Charlie Johnson Family
Norway and Texas

Charlie Johnson family

Charlie Johnson family
photo from the collection of Elroy Christenson

Carl Oscar "Charlie"Johnson

b. 16 Aug 1891 Dallas, Texas
d. 28 Dec 1977 Clifton, TX
buried: "Rock Church", St Olaf's Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, TX. plot 149.1

1m. Edyth Vesta Carlson  11 Nov 1924
b. 29 Oct 1901 Texas
d. 5 Dec 1991 Texas
buried: "Rock Church" St Olaf's Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, TX []
her father: August Carlson                   her mother: Ingeborg Carlson

his father:Bernt F. Johnson b. Loten, Norway 1848
his mother:Konen Olava Antonette Simpson b. 1864 TX
Children with Edith Carlson
Barbaran Aubrey "BA" Johnson (m) b. 22 Sep 1925 Cranfills Gap, TX
d. 5 Jul 2013 Clifton, Bosque co., TX(age 87) at the Lutheran Sunset Home
buried: St Olaf's Rock Church, CG, TX
m. Gladys Castelle (Bakke) Neely 15 Nov 1952
(brother - Olee Bakke)
Ivan Johnson (m) b. 1928
d. living in "assisted living" facility Red Oak, TX
m. Junelle _____
Charles Elroy Johnson
b. 4 Mar 1937
d. 26 June 1937
shortly after birth with "open spine"
buried: St. Olaf's Rock Church, CG, TX

*buried at St. Olaf Lutheran Church Cemetary"Old Rock Church", Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX

1848- Bernt is born in Arstad, Stange Paprish, Loten, Norway as Bernt Fredrik Johanson Egeberg. After immigrating he changed his name to Bernt Johnson

1881- B. F. bought 100 acres on Neils Creek from Mrs. Sarah Brasher for $350.00. [Bosque Co: Land and People]

about 1885 - Bernt's new and improved suction device was patented in the United States by the Munger family. Bernt later moved to Dallas to oversee the manufacturing of this new machine for cotton gins. Here he meets Olava A Simpson in Dallas, Texas.

about 1890- His first child is born, probably in Dallas.

1891- He applied for US. citizenship on April, 1891 in Dallas Co. TX, where he said he was living at the time.[Bosque Co: Land and People]

1891, 1 Dec Dallas, TX - Olava (Simpson) Johnson, his first wife, dies four months after giving birth to his second child, Carl Oscar (Charlie) Johnson. The infant Charlie went to live with Bernt's sister, Oleana "Mariane Egeberg and her husband, Evan Paulson Rohne. Mariane nurses him along with her own new born son. Charlie remains with this family until Charlie is about four years of age or until Bernt remarries. [Interview with Ed Johnson]

1900- US Census, Hamilton Co., TX,  Series: T623  Roll: 1641  Page: 74

Johnson   , Brant      head   w m    Oct  1848   51yrs   6yrs mar.      Norway     Norway     Norway  1872   na (naturalized) farmer
     "         , Carrie     wife    w f     May 1870   30        6yrs mar.     Denmark   Denmark    Denmark 1890
     "         , Carl  O.   son    w m   Aug  1881    8                 s           Texas       
Norway     Denmark
     "         , Cora  O.  dau    w f     Aug  1895   4                 s           
Texas        Norway     Denmark
     "         , Christen  son    w m    Dec  1897   2                 s           
Texas        Norway     Denmark
      "        , Eva          dau   w  f    June  1899   4/12           s            
Texas        Norway     Denmark

1909 - He became a US Citizen on Sept. 3, 1909 in Hamilton, Hamilton Co., TX [Bosque Co: Land and People]

1910- US Census. Texas, Bosque Co., Enum. Dist., 66, sheet 19a, page 167.

