Knud Olsen and Johan Borresen Egeberg/Ekeberg
Norwegian Ancestors

Johan Borresen of Arstad

never married but listed as parent. (see bapt. 1848 & the confirmation 1863)
b. 6 April 1815 Stange, Hedmark, Norway [LDS bapt. index]
baptized, 28 Apr 1815 Stange parish, Hedmark [LDS bapt. index]
d. 4 April 1849 Stange parish, Hedmark, Norway [Stange bygdebok]
Johan and Olea Olsdatter never married
[Stange bygdebok]

Johan's father:   Borre Johansen Oug of Vang [LDS bapt. index]
Johan's mother: Fridericha/Fredrikke Larsdatter of Veflingstad farm[LDS bapt. index]

1st m. (not found) Olea Olsdatter of Aadalen (farm #224) about 1848
b. 16 July 1817 Aadalen (farm #224), Løiten, Hedemark Co., Norway
d. 15 Aug. 1911 Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co., Texas at 1:00 am [TX death certificate#17091]
buried: "Rock Church" St. Olaf Cemetery, Cranfills Gap, Texas, plot 36.5
her father: Olea Olstader Olson Jensen Aadalen  [named TX death certificate#17091]
her mother: Martha Olson Neilsdatter d 14 Feb 1790 [TX death certificate #17091]

her 2m. Knud Olsen of Egeberg (farm #151) 13 Mar 1856 Løiten, Norway[LDS Nor. mar. M42363-3]
b. 19 Sept 1806 Brovold (farm #256), Løiten parish, Hedmark, Norway
baptism 21 Sep 1806, Løiten parish, Norway [Arkivverket Digitalarkivet, official bapt. Løten, p 50-51]
d. 10 June 1878 Elverum, Norway

Knud's father:   Ole Christensen [Arkivverket Digitalarkivet, official bapt. Løten, p 50-51]
Knud's mother: Magnil Knudsdartter [Arkivverket Digitalarkivet, official bapt. Løten, p 50-51]

Johan Borreson's child with Olea Olsdatter
Bernt Frederik Johansen Egeberg    
b. 22 Oct, 1847 born Arstad farm, Stange parish, Hedmark, Norway
baptized: 5 Nov 1849 Stange, Hedmark, Nor. [LDS transcription, Nor. Bapt. 1634-1927]
This record in its entirety shows that Olea was not married when Bernt was born and baptized.  Johan dies when he is about 2 years old.
d. 23 July 1912 Bosque Co., TX   
Buried: "Rock Church, Cranfills Gap,TX plot 47.3                 
1m. Konen Olavia Antionette Simpson               
(b. 27 AUG 1864 ?Nor. 
d. 1 Dec 1891 Dallas, TX)
2m. Carrie "Karen" Nielsen
(b. 12 May 1870 Esbjerg, Denmark d. 29 Aug. 1934 ?Dallas, TX.)

Knud Olsen Egeberg's child with Olea Olsdatter
name at Nor. birth
"Oliana Mariane Knudsen"
Marianne Oleane Egeberg
b. 24 May 1858 probably in Aadalen, Løiten Paprish, Hedemarken, Norway
baptism: 30 May 1858 Løiten Paprish
d. 25 Feb. 1947 at son, Paul Bernhart Rohne, Cranfills Gap, TX
buried: "Rock Church", Cranfills Gap, TX plot 36.2             
m. Evan Paulsen Rohne
(b. 22 Sept, 1848 Tomteri, Romedal, Hedemarken, Norway
d. 11 May 1901 Cranfills Gap, TX)
farm #45 Røne

According to family lore Olea Oldsdatter is first "married" to Johan Borreson Egeberg whereas the baptism of Bernt in 1848 says both parents from Arstad farm in the Stange parish. She does have one child fathered by Johan, Bernt Johansen Egeberg. Bernt is listed below in the baptismal record as "illegitimate". It was rather common at this time for couples to live together and have a child baptized before they marry. It is believed that Johan, according to the record, intended by marry but Johan must have died before 1856.  I believe they moved together to the small industrial area developing near the Aadalen farm. Because of the recently discovered history of the area with a nearby paper mill and the Aadalen farm becomes industrialized by a foundry, I wonder if Johan Borresen had gone to Aadalsbrug to work in the foundry at least for awhile.  They baptize Bernt in Stange which is actually closer to the Egeberg farm than it is to Aadahlen. The Arstad farm is also closer to Stange so I'm assuming that they left the industrial area for more quiet and a traditional farming life.  The industrial dangers in cast iron manufacturing would be quite high.

