Martha Henry at 90 years old.
 John Henry

Kentucky and Indiana

John Spencer Henry
b. 18 Nov. 1818 Kentucky
d. 8 June 1863 Hospital No. 13, Nashville, TN
"HENRY JOHN S - section C 7387 died -6/8/63 from- KY rank- PRIVATE"

m. Martha Ann Sturgis/Sturgess* 1 Feb 1838 Lincoln Co., KY
b. 1820 KY
d. Jan 1, 1913 in Elwood, Indiana
her father: Jonathan Sturgis/Sturgess
mother: Margaret "Peggy" Hammonds

his father: unknown
his mother: unknown

Children with Martha Sturgis
William Jasper Henry b. 9 June 1839, Lincoln Co., KY d. bef. 1913  m. Alvilda Patton (b. abt. 1850, IN perhpas dau. of Samuel Patton 1860) [Union Pensions]
John Newton Henry b. 18 Sep 1841, KY d. 30 Apr 1894 Adair Co., Iowa, 
buried Greenfield Cem., Greenfield Iowa [tombstone rec.]

m. Mary A. (?Boyd)Dunlap Jul 6, 1865 Sangamon Co., IL (b. Abt. 1840, IL d. 1934 Iowa) (with her brother in 1900, may have been widowed)
Josephus "Joe" S. Henry b. 18 February 1844, Wash. Co., KY d. aft. 28 October 1921, Walla Walla, WA m. Cora Wilsie (?Stepstone)
Silas Benjamin Henry b. 5 Nov. 1848, Lincoln Co., KY d. 27 January 1910, Creston, Iowa m. Malinda, ? abt. 1880 (b. June 1860, IN; d. aft. 1910) 
Nancy Ann Henry b. 5 Aug 1850, Lincoln Co., KY d. aft. 1920, Elwood, Madison Co., IN m. William F. Crouch 21 Jun 1869 Decatur Co., IN**(d. Bef. 1920) son of Josiah Crouch
James Thomas Henry b. 15 March 1852, Lincoln Co., KY d.  6 Jun 1929  Danville, Vermilion Co., IL#
buried 8 Jun 1929 Springhill Cem., Danville, IL.
1m. Martha A. Crouch 18 June 1870 Decatur Co., IN**(b. abt. 1852, Tennessee) dau. of Josiah Crouch
2m. Lawanna Louise "Luanna" Hughes 14 Jan 1884 Boone Co., IN**(d. 1897)
3m. (no information)
4m. Otti Michael 22 Oct 1907 Westville, Vermilion Co., IL
Margaret Allen "Maggie" Henry) b. 15 Nov 1854, Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., KY  d. 18 April 1907, Danville, IL 1m. Wm. F. Duncan, 7 Mar 1869 Johnson Co., IN  **
2m. Abraham Hunt 7 Apr 1873 Kellyville, Tipton Co., IN**(b. 25 Nov 1852, Madison Twp.,Tipton, IN; d. 12 July 1909, Kokomo, Howard Co., IN)
Squire Lane Henry b. 15 Nov 1857, Willisburg, Washington Co., KY d. 23 October 1929, Elwood, Madison Co., IN 1m. Mary L Whitely, 11 August 1881, Montgomery Co., IN **
2m. Adah Sizelove (Records), 02 March 1909, Madison Co., IN **(b. 07 July 1857; d. Feb1928, Elwood, Madison Co., IN) 
Charlie Henry b. 11 Mar 1860, Willisburg, Washington Co., KY d. bef. 1913, Kokomo, Howard Co., IN m. Lydia Rose Byrd, abt. 1881 (b. April 1858, IN) 
Mary Willis Henry b. 21 Mar 1864 KY  d. 10 Dec. 1912 Creston, Iowa  m. Asa Theodore Dyer 12 Dec.1881 Thorntown, Boone Co., IN**
*marriage and individuals listed on the death certificate of Mary Willis Henry Dyer, 30 Dec 1913, until most recently we didn't know the last name of Martha.
family make-up from the records of Cheryl Kirkpatrick,
#records of our anonymous researcher,  obituary
**Indiana Marraige Collection, 1800-1941 ,

The picture above was taken when Martha Henry was 90 years old. We have very little information on this family. There seems to be a great number of Henry families in Kentucky that need to be researched. Some elude to a connection to Patrick Henry.

