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Index of Family Occupations

This list is an attempt to show the range of activities our ancestors had to make a living. Many had more than one occupation during their life-time so you may see the same name in several lists. This list is by no means complete and will be constantly added to.

Abolitionist- Gaston Terry

Alderman - Aarlid Hake,

Artist- Cheryl Grubb Christenson, Marc Thyng(Cheryl's son), Forrest Kirkland, Violet (Kirkland) Christenson, Elroy Christenson, Michael Christenson, W. W. Clyde, Carroll Collier, Grant Collier, John Collier

Banker - Oscar Rohne, William Bertelsen ,

Blacksmith- Pete Christenson, Dempsey B. CainChris M. Christenson,

Carpenter/Cabinet maker- Z. Taylor Kirkland , Seymore Kirkland , Robert Y.H. Terry , Thomas Marshall II
 , Richard Starling I

Computer Experts-  Marc Thyng(Cheryl's son)Vince Thyng (Cheryl's son),

Farmer - (most of our relatives can be in this list, here's a few) Pete Christenson, James L. Hollaway, John D. Hollaway, Zacheriah Kirkland, Elijah Kirkland , Warren Kirkland

Ferry man - Willie Lee Holloway, Col. Moses Kirkland,

Frontiersman - John Holloway, Elizabeth White, John Wells , Benjamin F. Jones

Jeweler- J. M. TerryNorman Terry

Judge- Ernest Lee Hollaway, Chief Justice John Marshall(related through his ggrandfather), Richard Starling II

Justice of the Peace- John Tarpley II (c1680), John Spann

King - "Old Gorm" Hardeknudsson (Den 835), Harald I Gormsson "Bluetooth"(Den 910), Svend I "Forked Beard" Haraldsson(Den96), Knut "The Great" Svensson (Den/Eng/Nor/Swe985), Sven II "Decrepon" Ulfsson (Den1019), ErikI Svendson(Den1056), Valdemar"The Great"Knutsson(Den1131),

Knight - Alexander Pedersen (Den1165), Valdemar "The Great"(Den1131),

Lawyer- Henry A. Jones , Ernest Lee Hollaway,

Mathematician - Kristen Thyng(Cheryl's daughter),

Mechanic- Bernt Johnson, Eddie Monroe Johnson

Miller (saw and grain)- W. S. Terry, Peter Møller, Thomas Camp, Col. Moses Kirkland, Anders Christenson,

Medicine- John L. Machen, Ane Christenson, Jake Christenson, Marie Christenson, Benjamin Franklin Terry, John L. Machen,
Dr. Alonzo William Terry(dentist), Dr. C. H. Terry(dentist)Darrell Reesing, Cora Lou Reesing, Dr. Simeon Wrenn, Dr. Meridith Moon.

Preacher- Rev. Thomas Terry, Rev. Canute Thorvald Jenson, Rev. John Magnus Rohne, John Renwick, John Renwick Jr., Forrest Kirkland, Robert Kirkland, Rev. Dr. John Magnus Rohne, Charles Terry, Rev. Ernst L. Hollaway Jr., Rev. Benjamin Spann, Dr. Meridith Moon

Privateer(Pirate) - "Skipper" Clement Andersen,

Queen- Thrya Klacksdottir (Den 897), Thrya Haraldsdottir (Nor949), Emma of Normandie (Eng 985)

Ratified the US Constitution 1788. - Adam Crain Jones

Sheriff- John Tarpley II (c1670), Willie Cain, W. M. Ducker, Wm. F. Clyde

Slave owner- James L. Hollaway, T.O.P. Terry, Benjamin Jones, "Nancy" Renwick, Thomas Graydon, John "The Elder" Spann,  Dr. Peter Moon

Soldier - Revolutionary - Wm. Camp, Thomas Camp Jr., John Seaborn Machen, Henry Machen, John Renwick, Morris Maurice Roney, Capt. John Marshall, Adam C. Jones, William Townes, Thomas Townes, John Lark,

Tory Soldier (for the English) - Col. Moses Kirkland, John Camp, Thomas Camp,

Indian Wars   -      John Lewis Machen,

War of 1812  -       Robert Hollaway

Confederate Soldier - James M. Hollaway, W. S. Terry, Elijah Kirkland, James Roney

World War I, Soldier - Forrest Kirkland

World War II, Soldier - Roy Kirkland  ,

Ships Captain - William Ewens (c1619 Jamestown)  "Skipper" Clement Andersen

Tavern Owner
- James L. Hollaway, Col. Moses Kirkland

Teacher -T.O.P Terry, Ervin Christenson, Albert P. Hollaway, Ernest Lee Hollaway, Leah Christenson, Elroy Christenson, Tessa Christenson Nicholas(admin), Minnie TerryMinnette Christensen Shipley ,

Wagon Maker - Joseph Greer , Zachariah Taylor Kirkland, Seymour Kirkland

Wagon Master - John Lark (during Rev. War),

Welder  - Chris M. Christenson

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