Olea was born on the Aadalen farm and her family had originally sold farm goods to the factory which eventually expands to take over the farm. Olea raises her son apparently on her own for several years when she remarried to Knud Olsen Egeberg. According to family lore Johan's brother was Knud.  In fact it seems that it is unlikely that they are brothers.  I have found other records that indicate that they have different parents.  Due to the naming pattern in Norway Johan should have been Olsen as a middle or last name. There is no marriage record to Johan and the 1863 confirmation of Bernt indicates that they never got married.  The baptism of Bernt Fredrick shows that Olea was not married at the time shortly after his birth. She has the baptism in Stange parish even though she was from Løiten.  It says that she is a recently arriving and although Johan is the father according to the last column in the baptism.  John and Knud are decisively proved not to be brothers, as family lore states. They may have lived together and never legalized the relationship. The Stang Bydebok states that Johan never married and gave the actual date of his death.  Census records are missing to prove this but the confirmation of Bernt in 1863 supports that. 

Bernt's bapt
The baptism record of Bernt Frederik J C states that he is illegitimate. The fifth column from left states "uogle" is  the archaic form or abbreviation of the word "utenfor ekteskap"meaning illegitimate. Olea Olsdatter  Arstad, "innflytte" means she "has moved into the area from Løiten parish in1847". Johan Borres of Arstad is a "Krungods Gaardmann" or farmer of land belonging to the king in Arstad.  Their names are stated in the column for parents.  The third column from the right is for "God Parents".  The last column is translated below by [John Reindl].

"Ved uægte Børn af hvem Opgaven er skeet, enten Barnemoderen eller hvilket bekjendt og troværdigt Medlem af Menigheden." 
Translates according to John Reindl: "
For illegitimate children, who reported this status: either the child's mother, or which known and trustworthy member of the parish"

The written words translate:  Opgivet af Hud (?) Gunner Amunds. Nordre Arstadseie Begge 1xx Leirmaal
Translates according to
John Reindl: "Given by ? Gunner Amundsen, Nordre Arstad-eie. For both parents, 1st indiscretion."
John also thinks that the unreadable word may be an abbreviation for Husmand. 

[Arkivverket Digitalarkivet (records from the Norway National Archives), Stange Parish, baptisms 1846-1852]

1849, April 4 - Johan Borreson dies in Stange.   Olea is left to raise her two year old son by herself.  About six years later she marries Knud Olsen a tailor by trade.

Stange church
Stange Church,
Wikimedia common. photo courtesy of Torstein Frogner 2005

1856, March 13 - The marriage to Knud Olsen Egeberg is identified in marriage records for Løten, Hedmark, Norway.  He is 50 years old and she is 39.  The grooms father is identified as Ole Christensen and bride's father is Ole Jensen.  The seem to be living on the farm of Akkeren. Knud is from the farm Bruvold and Olia is from Aadalen.  This marriage record also lists the vaccination dates for Knud being 11 Nov 1825 and Olea on 3 Feb 1856, only a few days before the marriage.  There is no history of Aadalen in the Romedal or Løten Bygdaboks although it is listed on the 1862 map as Oadahlen farm. 

Knud Olea marriage
Løten Parish, Hedmark, Norway marriages 1850-1862 [Arkivverket Digitalarkivet (records from the Norway National Archives)]

1858 - 24 May/Mai - the birth of "Oliana Mariane" is recorded to Knud Olsen Egeberg as Olia Oldsdtor Egeberg of Lille AaDalen in Løiten, Norway parish records.  Several other names as listed as apparent sponsors or witnesses. They are difficult to read but I include them here as best I could make out  -  "Ole Hovelsen Aalsvold as Saun Bedre Eli as Erikfen Nybak as Anne Hovels Aasvold. Hans Hovelfen Aadalfreen." The letter "f" in the male names should be read as an "s"  to "Hovelsen". I don't know the relationship of these folks to the family at this time.  The baptism date is also listed as 30th of May/Mai.  By this date the family seems to be living on the Egeberg farm, at least part time.
                                              [Løiten Parish birth records, 1858, Digital Archive]

Mariane birth
[Løiten Parish birth records, 1858, Digital Archive]

Olea Egeberg
Olea Olsdatter Aadalen, 1891
photo taken in Cranfills Gap, Texas
                    Egeberg Rohne 1891
Mariane Knudsdatter Egeberg Rohne, 1891
photo taken in Cranfills Gap, Texas

The above record shows her as from the farm #224 Aadalen in Løiten.