1840 US Census, Lincoln County, KY page 116

1850 US Census, Lincoln County, Kentucky page 291 219-219 1860- US Census, Mackville P O, Washington County, Kentucky, page 183
John S Henry             39 m   farmer               700   300           Tennessee
Martha A Henry        39  f                                                         Kentucky
William J.   "             21  m  farmer laborer                                   "
John N.       "             19  m                                                            "
Josephus      "            17  m                                                             "
Silus B.        "            13  m                                                              "
Nancy A.     "             11  f                                                               "
James T.      "              9  m                                                               "
Margaret A.  "            6  f                                                                 "
Squire L.      "             2  m                                                               "
page 184 (we have no idea who these children are that are living with John and Henry but listed on the next page)
John Warner               2 m                                                                "
Charles F. Warner      3/12 m                                                           "

1862 - John S. Henry enlisted in the Union Army in at Mackville, Washington County, Kentucky. Died of chronic "camp" diarrhea suffered in the Civil War at Hospital No. 13, Nashville, TN. 1862- William J. Henry enrolled in the Union army
55 Indiana Infantry (3 mo., 1862)
Company C, Private
Rank out: Private  
Alternate Nave: William J. ? Henery [M450 roll 33]

Willim J. Henry - Union
10 Indiana Cavalry
Rank in:  Private
Rank out: Quartermaster Sergeant
[U. S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865  - M450 roll 33]

1863- John S. Henry dies. He is buried in the NASHVILLE NATIONAL CEMETERY "HENRY JOHN S - section C 7387 died -6/8/63 from- KY rank- PRIVATE".

1861-1934 -  Civil War Pension Index:  General Index to Pension Files.   Union Army  _I'm unsure whether
           John N. Henry
           33 Regiment, Iowa Infantry
           Company K
           Rank In:  Private
           Rank out:  Corporal
           Rank out Expanded:   Corporal
           film number  M541 roll 12

Newton Henry - widow application by Mary Newton Henry  D 33 Iowa Inf.
invalid application #376378     cert. no, 246349
widow 1017.399           cert. no. 776,141 Iowa

1870 US CENSUS, Sugar Creek, Decatur Co., Indiana. pp. 271 - 273
This census shows Martha Henry with sons and daughters. Margaret A. Henry is supposed to have married in March of 1869 but listed here as a Henry. She seems to show up in the next record in the house of William Crouch with Duncan as a last name.

1880 US Census, Sugar Creek, Boone Co., Indiana. Series: T9  Roll: 266  Page: 73
This census shows Martha in the home of P. H. Henry in Indiana. Mary Willis is here with her brother Squire Henry.

Mary Willis Henry(left) and an unidentified friend or relative ABOUT 1880.

US Census, Indiana, Clinton Co., Frankfort, Dist. 18. page 58,     441 Morrison Street

Hunt, Abraham     w  m  27                                         Laborer                          Indiana    Indiana    unk.
"      , Margaret      w  f    26     wife                            keeping house                Kentucky  Kentucky   Kentucky
"      , Eucina V.     w  f      5     daughter                                                             Indiana      (blank)       (blank)
"      , Martha         w  f     2      daughter                                                             Indiana      Indiana      Kentucky
"      , Aaron   T.     w  m   1      son                                                                     Indiana      Indiana      Kentucky

