Emil Kiesel family

Emil and Emma (Schock) Kiesel with Fritz, Rudy,  Edward,  Else and Lillian after 1903.  photo collection of Cheryl Christenson
Emil Kiesel Family

Germany, Hawaii & Washington

Emil Albert Franz Kiesel

b. 2 Sep 1868 Breman, Germany
d. 19 Jan 1943 Portland, Oregon
buried: 16 Feb 1943 Old Tacoma Cem., Tacoma, WA

m. Emma Rosalia Schock 29 March 1891 Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA
b. 30 Mar 1869 Danzig, Prussia  *
d. 5 Dec 1923 Tacoma, WA*
buried: Old Tacoma Cem., Tacoma, WA
her father: Gust Fred Michael Schock
her mother: Rosalie Rich

2m. Ida  ?
b. 1866 Sweden

his father: Karl Friedrich A Kiesel
his mother: Frieda Augusta Charlotte Dorothee Funne
Fred "Fritz" T. C. Kiesel b. 22 Sep 1891 Tacoma, WA
[WWII draft card]
d. 4 Jun 1947 Tacoma, WA* m. Myrtle E ? (b. 29 Dec 1890   d. 13 Oct 1973 Graham, Pierce Co., WA)
Rudolf or Rudolph "Rudy" Johann Emil Kiesel b. 14 Sep 1893 Tacoma, WA# d. 4 Oct 1942 Seattle, WA* m. Maude Ella "Shirley" Marshall 23 Jun 1915 (they had 3 children)
(dau. of T. H. and Ida Oppie Marshall)
William Kiesel b. May 1895 Honolulu, Hawaii d.  1903 Tacoma, WA m.
Edward August Kiesel b. 12 Oct 1896 Tacoma, WA d. 14 Nov 1953 Tacoma, WA* m. 1923 Jennie Roller (b. 1896 Russ.)[1930 Census]
(they had 11 children) dau. of Adolph and Pauline Roller (b. Russ.)
Else "Elsie" Mathilde Johanna Kiesel b. 9 Jun 1899 Tacoma, WA# d. 12 Dec 1992 Tacoma, WA
buried: Mt. View Cem., Tacoma, WA
m. Clayton Edison Marshall 7 Dec 1915 Tacoma, WA
(son of T. H. and Ida Oppie Marshall)
2m: Robert "Bob" Gillen 23 Apr 1974
Lillian Rosella Kiesel b. 10 Nov 1902 Tacoma, WA# d. 2 Oct 1970 Tacoma, WA m. William Buechler (b. 1894 WA)
(two children)

Erlene Clara Kiesel b. 7 Apr 1911 Tacoma, WA# d. 15 Aug 1998 Richland, Benton Co., WA##
m. Kenneth "Bus" L.  Bennington
(b. 16 Jan 1908 Tacoma, WA d. 11 Sep 1991 Richland, WA) 3 children
*Washington State Death Certificate
#Pierce Co., WA Births
## SS Death Records

Emil Kiesel's father, Karl, was apparently a shoemaker in Brandenburg, Germany when Emil born in 1868.

Emil Kiesel Baptism in Germany

Karl died in California but his ashes were brought up to Tacoma buried with his wife, Frieda, in 1-B8 #141. [church records of Old Tacoma Cem. , Tacoma, WA]

We don't know why the Kiesels decided to go the Hawaii, of all places, but they had to be very determined even to attempt such as arduous voyage. H.H. Hackfield was the Hawaiian agent was sent to Germany to recruit help for the plantations. He must have been quite a salesman with his two foot long white beard. The bark ship "Cedar" must have also instilled a great deal of faith with its painted sides and brass fittings. It left Bremen, Germany in January of 1881 for the long voyage around Cape Magellan to Hawaii. The voyage through the straits was most ardous with several weeks encountering severe storms which kept most of the ship's passengers confined below decks for a month and a half with extreme sea sickness. They lost a mast and several sails. Jensen Blackstad doesn't confirm if they stopped and refitted the ship for a broken mast and take on new supplies in Valparaiso, Chili but it was the route. The ship's captain, G. ? Rohlfe, apparently nearly starved the ship in order to sell the saved 15 barrels of meat, 15 hams and 1.5 barrels of crackers to support a German mistress in Hawaii. The families arrived in Honolulu on June 18, 1881 but the Germans were not allowed to disembark because of a smallpox epidemic on Oahu. They were instead transferred to the vessel "James Makee" which journeyed on to Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. The entire voyage taking six months. [immigration records of Bremen, Germany and immigration records to Hawaii after 1860] [letter of Jensen Blackstad]
                                                                              Charles Kiesel recalls the voyage at the age of five in 1881.