1863, Oct 4 - Bernt Frederik Egeberg  of Arstad, Stange parish, born 22 Oct 1848 is confirmed.  His mother is listed as "Pige Olea Olsdatter" and father "Johan Borresen" at the Rosvardig church.  17 Nov 1849.  The date is different from the original record of 1849 above.  "pige" is a title that says that she has never been married but by this date she already married to Knud, so the statement seems to mean that she never married to Johan. 

Bernt Johnson's confirmation 1863
[ Løten, Parish register copy nr.4 (1863-1877) 1863, p. 262]

1865 - Norway Census for Løten parish, Hedmark,

Folketelling 1865 for 0415P Løten prestegjeld Navn Alder/født Fødested Familiestilling Sivilstand Yrke Bostatus
001 01 Knud O. Egeberg 60 Løiten Husfader g Gaardb og Selveier
(farmer and freeholder)

002 01 Olia Olsdatter 49 Løiten hans Kone g

003 01 Olinane M. Egeberg 8 Løiten deres Datter
(their daughter)

004 02 Oliane Kristensdatter 30 Løiten logerende
ug Sømer
005 02 Kristian Andersen 10 Løiten hendes Søn
(her son)

Ekeberg pan
Ekeberg/Egeberg farm, Hedmark
photo Elroy Christenson 2016

The Ekeberg Farm is in Stange parish and listed in the Stange Bygdebok of Hedmark (listed in Løiten parish 1865)  is translated here by Google translator. It does have some difficulty with some abbreviations and words. Ekeberg is the Danish spelling since Norway was under the control of Denmark for 200 years. Egeberg is the Norwegian spelling. It means "oak tree". A rare spot where they can grow oak at this latitude. The history is of the farm and lists owners from the earliest record back to 1370. Our relatives seemed to have moved around to several farms as workers and are not directly recorded here but it does give some indication of why the name was adopted as a last name and means "an oak tree". The translated English language is a little awkward and some of the words and abbreviations are unknown. It can be listed also as Egeberg for the Danish spelling with the same meaning.
                                                 [Stange Bygdebok- Register til Stange bygdebok bind 1 og 2]

1862 map of Romedal (click for larger version) -  Egeberg farm is in the lower left.