Johnson, Bernt F        head   m  w  61 m2   16yrs                                     Norway           Norway        Norway      1870 na        farmer   gen. farming
              , Carrie         wife    f   w   39 m     16 yrs   11preg. 8 survived   Denmark        Denmark       Denmark
              ,  Carl  O       son    m  w   17 s                                                     Texas             Norway         Norway                          farm laborer  home farm
              ,  Cora O.      dau     f   w   13 s                                                     Texas             Norway         Denmark                  
              ,  Christian  ? son    m  w   12 s                                                     Texas             Norway         Denmark                       farm laborer  home farm
              ,  Evilina  M  dau    f    w   10 s                                                     Texas             Norway         Denmark                       farm laborer  home farm
              ,  Eddie  M    son     m  w    9 s                                                      Texas             Norway         Denmark                      farm laborer  home farm
              ,  Clara J.       dau     f   w    7 s                                                      Texas             Norway         Denmark
              ,  Collatt B.    son    m  w    6 s                                                      Texas             Norway         Denmark
              ,  Willie   N.    son   m  w    4 s                                                      Texas             Norway         Denmark
              ,  Sylvester N  son    m  w    2 s                                                     Texas             Norway         Denmark

1911- Dec. 1 - His last son is born and dies.

1912- July 23 - Bernt died after being kicked by a mule in the chest, 64 years of age. [Story of Ed Johnson]
proof of Annette Johnson, Coryell C. TX Cemetary Records.

1920's - The children had to pool their resources after the death of their father. Edith and Clara Johnson worked as cooks for the thrashing parties and went from farm to farm preparing meals for the hands at probably about $1 dollar a day. For this they had to fix five meals a day for at least 25 people for each meal. [Violet Christenson 7/21/03]

1929, Jan 5 - Vernell  Johnson is born to Cora Johnson.  The father is unknown. Vernell is raised in the household of the Johnson brothers and sisters.  She was always excessively shy as were her mother and uncles. 1930's - Carrie Johnson is brought to Dallas frequently for visits to the doctor for cancer of the jaw. This is where Ed Johnson is introduced to Sadie Hollaway Kirkland and her children. [Interview with Ed Johnson]

1930 _ US Census - Texas, Bosque Co., Precinct 8, enum dist. 18-18 sheet 8B

Johnson,  Charley          head        m w 38  mar 32yrs             Texas     Norway     Norway         Laborer          odd jobs
"            , Edyth              wife h     f  w  28   mar 22 
               Texas     Norway    Texas
"            , Baabara A.      son         m  w  4 6/12   s                   Texas     Texas        Texas 
"            , Ivan                 son         m  w  2 11/12   s                 Texas     Texas       Texas 
Carlson, Ingborg     motherinlaw   f   w  59   mar 19               Texas     Norway   Norway

1940 - US Census - Texas, Hamilton Co., Precinct 2. Enum. Dist. 97-4, sheet 8A

name                        relations         sex      age mar ed.
Johnson, Chris A.     head               m   w   42   s      6       Texas           same house        farmer        farm
             , Cora           sister               f    w   43   s      7    
  Texas           same house
             , Clara          sister               f    w    37  s      7       Texas           same house        laborer        farm
             , Collet         brother           m  w    36   s     H2     Texas           same house       laborer        farm
             , Willie         brother           m  w    34   s      6       Texas           same house       laborer        farm
             , Sylvester    brother           m   w   32   m    7        Texas           same house       laborer        farm
             , Melba         Sister-in-law   f   w   24   m    H4      Texas           same house
             , Vernell        niece               f   w   11    s     3        Texas           same house

US Census, Texas, Bosque co., Precinct 8. enum. dist,  18-20, sheet 11 B  Irvin marries Vernell, dau. of Cora. 
Grimland, Oscar        head                m    w  45  mar    4   Texas            same house        farmer        farm
             , Amle           wife                f    w    42  mar    8    Texas           same house
             , J. C.             son                 m   w    21   s       8    Texas           same house
             , Irvin            son                 m  w     17    s      8    Texas           same house
             , Allen           son                  m  w    15    s       7    Texas           same house
             , Milton         son                  m   w   11     s      4    Texas             same house

US Census, Texas, Bosque Co., Precinct 8 enum. dist 18-20, sheet 3b
Johnson, Charlie  O.    head             m  w  49  mar   8   Texas               same house            laborer    gin Thrasher        $250
    "        , Edith            wife              f   w  38   mar   8  Texas
    "         , Barbran        son              m  w  14  s         6  Texas
    "        ,  Ivan             son               m  w  12   s        5  Texas

They had a nice home near the creek.