Karl Kiesel was indentured to the sugarcane plantations on Kauai to pay for their passage to Kauai from Germany. See the history of the Sugar Plantation on Kuaii, Hawaii. Emil was a healthy 13 years of age when they arrived in 1881. Emil probably worked on the plantation until at least 1887 to pay off his families debts and saving what money he could to make passage to the United States.

1884, May 11 - Confirmation record from Lihue Lutheran Church.

Emil Albert Franz Kiesel, legitimate
son of the laborer Karl Kiesel and his wife Dorothea nee Funke of Lihue, born on 21 September 1868 in Brandenburg an der Havel
and baptized there on 18 October 1868
[Lihue Lutheran Church records, Ancestry.com]

1887- Emil claims to have immigrated to the United States this year. [1900 Census, Tacoma WA and immigation application papers]

after Jan 1889 - Emil meets Emma Schock who had immigrated in 1888 from Danzig, Germany. [1910 census, Tacoma, WA]

1891- They marry in Tacoma Washington. Emil and Emma lived in Hawaii for about three years between late 1893 and late 1897 at which time their son William was born.

Emil eventually finds a steady job working for the Northern Pacific railroad Here he found a job as a hostler at the Northern Pacific shops at 23rd and Bay St. in Tacoma. In the round-house he helped to refit and send out the locomotives.

They apparently made several trips back to Hawaii perhaps to see their relatives and perhaps to make plans for the immigration of other family members. They eventually bring his whole family, including his father and mother to Tacoma. The Schock family, although German came through the normal immigration route from the east coast.  [interview with Elsie Kiesel Marshall by Marlene Marshall Grubb and census records 1900]

1899, Oct. 6. - Else Mathilde Johanna Kiesel, their daughter, is baptised in Tacoma, Washington in an evangelical German Lutheran church by F. N. Wolf, pastor. In witness to the baptism is Johanna Augustin Mathilde Shock. She is apparently the wife of Gustave Shock, previously Mathilda Gubbe, the sister-in-law of Emma (Shock) Kiesel. [photocopy in possession of Cheryl Grubb] 

Else's Baptism in Tacoma

1900 Pierce Co, WA Census lists Emil's birthplace as Brandenburg, Germany and shows he immigrated in 1887; This means he would have been 19 years old. Emma states her immigration date as 1889 from Danzig, Germany
Census records show them living at 222 1/2 E. 25th Street, in Tacoma, WA. [US census, Pierce Co., WA]

1900- US Census,  Washington State

Pierce Co., Tacoma, Ward 4 , enum dist. 181, page 285
Keisel   , Emil         head     w  m  Sept  1868   31   mar  8yrs              Germany      Germany     Germany   '87    13  Na   Day Laborer for R. R.
              , Emma      wife      w   f    Mch   1869  31  mar   8yrs   5/5   Germany      Germany    Germany    '88     12
"            ,  Fritz         son       w   m  Sept   1891    8  s                           Wash            Germany    Germany                            at school
"            ,  Rudolf     son       w  m   Sept    1893  6  s                            Wash            Germany    Germany                            at school
"            , William    son       w  m   May   1895   5  s                             Honolulu     Germany    Germany
"            ,  Edward    son       w  m   Oct     1896   3  s                            Wash            Germany    Germany
"            ,  Elsie        dau       w  f    June    1899    0 s                             Wash            Germany    Germany

1902, Nov 10 - a female baby is born "Kiesel"  in Pierce Co.,  to E. Keisel and E. Shock.  [Washington Birth, 1891-1907]

1906, after June 29- Carl Kiesel  is listed as applying for naturalization in Pierce Co., WA.  vol. 3, page 35.  [U. S. Index to Declarations of Intention and Petition for Naturalization. ]

1910- Census shows them renting a home at 901 South "J" Street, Tacoma, WA. Emil Kiesel is head of the family (age 41, GER, immigrated in 1887, a hustler in the roundhouse), Emma is wife (41, GER, immigrated in 1889). The children here are Fred (son, 18 yrs, WA, steamfitter), Rudolph (son, 16, WA, painter in bed factory), Eddie (son, 13, WA), Elsie (dau, 10, WA), and Lily (dau, 7, WA). William doesn't show up in the family and has apparently moved out on his own. [US Census T624 roll 1665, enum. 20 p. 8]

