  m      Feb  1842         68    mar  38 yrs         Alabama    Kentucky       Texas
          , Permelia     wife      w   f       Feb   1834         56    mar  38 yrs         Alabama    Tennessee      S. Carolina
Series: T623  Roll: 1659  Page: 3
Pollard, Jesse T.       head      w  m      Oct 1863         36    mar  38 yrs         Texas        Georgia        Texas

          , Permelia     wife      w   f       Feb   1834         56    mar  38 yrs         Alabama    Tennessee      S. Carolina

1910, August 10 - Jesse Jones sends out the minutes of the Annual Reunion fo the Sam Lanham Camp. The note is handwritten on letter head stationary. The U. C. V. probably stands for the United Confederate Veterans

1910- US Census, Texas, Knox Co. Series: T624  Roll: 1571  Page: 76 (  next door is who we believe is Richard Furman Varnell, Permelia's brother)
Jones, J. G.                 Head          m w  69   mar 39           Alabama    Alabama       Alabama             own income
"           , Permelia        wife            f   w  66   mar 39           Alabama    Tennessee     South Carolina   none
Pollard, Gusta            grdson          m w  14    s                   Texas         Missouri        Texas
next door
Varnell, R. T               head            m  w  62  wid               Tennessee   Tennessee    Texas          farmer                gen. farm
"          ,  Richard W.     son            m  w  36   s                   Alabama     Tennessee    Georgia        farm laborer     home farm
"          ,  Moris              son             m  w  28  s                    Texas          Tennessee    Georgia        farm laborer     home farm
"          ,  Daisy              dau             f   w   24  s                    Texas          Tennessee    Georgia
"          ,  Ula                  dau             f   w   22  s                    Texas          Tennessee    Georgia
"          ,  Arthur             son             f   w   20 s                     Texas          Tennessee    Georgia       farm laborer     home farm

1917- 11 Apr. - Jesse Jones dies in Knox City, Knox, Texas according to the Widow's Application for Condederate Pension filed by Permelia Jones on the 8th of August 1930. Another obituary listed his death on the 12th of August of 1917.

1920- US Census, Texas, Knox Co., Series: T625  Roll: 1825  Page: 263
Varnell, Richard F.    head   m  w  72   wid              Alabama     South Carolina    Tennessee                 farmer
     "     , Daisy  J.          dau     f   w   35  s                     Texas         Alabama               Georgia                      none
Jones, Jessie  P.          sister   f   w  75  wid                Alabama     Tennessee            South Carolina        none

1930, Aug 11 - Permelia Jones applies for a Pension for Confederate Soldiers. Several documents give credibility to Jesse's claims as a Confederate Soldier. Through this we also confirm that Permelia had a brother of Richard F. Varnell along with her death date. [pension application, 1930]

1930-US Census, Texas, Knox Co., 5 J-PCT (West Part) Series: T626  Roll: 2367  Page:250
Jones, Will.  R.       head     renter        m  w  61 mar 21(at mar)  30(yrs mar)   Texas     Mississippi   Alabama
"        , Minnie I.     wife                         f    w   53 mar  23             30                  Alabama  Georgian      Alabama
"        , Robert         son                           m w  15 s                                                 Texas       Alabama       Alabama
"        , Ines              dau                           f   w   16 s                                                Texas      Texas             Alabama
Next door
Jones,  Fred E.        head        r               m  w  20 m  18                                       Texas        Texas           Alabama
"       , Oma T.        wife                           f    w   19m  17                                       Texas        Texas            Texas
Same page
Tidwell, Jacob A.    head        owner    m w 50  m 29  (pos. father of Jesse (f) Marshall)  Texas   Mississippi    Mississippi
"            , Julia T.       wife                        f w  42  m  21                                         Texas   Mississippi    Mississippi
"             , James M.   son                         m w 29  s                                                Texas         Texas         Texas
Varnell, Pharman T. head                       m w   83 wd                                         Tennessee   Tenn        So. Carolina

"          , Walter J.        son                         m w   49 s                                             Texas          Tenn         Georgia
"          , Daisy  J.         dau                       f  w    46 s                                              Texas          Tenn         Georgia
Jones, Permelia       sister                     f  w   86 wd                                           Tennessee   Tenn         Georgia
Next door
Marshall, Jesse D.    head                        m w   29  m  24(son of T. H. Marshall)  Washington  Texas           Texas
"             , Jessie F.    wife                         f  w    26 m  21(prob. dau. of Jacob Tidwell)   Texas             Texas             Texas
 "            , Hersey D.   son                         m w      2 s                                              Texas            Washington   Texas

1935, Dec. 24th- Permelia continues to live in the area and dies 23 Dec 1935 Knox City, Texas. The Application for Mortuary Warrant is filled out by her step-son, Benjamin Jones, signed J. B. Jones. It states that Permelia Jones died at her home in Knox Co., Texas on 24th December, 1935. "... Mrs Permelia Jones.. in his last illness, and am of the opinion that his ailments.. were heart disease Patient was found dead - There were no sighs of violence. Death I am sure were from natural causes; probably an acute coronary occlusian or acute cardiac dilatation." signed D. C. Eiland, M. D., physicians address in Knox City, Texas. Jan. 17, 1936 [ Application for Mortuary Warrant, Knox Co., Texas. Jan 17, 1936]


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