Gnr. 143, bnr. 1

Navnet opprinnelig Eikaberg - av trenavnet eik. Gården er nevnt i 1370 og 1452. 10/11 1370 kjøpte Thorleivr Thorgeirson av Alv Thorderson, Ivar, hans bror og Rønnaug, hans søster ½ markabol i Eikeberg i Skogbygden. Skjøtet ble skrevet av presten på Stange, Bergsvein Haraldson i nærvær av Mathias på Huseby og 2 andre menn. I 1452 eides Ekeberg av 2 søsken, Ragnhild Amundsdtr. og hennes bror Redar. 30/4 1452 gikk de til Stange kirke, og etter messen fikk de to lagrettemenn, Sigurder Alvson og Ivar Tjøstolvson til å sette opp brev om at Ragnhild solgte til Redar sin del i gården. Våren etter var Redar gift. Med sin kone, Sigrid Thordsdtr., gikk han til kirke søndag 22/4 1453 og fikk de samme lagrettemenn til å sette opp brev om at de delte likt både løst og fast av eiendommen. Den som levde lengst skulle ha Ekeberg til åsæte så lenge han (hun) levde, fordi de jordeparter som Sigrid eide, kom derudi - hun har vel også vært fra Ekeberg.
Gården var halvgård. I 1528 heter oppsitteren Hadstjenn. 1612-61 er Markus Ekeberg oppsitter. Albretz råder bygselen, medeier Kronen 1647-53. Peder Svendsen i Kristiania råder bygselen 1654-61, medeier Nils Lauritsen i Kristiania.
Ved folketellingen 1664 er Ole Hansen oppsitter (f. o. 1610). Ved matrikuleringen 1669 er Ole oppsitter - skyld 5 fjerd. tg. 1 hud. Peder Svendsen eier 16 lispd. med bygsel over 4 lispd. tilhørende Nils Lauritsens arvinger. Peder Svendsen eier 1669 også en eng-ødegård under Ekeberg (1 hud). Det heter da: "Engen skren og myrgrodd, skogen meget uthugget til Viks verk, dog på somme steder ennu tjenlig til brådeland. En liden hommelhage."
1688 er Christen oppsitter, skyld 5 fjerd. tg., 1 hud. Avd. Peder Svendsens arvinger eier 1 skpd., 1 hud med bygsel over 1 fjerd. tg. tilhørende Jacob Diriksen.
16/3 1674 er tinglest Anders Larsens brev på 638 rdr., 2 ort, 23 skilling til de fattige i Kristiania mot pant i Ekeberg.
27/10 1699 er Christen Eriksen Refsal blitt eier ,f. o. 1664). 11/6 1700 fraskriver Karen sal. Hågen Olsen seg åbotsfallet i Ekeberg, som hun betinget seg i skjøtet 27/10 1699. Denne rettighet skal helt være kjøperens, Christen Eriksen Refsal.
Ved skjøte 23/9 1702 selger slottsfogd over Akershus og foged over Akers og Follo fogderi, Jens Rasmussen Brønstorp, 1 fjerd. tg. til Christen Eriksen, som ved skjøte 17/11 1704 selger til Christen Kristofersen. Oppsitteren er altså blitt eier av hele gården.
I 1715 er hans sønner, Kristofer og Ole Christensen eiere, og de pantsetter den først til Else Cathrine sal. Hr. Sverdrups og 3/1 1722 til major Hejer for 300 rdr. (innfridd 14/6 1726).
Ved matrikuleringen 1723 er Ole og Kristofer Christensen eiere av hver sin halvpart. Skyld 1 skpd. 5 lispd. 1 hud.
14/6 1726 selger Ole Kristofersen til Tor Andersen.
Ved tinget 15/11 1735 kommer Christen Olsen Temmen-eie med odels og pengemangelslysning på Ekeberg (1 skpd. 1 hud).
23/2 1738 selger Tor Andersen til Christen Olsen (1707-64).
Hans enke, Randi Olsdtr. selger 25/3 1772 til sønn Erik Christensen (1746 -73). Det er skifte etter Erik 12/7 1773 for 720 rdr.
13/7 1772 ble Ekebergsødegården av Erik overdradd til husmann Nils Jakobsen og kone Kari til bruk på livstid.
Erik Christensens enke, Anne Eriksdtr., ble g. m. 2. Rasmus Halvorsen. Ved brukskontrakt 27/3 1783 skal Rasmus bruke og beholde gården til sønn av 1. ekteskap, Christen Eriksen (dp. 15/10 1772) har nådd myndighetsalderen, da han fratrær gården mot løsningssum 720 rdr. Det er skifte etter Rasmus Halvorsen 15/3 1788. Ekeberg taksert for 800 rdr. Ved skiftet 1788 møter for barna: Amund Korsødegården og Gunder Ødegården. Anne Eriksdtr. ble 15/4 1790 g. m. 3. enkemann Christian Henriksen.
I 1797 overtok Christen Eriksen (d. 15/5 1847). 1/10 1802 er Christen Eriksen eier. Skyld 1 skpd. 5 lispd. 1 hud. Takst 2100 rdr.
I 1808 er gården overdradd til Peder Olsen Møistad med føderåd til Christen Eriksen og kone.
Senere er Paul Larsen blitt eier og ved skjøte 21/10 1820 selger han til Ole Larsen (1775-1834) - eier av Sønst-Rå 1808, 1825 - skifte på SønstRå 10/1 1834.
1818/19 er Ole Larsen ført som eier, skyld 1 skpd. 5 lispd., sammenligningstall 22.
Ekeberg ødegård er solgt 27/4 1818, ved avtagsforretning 13/10 1819 skyldsatt for 2 lispd. (rekvirert av Halvor Evensen).
Plassen Dromsrud er utskilt og skyldsatt 6/6 1825, skyld 3½ lispd. Jordstykket utskilt 4/1 1826, Ekeberghagen utskilt 24/3 1831, skyld 96 skill.
Ved skjøte 14/9 1836 ble Ekeberg av auksjonsforvalteren solgt til Ole Larsens sønn, Peder Olsen Huse (Vålødegården) for 756 spd. Han selger igjen til Peder Svendsen for 700 spd., som 31/7 1843 selger til Ole Dyresen Frisvold for 800 spd., og han selger 26/7 1845 til Jens Kristian Evensen for 1300spd. (1819-17/4 1893).
Ved skifte etter hans kone, Elen Dyresdtr. 19/12 1850 ble gården overdradd enkemannen for 1500 spd. Døtrene Eline, Dine og Elen, fikk hver 68 spd. Det var da 40 a 50 mål aker, 20 a 30 mælinger slåtteland, en nybyggerplass hvor husene tilhører husmannen. Utsæd 9 tønner, avl 50 tønner korn. 3 hester, 12 kuer, 10 sauer.
Ved matrikuleringen 1838 er skylden 3 daler, 4 ort, 14 skill. (gml. 15¾ lispd.) - eier Ole Dyresen.
Ved matrikuleringen 1886 er Jens Kr. Evensen eier, skyld for Ekeberg med Jordstykket mk. 9,31.
I 1888 solgte Jens Kr. Evensen gården til svigersønn Karl Skarkerud. I 1890 overtok hans annen svigersønn, Dyre Andreassen Østby (1847-1925) og fra 1925 er dennes barn Kristian Dyresen, f. 1876 og Inga Dyresdtr. f. 1887 eiere av Ekeberg.
I 1645 hadde Markus 1 mann og 3 kvinner til hjelp. I 1723 var det 1 husmann og gården hadde da seter. I 1801 var det 3 husmenn og 1 inderst (og knappmaker).
Til forskjellige tider ble sådd og avlet følgende antall tønner:
1669 1723 1866 1875
Korn sådd 6 7 5/8 14 ¼ 14
Korn avlet 22 ½ 35 92
I 1723 ble dessuten avlet 32 lass høy og endel lin. I 1866 95 skpd. høy og 130 t. poteter (satt 18). I 1723 ble sådd: 2 skjep. rug, 2 1/8 t. bygg, 5 t. havre og 2 skjep. erter. Det heter da at den er tungdreven, nogenlunde viss til korn. I 1875 ble sådd: ¾ t. rug, 1½ t. bygg, 10 t. blandkorn, ¼ t. havre, 1½ t. erter, 15 t. poteter og hadde ¼ mål rotfrukter.
Areal i 1866 for Ekeberg med Jordstykket: 70 mål dyrket, 52 mål nat. eng, 490 mål skog samt 1 setervoll. Takst 1891 spd. Areal 1939: 68 da dyrket, 30 da kulturbeite og havn, 350 da skog og 50 da annen utmark.
Til forskjellige tider var det disse dyr:
1657 1669 1723 1866 1875 1939
Hester 3 2 2 4 3 2
Kuer 12 16 14 13 a 16 9+4 u. 9+2 u.
Svin 1 - - - 3 4
Sauer 6 - 12 13 15 7
Hovedbygning, fjøs, stall med låve, stabbur bygd o. 1860 av Jens Kristian Evensen. Treskelåven er gammel. Seteren Gåsøyvangen solgt til Almenningen. - Skyld 1939: mk. 9,29.