US Census, Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma. Series: T624  Roll: 1665  Page: 99

Kiesel   ,  Emil           head       m  w   41  m   19yr                  Germany             Berlin, Ger      Berlin, Ger    Hustler   Roundhouse
"             ,  Emma       wife        f   w   41  m  
19yr   6/5          Germany             Germany          Germany
"             ,  Fred           son         m  w  18 s                                Washington        Germany         Germany        Steamfitter   General
"             ,  Rudolph     son        m  w  16  s                               
Washington        Germany         Germany        Painter         Bedfactory
"             ,  Eddie         son        
m   w   13 s                               Washington        Germany         Germany
"             ,  Elsie           dau        f   w   10  s                               
Washington        Germany         Germany
"             ,  Lily             dau        f   w     7 s                                
Washington        Germany         Germany

1917, June 5-

          June 6 - Fred Theodore Kiesel
registers for the draft,  age 25
          address 1025 So. 59th Tacoma, Wash.
          date of birth  - September 22, 1890
          Natural born  in Tacoma, Wash. USA
          occupation - Bridge Carpenter
          employer address - City of Tacoma, Tacoma, Wash.
         dependents - Wife and child

         medim height, medium weight, blue eyes.
[WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. ]

1918, June 5 - Edward A. Kiesel registers for the draft in Tacoma, WA.

Home address - 4306 So. G. Tacoma, WA
date of birth - Oct 12 1896
where born - Tacoma, WA
father's birth place - Germany
name of employer - H. S. Scoblentz
place of employment - 8328 S. Park, Tacoma, WA
name of nearest relative- Mrs. Emma Kiesel (mother)
address of relative - 4306 So. G. Tacoma, WA  [WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. ]

1918, Nov 9-Washington, Pierce Co., birth records

Virginia Phyliss Kiesel  (female) is born to Radolph Jno Kiesel and Maude Ella Marshall

1920- US Census, Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma. Series: T625  Roll: 1937  Page: 23 shows them owning a home at 9238 South Park St. in Tacoma, WA. They are living next to the Clayton Edison Marshall family. "Aimel" is (51 yrs, Ger.,) He lists the place of birth of his mother and father as Berlin, Germany, his occupation is a Hostler for the railroad. His wife, Emma, is here (50 yrs, Ger) and the children, Eddie (23 yrs, a lumber grader) and Erline ( 8 yrs ).

US Census, Washington,  82-WD, Tacoma. Series: T625  Roll: 1937  Page: 62

Kiesel   ,  Fred              head      m  w   29  m           Washington           Germany         Germany        Boilermaker      Boilermaker
"             ,  Mytle            wife        f   w   28  m            California              Wisconsin       Wisonsin
"             ,  Doris             dau         f    w   5    s             Washingtion         Washington    California

US Census, Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma. Series: T625  Roll: 1937  Page: 23

Marshall,  Clay E.       head      m  w   23 m              Oklahoma              United States      Texas           upholster  Furniture Co. 
"               , Elise  H.     wife       f    w   21 m              Washington            Germany            Germany 
"               , Ralph  L.    son       m   w     3   s              Washington            Oklahoma          Washington
"               , Thomas E.  son       m   w  1/5 s               Washington           Oklahoma          Washington
(next door)
Kiesel   ,  Aimel           head      m  w   51  m            Germany                Berlin, Ger          Berlin, Ger
"             ,  Emma          wife        f   w   50  m           
Germany                Germany             Germany
"             ,  Eddie            son        m  w   23 s               Washington          Germany             Germany
"             ,  Erlene           dau        f    w    8  s              
Washington           Germany             Germany

US Census, Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma.  Series: T625  Roll: 1937  Page: 118

Kiesel,  Rudolph  J.        head   m  w   26m            Washington         Germany          Germany    checker  shipyard
     "    ,  Maude  E.           wife    f    w  24 m             Arkansas              Arkansas          Texas      
     "    ,  Dorothy D.         dau.    f    w  3  5/12          Washington         Washington    Arkansas
     "    ,  Virginia  P.         dau.    f    w  1  1/12          Washington         Washington    Arkansas

US Census, Washington, Lincoln, Odessa. Series: T625  Roll: 1933  Page: 203

Kiesel, Lillian.             head  f   w 29 widow           Iowa                   Germany          Germany
"          , Robert               son   m w   8    s                   Washington      Wisconsin        Iowa
"          , Helen                dau    f   w  5    s                   Washington      Wisconsin         Iowa