1885- Iowa State Census, Orient, Adair Co., roll IA1885_141

John N. Henry      N  W                48 m   mar.  Farming                    Kentucky
Mary  A.  Henry                            42 f     mar.  Keeping house         Ill.
Arthur B. Henry                            19 m    s   teacher                            "
Daniel  N. Henry                           16 m    s   farming                            "
Laura C. Henry                              12 f     s                                           "

1895 Iowa State Census, Orient, Adair Co., p. 29,
         Martha Henry                                  74 f     widow                    Kentucky
         Squire Henry                                   31 m    widow                        "
         Maud E. Dyer                                    4 f      s                             Indiana                      

1900 - Martha Henry and two of her sons are in the census for Orient, Adair County, Iowa

Squire Henry and Ida Henry show up as a witnesses of a marriage of Mary Willis Henry, Martha's daughter. This Squire Henry is the brother of Mary Willis Henry, bringing the Squire name into the Henry family. It was traditional to name one of the sons after one of the parents fathers.

1900- US Census,  Iowa, Wapello, Agency Twp. Series: T623  Roll: 462  Page: 22
Henry, Silas            head        w  m Apr    1846   53 mar 20      Ky       MISS          MISS           farm worker
 "         , Malina       wife        w  f   June   1860   39 mar 20      Ind       Germany    Ind
 "         , Josephine  dau          w  f   Sep    1885  14 s                Iowa      Ky             Ind
"          , Nora           dau         w  f   Aug   1888  11 s                Iowa       Ky            Ind
"          , Lydia         dau          w  f   July   1895  22 s                 Iowa       Ky             Ind

 T623  Roll: 415  Page: 126
same page as Asa Dyer

Henry, Martha  A.   head    w  f  Apr  1820 80 wd          Kentucky  Kentucky  Pennsylvania 
"         ,  Squire  L.       son    w m  Nov 1859 40  s            Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky
"        ,  James               son   w m Mar  1852 48  m           Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky
"        ,  James         grdson    w m July  1875 24 s             Indiana      Kentucky  Tennessee
"        ,  Albert         grdson   w m June  1883 17 s             Indiana      Kentucky  Tennessee
"        ,  Estella         grddau.  w f   June  1885  14 s           Indiana      Kentucky  Tennessee
"        ,  Bessie          grddau.  w f  Sept   1889  10 s           Iowa          Kentucky  Tennessee
"        ,  William       grdson.  w m Aug  1887   12 s           Indiana      Kentucky   Tennessee
"        ,  Anna           grddau.  w  f  Sept   1893  6  s             Iowa         Kentucky   Tennessee

Series: T623  Roll: 415  Page: 37
Henry, Mary A.     head    w  f  Sep   1840  58  wd         Illinois   Tenn       Ky
Boyd, James  A.  brother  w f  Aug  1850  49  s             Ill            Ill            Ky

1910- US Census, Iowa, Union, Creston, Series: T624  Roll: 425  Page: 13
Dyer,       Theodore           head            m  w  53 mar 28                 Illinois         Indiana      Indiana        brickmason
"        ,       Mary                wife            f   w   45  mar 28   5/4        Kentucky    Kentucky   Kentucky
Middaugh, Roy          soninlaw            m w   19 m                         Iowa            Illinois       Kentucky    house painter
"               , Hazel         daughter            f   w  20 m                         Iowa            Illinois       Kentucky
Henry,      Martha    motherinlaw        f   w  93  wd                       Kentucky      US           US
Dyer,        Charles             son               m  w  17 s                           Illinois        Illinois       Illinois

1912, Dec 10 - Mary W. (Henry) Dyer dies. According to the Death Certificate of Mary Willis Henry Dyer, Martha's daughter, Martha is the daughter of a Sturgeon. "John Henry" in this document also is listed as born in "Kentucky" with nothing listed for a birth place for Martha. The information on this certificate was provided by "Lena Whiteman in Creston, Iowa", daughter of Mary W. Dyer. Attending physician was J. L. Oakley, of cancer. Buried at Graceland in Creston, Dec. 12, 1913


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