1952, Nov 15 - Barbaran Johnson marries Glayds Bakke . [tombstone inscription]

2013 -       

B. A. Johnson
September 22, 1925 - July 5, 2013
B. A. Johnson, 87, formerly of Waco, passed away Friday, July 5, 2013, in Clifton, Texas, at Lutheran Sunset Home. Services will be 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, July 10, at St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Cranfills Gap, Texas, with Pastor Joan Iker officiating. Burial will follow at the St. Olaf Rock Church Cemetery. Visitation will be Tuesday, July 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey Funeral Home.
B. A. was born on September 22, 1925, in Cranfills Gap, where he attended public schools. Upon high school graduation he joined the Army Air Corp, training at Lemoore Field, California, and Walla Walla Field, Washington. B. A. served as a turret gunner during WW II in the Pacific Theater of Operations. After being honorably discharged from the service, B. A. joined Gulf Oil Corporation as a district consignee. He married Gladys Bakke on November lS, 1952, and later relocated to Waco, where he was employed with Rocketdyne International until 1971. B. A. later joined Farmers Insurance as an agent, until his retirement in 1990.
He was a lifelong Lutheran, with memberships at Christ Lutheran, Waco and St. Olaf Lutheran, Cranfills Gap.
He was preceded in death by his parents; a younger brother; and most recently, by his wife of 60 years, Gladys, in October, 2012.
B. A. is survived by daughter, Charlene, of San Antonio; sons Charles and wife, Lori, of Waco and Gary and wife, Rose, of Belmont, CA: granddaughter, Jessica and husband, Tony, of Frisco; three great- grandchildren, Erin, Matthew and Nathan; brother, Ivan and wife, Junelle, of Red Oak, TX; brother-in-law, Olee Bakke and wife, Maxine, of Clifton; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.
The family would like to express sincere appreciation to Lutheran Sunset Ministries of Clifton, TX for their compassionate care and dedication.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Lutheran Sunset Ministries, Box 71, Clifton, TX 76634 or St. Olaf/Rock Church Cemetery Assoc., Cranfills Gap, TX 76737. You are invited to leave a message or memory in our    "Memorial    Guestbook"    at

Charles and Charlene Johnson , Dec. 1959
photo courtesy of Charles Johnson

(unknown ) Neely and Gladys Castelle Bakke (b. 5 Jul 1926 d. 2 Oct 2012) child
Gary Neely
Gladys Bakke's son / different Neely father
b. Aug 1948 d. lives California

Barbaran and Gladys Castelle (Bakke)(b. 5 Jul 1926 d. 2 Oct 2012) Johnson's children
Charlene Johnson (f)
b. June 1953 Meridian, TX
d. lives San Antonio, TX
Charles Van Johnson (m)
b. June 1953 Meridian, TX d. lives in Waco, TX
1m. Barbara Lynn Shields 8/22/76, div 4/1/78
2m. Brenda Gail Johnson 12/31/85 div 2/1/87
3m. Lori Roedler  7/12/94     

Ivan and Junelle Johnson's children
Dennis Johnson
b.  TX
d. alive
Maurice Johnson
b.  TX d. alive


 Charles Johnson at 60
information from Charles Johnson, 2014
photo courtesy Charles Johnson
2014, April -  Letter from Charles Johnson (son of Barbaran)
My life has been rather complicated with 3 marriages, 1 child, 3 grandchildren, with even 1X wife having a maiden last name of Johnson. I purchased the "Old Family Farm" (Dad sold in 1978)(1 mile outside of Gap. Dad purchased in like 1948 after WWII & where my twin sister & I were taken after our birth in Meridian, TX in 1953) back in 1999 and actually moved back there from Waco in 2009 & lived there for 3 years. [correspondence 4/14/14]

Jessica Claire Johnson (dau of Charles Johnson)  and Anthony (Tony) Nese
Erin Nese
b. 2007
d. living
Matthew Nese
b. 2010
d. living m.
Nathan Nese
b. 2012
d. living m.


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