Pierce Co., Tacoma.  Series T625  Roll: 1937   page: Sheet 2A
Buechler, William             head       o  m w  26 s         Washington        Ohio              Ohio
"             , John                brother       f  w  24 s         Washington        Ohio              Ohio
"             , Gertrude         sister          m  w 20 s         Washington        Ohio              Ohio

1923, 5 Dec - Emma Schock Kiesel, Emil's wife, dies in Tacoma, Washington of chronic nephritis (kidney disease) and gall stones. She is cremated and buried in the Old Tacoma Cem. Tacoma, WA in 1B8#141 She is said to have lived in Pearce Co. for 40 years and the time of her death lived at 9238 S. G. Street.   [death certificate Pierce Co., WA]

1930- US Census, Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma. enum. dist. 27-163, page 76
Kiesel, Fred T.     head        $2000    m w 39 mar 22yrs       Washington   Germany       Germany          saw filer     mill
"          , Myrte E.  wife                      f  w  39 mar 22yrs      California      Wisconsin    Wisconsin        laborer       factory
"          , Doris  A.  dau                        f  w  15 s                     Washington   Washington California
"          , Harold L. son                        m w 10 s                      Washington   Washington California

dist 157, page 9  on Park Ave.
Roller,  Adolph    head        $4500   m w 50  mar at 20yrs      Russia           Poland           Poland        immig 1909   engineer   lumber
"          ,  Pauline   wife                      f  w 52  mar at 22yrs      Russia           Poland            Poland      
immig 1910
Kiesel,  Jennie     dau                        f  w 25  mar at 18yrs     Russia            Russia            Russia        immig 1910
"          , Edward    son-in-law          m w 33 mar at 26yrs      Washington   Germany        Germany                            laborer   N. P. Railroad
"          , Dolores    dau                        f  w 5     s                      Washington   Washington   Russia
"          , Retha       dau                        f  w 4     s                      Washington  Washington    Russia
"          , Loren       son                        m w 11/12s                    Washington  Washington   Russia

Pierce Co., Tacoma. dist 27-181 , page 127    on Proctor Street
Kiesel, Emile        head      $3000    rents  m w  61 mar at 59   Germany   Germany    Germany     German    1878  laborer   railroad
"          , Ida            wife                              f   w  64 mar at 18   Sweden     Sweden       Sweden       Swedish    1891  none

Pierce Co., Tacoma. Dist. 24-161, sheet 6a.
Buechler, William H.     head  $5500     m w  37  mar at 32       Washington     Missouri      Missouri
"             , Lillian            wife                  f  w  27 mar at 22       Washington    Germany       Germany
Marshall, Robert  L.      step son             m w  10  s                   Washington    Washington   Washington
Buechler,  Harley H.       son                   m  w 2 11/12  s           Washington    Washington   Washington

Oregon, Multnomah,  Errol Heights.  enum. dist.  267 , page 9B
Bennington, Kenneth L.      head          m w  22 mar                 Washington    Missouri       Iowa                  upholster      upholster shop
"                  , Erlene C.       wife           f  w  18 mar                 Washington     Germany      Germany

c Sep 1939 - Emil retired from his job with the Northern Pacific Railroad when he was 70 years old.

1943, 19 Jan - Emil Kiesel dies at age 74 in Portland, Oregon where he may have been living with a daughter. He was cremated and his ashes buried in the Old Tacoma Cem., Tacoma, WA next to his wife, Emma. [church records of Old Tacoma Cem. , Tacoma, WA]

From the Diary of Emil Kiesel JR.:

Marriage Certificate of Elsie Kiesel and Clayton Edison Marshall, Tacoma WA also shows witness to be Augusta Gubbe or Grubbe and T. Kiesel. Could be Theodore Kiesel (Emil's brother)

1947, 4 Jun - Tacoma News Tribune, Obituary

"Fred T. C. Kiesel, 5609 So. Sheridan, died Wednesday in a local hospital.  He was born in Tacoma and was a sw filer employed by the Dickman Lumber Co., He was a member of Tacoma Aerie No. 33, Eagles.  Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Kiesel: a daughter, Mrs. Doris Alberta Miles, Graham; a son, Haarold L. Kiesel, Tacoma; a brother, Edward Kiesel, Tacoma; three sisters, Mrs. William Bencher (Buechler) and Mrs. Clay Marshall, both of Tacoma, and Mrs. Erline Bennington, Portland, and one grandson.  Services will be held from Meellinger's funeral church Friday at 3pm.; Burial will be in Mountain View Cemetery. "


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