Romedal Kirke and Prestegjeld (Priests Land) in Norway
Romedal, Hedmark

Romedal Kirke
Romedal Kirke, Hedmark

The Romedal Kirke, Stange, Hedmark
built about 1887
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016

Although this church was built in 1887, it was built of the site of another church that had been built in 1250.   "The old church was , according to historian Anders Bugge one of the first stone churches in Hedemarken and consecrated to St. Peter. In 1723 it was sold at auction to Pastor Peter Christian Jensen Grüner (for a)thousand rigsdaler. In 1792 it was sold, along with Land Annex Church, 4500 riksdaler to six men in the home parish and one in the annex."  It was my understanding that several churches were sold by the King of Denmark in order to fund his war with Sweden.  []

The church was in such poor condition in 1880 that it was found to be cheaper to build a new building rather try to refurbish the old one. 
Romedal priest house

The main "priest's house" the farm, unknown date.
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016

Romedal Prestegjeld (or priests land) is just up the road from the church.  This house is still used by the pastor about .5 kilometers from the church, however, the parish sold the land and most of the buildings.

Romedal storage Romdel storage
                building 3
The Storage building of the Romedal Priest's house.
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016
The Storage building of the Romedal Priest's house.
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016

These storage buildings are much older than the church and the other buildings on the farm.  The farm lands and most of the buildings are now owned by a young local couple who are in the process of remodeling the lower house.   The land adjoins the Rønne farm of his father and grandfather. 

The new owners of the lower farm, Vang Gard

The Vang farm
Romedal barns
Vang Gard farm main house
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016
 Vang Gard farm barns
photo Elroy Christenson, 2016
Bryne Røne with
                his grand father
Kristen Roone
Bryhn, the owner of Vang Gard w/ his grand father
photo Elroy Christenson 2016
Kristin Bryhn Ødegaard, the owner of the Vang Gard
photo Elroy Christenson 2016

Kristin Bryhn Ødegaard and her husband, Bryhn, were instrumental in finding the school building and houses in which Even Poulsen Rohne was raised.  It was the "protocol" book which his grand father, Harald Bryhn, had held onto these many years that provided the documentation for the early life of Even as I described in the Tomter farm and Even Poulsen Rohnes pages. 

The Romedal Prestegjeld also had another farm in the opposite direction from the above farm.  This is the one on which Marte Eriksdatter brought together the family in 1865.  Even Paulsen was then 18 years old.  This may have been the last farm on which Even lived before immigrating at age 23.
romedal farm panorama
Romedal Priest's farm #2
photo Elroy Christenson 2016

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