Kort slektstavle.
Christen Eriksen, f. o. 1664 (oppsitter 1688, eier fra 1699) er antagelig sønn av Erik Arnesen Refsal, f. o. 1636. Christen Kristofersen eier fra 1704. Kristofer og Ole Christensen er vel hans sønner.
Kristofer Christensen, g. m. 1. Anne Pedersdtr. Barn: 1) Ambjør, dp. 12/1 1716. 2)Peder, dp. 6/6 1718. Kristofer, 2/1 1720 g. m. 2. Kjersti Dyresdtr.
Ole Ekeberg, g. m. Inger- en sønn, Knut, dp. 14/8 1718.
Ole Kristofersen, 14/11 1742 g. m. enken Mari Gulbrandsdtr. øvre Helset, en datter, Mari, dp. 1/12 1743.
Ole Christensen, g. m. Dorte Eriksdtr. (skifte 19/12 1716). Barn: 1) Christen, f. o. 1707. 2) Anne, f. o. 1710.
Christen Olsen, f. o. 1707, begr. 19/8 1764, g. m. Randi Olsdtr. Barn: 1) Berte, f. 1736. 2) Ole, dp. 24/5 1739. 3) Peder, dp. 23/7 1741. 4) Erik, dp. 15/5 1746, begr. 7/3 1773, neste eier. 5) Anne, dp. 2/2 1749. 6) Marte, f. 1752, g. m. Ole Opsahl. Marte var i 1814 g. m. Peder Mikkelsen. De var da føderådsfolk på Bjørnerud, Vallset. 7) Dordi (Tordis) (1720-1813), g. m. Anders Eriksen Frisvold (Rå) (1734-97). 8) Mari, g. m. Mogens Mogensen Hestnes (1727-29/7 1802).
Tore Andersen (eier 1726), g. m. Malene Pedersdtr. (skifte 27/1 1738). Barn: 1) Kjersti, f. 1726.
Erik Christensen (1746-73), g. m. Anne Eriksdtr. Barn: 1) Christen, dp. 15/10 1772, d. 15/5 1847, eier fra 1797.

