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Misc. Family Charts

The charts and image maps listed here show the linkage of members of one or more families to other family through inter-marriage. Many of the charts are multiple page gif or jpeg documents but can be read in Netscape and some other browsers, printing may be a difficulty however.
  Camp and Other Families Chart
This is an eight page layout of a few of the early Camp and Marshall families of Virginia and South Carolina
  Clyde Family Charts of New York and New Hampshire
This is an 53K GIF chart six page document that I have broken into six separate pages of 28K each for easy printing in a two tiered document with no accompanying html page. I look forward to corrections and additional families.
  Egeberg, Rohne and Johnson families photo image map
These families are in Cranfils Gap, Texas. This is a photo image map with links.
  Egeberg, Rohne and Johnson families chart
These families are in Norway and Texas.

   Pete Christenson children chart
These families are in Cranfills Gap, Texas. This is a photo image map with links.
famchart.but1.gif   Kirkland Families of Alabama and Arkansas
(119K) This a eight page two tiered chart of the early Kirkland families up to the present, it includes many families (especially in Alabama) for which I can't create web pages.
famchart.but1.gif   Jones Families of Greenville area of South Carolina
(119K) This two charts of four pages with two tiers of Jones families of Abbeville, Laurens and Greenville Co., S. C.
famchart.but1.gif   Machen Family Charts
This is an 80K GIF chart that I have broken into five pages for easy printing in a one tiered document with no accompanying html page.
The Terry Family of South Carolina and Arkansas

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