Enken Anne Eriksdtr., g. m. 2. Rasmus Halvorsen (1745-4/8 1788). Barn: 1) Erik, dp. 18/12 1774. 2) Randi, dp. 16/2 1777. 3) Halvor, dp. 6/5 1781, d. 15/4 1853 Ekebergsødegård. 4) Anders, dp. 25/1 1784. 5) Peder, dp. 11/6 1786.
Anne Eriksdtr. ble 15/4 1790 g. m. 3. enkemann Kristian Henriksen, sønn Henrik, dp. 2/1 1791.
Christen Eriksen (1772-15/5 1847), g. m. 1. enken Kari Olsdtr. (f. 1744, d. 28/9 1831). Barnløse. Kari Olsdtr. hadde i sitt 1. ekteskap en datter, Fredrikke Larsdtr., f. 1790.
Christen Eriksen, g. m. 2. Kirsti Simensdtr. hadde 5/6 1839 tvillinger, Karl og Erik, begge døde i 1840.
Ole Larsen (Sønst-Rå) (1775-1834), g. m. Anne Pedersdtr. (1789-1861) hadde følgende barn født på Ekeberg (se Sønst-Rå): 1) Karl, f. 24/5 1818, 2) Oleanna, f. 16/4 1821. 3) og 4) tvillingene Jakob og Agnete, 1827, d. s. å.
Peder Svendsen, g. m. Marie Pedersdtr. Sønn, Peder, f. 19/9 1837.
Ole Dyresen Frisvold, f. 26/8 1798, 18/11 1831 g. m. Sara Olsdtr., f. 1806. En sønn, f. på Ekeberg: Martinus, f. 9/5 1844, se Frisvold.
Jens Kristian Evensen, f. 1819 i Skogen under Stange prestegård, d. 17/4 1893. (Hans far, Even Skogen, var fra Hadeland). G. m. 1. Elen Dyresdtr., ytre Haug, f. 1/1 1823, d. 29/10 1847 (skifte 19/12 1850). Barn: 1) Eline, f. 1844, 1867 g. m. Even Olsen Sørli, f. 1834, se Hestnes n. 2) Dina, f. 1/1 1846, g. m. Dyre Østby. 3) Elen, f. 7/10 1846, 17/10 1871 g. m. kjøpmann Johan Peter Larsen, Sagene, Kristiania. Ved skiftet ble Ekeberg taksert for 1500 spd.
Jens Kr. Evensen ble 12/11 1850 g. m. 2. Ingeborg Olsdtr. Vasåsen, f. 24/3 1829, d. 10/10 1911. Barn: 1) Berte, f. 27/1 1851, 23/10 1873 g. m. garver Dyre Andreassen, ytre Østby, f. 1847. 2) Kristen, f. 8/2 1855, utv. U.S.A. 3) Lina, f. 23/12 1856, 7/6 1887 g. m. gbr. Karl Olsen Skarkerud, Vardal, f. 1858. 4) Oline, f. 19/1 1861, 11/11 1886 g. m. maler Andreas Kristofersen Skaven, f. 19/8 1857. 5) Johan, f. 12/4 1863, utv. U.S.A. 6) Karl, f. 20/1 1865, utv. U.S.A. 7) Ole, f. 12/3 1867, utv. U.S.A. 8) Teodor Marius, f. 2/2 1870, d. 24/2 1874.
Dyre Andreassen (Østby), (f. 1847, d. 29/12 1925) og Berte Kristiansdtr. Ekeberg, f. 1851, d. 1879 hadde barna: 1) Kristian Dyresen, f. 6/1 1876, neste eier. 2) Marius Dyresen, f. 8/4 1877, gårdeier i Oslo. Dyre Østby, g. m. 2. Dina Ekeberg, f. 1/1 1846, d. 27/9 1929. Barn: Inga, f. 28/1 1887, medeier sammen med Kristian.
Jens Kristian Evensen drev landhandel på gården to ganger. Han hadde satt seg som mål å dyrke 2 mål jord for hvert barn som ble født, og dette greide han på det nærmeste. Det var atskillig husindustri på gården i hans tid. 3-4 rokker og vevstol var samtidig i sving.
Kristian Dyresen, f. 6/1 1876, 1927 g. m. Elida Østby, Oslo, f. 5/8 1887. Barn: 1) Bjarne, f. 2/12 1928. 2) Egil, f. 30/4 1930.
Gnr. 143, title no. 1

The name originally Eikaberg - the name of an oak tree. The farm is mentioned in 1370 and 1452. 10/11 1370 bought by Thorleivr Thorgeirson of Elf Thorderson, Ivar, his brother and Rønnaug, his sister ½ markabol in Eikeberg in forest villages. The deed was written by the priest on Stange, Bergsveinhølen Haraldsson in the presence of Mathias at Huseby and two other men. In 1452 Eide Ekeberg one of 2 siblings, Ragnhild Amundsdtr. and her brother Redar. 30 Apr 1452 went to the Stange church, and after a presentation got two witnesses, Sigurd Alvson and Ivar Tjøstolvson to witness a letter that Ragnhild sold to Redar his part in the farm. The following spring Redar married. With his wife, Sigrid Thordsdtr., He went to church on Sunday 22 April 1453 and got the same witnesses to write a letter that they shared equally in both this and that of the property. The survivor should have to be Ekeberg to inhabit as long as he (she) lived, because the land parties Sigrid owned, came derudi - she has also been from Ekeberg.
The farm was now half a farm. In 1528 the named tenant of opportunity was Hadstjenn. 1612-1661 Markus Ekeberg is the farmer. Albretz advises the lease, co-owner is Kronen 1647-53. Peder Svendsen in Christiania advises the lease from 1654 to 1661, co-owner is Nils Lauritsen in Christiania.
The census in 1664, Ole Hansen tenant (f 1610). By land records of 1669 Ole farmers - guilt 5 fourth. tg. 1 skin. Peder Svendsen owns 16 lispd. with leasehold over 4 lispd. associated Nils Lauritsen heirs, Peder Svendsen 1669 also owns a derelict meadow under   (1 skin). It is said then: "Engen skidding and myrgrodd, woods very sculptured to Vik's work, but at some places still fit for brådeland. A liden hommelhage."
1688 Christen is the farmer, guilt 5 fourth. tg., 1 skin. Dept. Peder Svendsen's heirs owe 1 skpd., 1 skin with leasehold over one fourth. tg. associated Jacob Diriksen.
16 Mar 1674 things are read Anders Larsen's letter of 638 rdr., 2 ort, 23 shillings to the poor in Christiania secured on Ekeberg.
27 Oct 1699 is Christen Eriksen Refsal becomes the owner, for o 1664). 11 Jun 1700 disclaims Karen. Haagen Olsen himself åbotsfallet in Ekeberg, as she related in Deed 27 Oct 1699. This right shall completely be the buyer, Christen Eriksen Refsal.
By deed 23 Sep 1702 selling slottsfogd of Akershus and officer of Akers and Follo shire, Jens Rasmussen Brønstorp, 1 fourth. tg. to Christen Eriksen, who by deed 17 Nov 1704 selling to Christen Kristofersen. Tenant farmer is thus became the owner of the farm.
In 1715, his sons, Christopher and Ole Christensen owners, and the collateral for the first Else Cathrine Hall. Mr. Sverdrup and 3 Jan. 1722 to Major Hejer 300 rdr. (Met 14 Jun 1726).
By Land records of 1723 Ole and Christopher Christensen owners of each half. Guilt 1 skpd. 5 lispd. 1 skin.
14 Jun 1726 sells Ole Kristofersen to Tor Andersen.
At the council 15 Nov 1735 come Christen Olsen Temmen-ownership with a lawsuit and shortage of funds clearing in the park (1 skpd. 1 skin).
23/2 1738 selling Tor Andersen Christen Olsen (1707-1764).
His widow, Randi Olsdatter. selling 25 Mar 1772 to son Erik Christensen (1746 -73). It's changing by Erik 12 Jul 1773 720 rdr.
13/7 1772, Ekeberg Ødegården by Erik pulled over to the farmer Nils Jacobsen and wife Kari to use for life.
Erik Christensen's widow, Anne Eriksdtr., The  mar. 2nd Rasmus Halvorsen. Using contract 27 Mar 1783 Rasmus will use and maintain the farm to the son of the 1st marriage, Christen Eriksen (dp. 15 Oct 1772) comes of age, when he resigns from the farm at redemption rdr 720. It's changing by Rasmus Halvorsen 15 Maar 1788. Ekeberg assessed for 800 rdr. By 1788 the shift meetings for children: Amund Korsøgården and Gunder Ødegården. Anne Eriksdtr. , 15 April 1790 vs. m 3 widower Christian Henriksen.
In 1797 took over Christen Eriksen (d. 15 May 1847). 1 Oct 1802 is Christen Eriksen own. Guilt 1 skpd. 5 lispd. 1 skin. Fare 2100 rdr.
In 1808, the farm is signed over to Peder Olsen Møistad with funds derived from surrendered property of Christen Eriksen and his wife.
Later, Paul Larsen became the owner and by deed 21 Oct 1820 he sells to Ole Larsen (1775-1834) - owner of Sønst-Ra 1808, 1825 - Change of SønstRå 10 Jan 1834.
1818-1819 Ole Larsen was recorded as owner, a judgment of 1 skpd. 5 lispd., Comparative figures 22
Ekeberg became a derelict farm and it was sold 27 Apr 1818 at auction 13 Oct 1819 value set for 2 lispd. (Requested by Halvor Evensen).
Plassen Dromsrud is evicted and the verdict is set 6 Jun 1825 3 ½ lispd sake. Bays evicted 4 Jan 1826 Ekeberg Hagen evicted 24 Mar 1831 96 fault skill.
By deed 14 Sep 1836, Ekeberg is
sold by the auction manager to Ole Larsen's son, Peder Olsen Homes (Vålødegården) 756 spd. He sells again to Peder Svendsen 700 spd., As 31 July 1843 sells for Ole Dyresen Frisvold for 800 spd., And he sells 26 Jul 1845 Jens Kristian Evensen for 1300spd. (1819-17/4 1893).
The change in his wife, Elen Dyresdtr. 19 Dec 1850 farm over drawn widower 1500 spd. Daughters Eline, Dine and Elen, were each given 68 spd. It was then 40 a 50 target field, 20 of 30 records were switched ownership, home stead where the houses belonging to peasants. Shedding 9 barrels, 50 barrels of corn breeding. 3 horses, 12 cows, 10 sheep.
By the Land Registy of 1838 is listed 3 Valleys, 4 ort, 14 skill. (Old 15 ¾ lispd.) - Owner Ole Dyresen.
By land records of 1886 Jens Kr. Evensen owner's fault for Ekeberg with plots mk. 9.31.
In 1888 sold Jens Kr. Evensen farm-to-law Karl Skarkerud. In 1890 took his second-in-law, Pet Andreassen Ostby (1847-1925) and from 1925 his children Kristian Dyresen, born in 1876 and Inga Dyresdtr. born 1887 owners of Ekeberg.
In 1645 Markus had 1 male and 3 females to help. In 1723 there was one farmer and the farm had when seats. In 1801, there were 3 smallholders and 1 tenant farmer (and button maker).
At different times were sown and bred following number of barrels:
                                1669           1723            1866               1875
Grain sown            6                  7 5 / 8:         14 ¼              14
Grain harvested                           22 ½            35                92
In 1723 the farm harvested 32 loads of hay and some flax. In 1866, 95 skpd. high and 130 h potatoes (set 18). In 1723 the sown: 2 skjep. rye, 2 1/8 t barley, oats and 5 h 2 skjep. peas. It is called when it is heavy excessive, be fairly certain of grain. In 1875 the sown: ¾ h rye, barley 1 ½ h, 10 h mix corn, oats ¼ h, 1 ½ h peas, potatoes, and 15 h had ¼ goal roots.
Acerage in 1866 for Ekeberg had plots: 70 goals cultivated, 52 goals nat. meadow, 490 acres of forest and mountain meadow 1. Fare 1891 spd. Area in 1939, 68 when cultivated, 30 when cultivated pastures and port 350 as forest and 50 as other outlying areas.
At different times there were these animals:
                 1657    1669      1723     1866       1875      1939
Horses          3          2             2        4               3           2
Cows            12        16          14       13 a 16     9 + 4 u  9+2 u
Swine           1           -            -           -             3          4
Sheep            6          -          12         13           15           7
The main building, barn, stables with barn, storehouse were built in 1860 by Jens Kristian Evensen. The harvester barn is old. Seteren Gåsøyvangen sold to Almenningen. - Guilt 1939: mk. 9.29.

Short genealogy
Christen Eriksen, b. 1664 (tenant 1688, owns 1699) is probably the son of Erik Arnesen Refsal, b. 1636. Christen Kristofersen was owner from 1704. Kristofer and Ole Christensen are his sons.
Kristofer Christensen,
mar. 1st. Anne Pedersdtr. children: 1) Ambjør, dp. 12 Jan 1716. 2) Peder, dp. 6 Jun 1718. Kristofer, 2 Jan 1720 mar. 2nd Kjersti Dyresdtr.
Ole Ekeberg, mar. Inger-a son, Knut, dp. 14 Aug 1718.
Ole Kristofersen, 14 Nov 1742
mar. widow Mari Gudbrandsdatter. upper Helset, a daughter, Mari, dp. 1 Dec 1743.
Ole Christensen,
mar. Dorte Eriksdtr. (Change 19 Dec 1716). children: 1) Christen, b. 1707. 2) Anne, b. 1710.
Christen Olsen, b. abt 1707, limited. 19 Aug 1764,
mar. Randi Olsdtr. children: 1) Berte, b. 1736, 2) Ole, bapt. 24 May 1739. 3) Peder, bapt. 23 Jul 1741. 4) Erik, dp. 15 May 1746 limited. 7 Mar 1773, the next owner. 5) Anne, bapt. 2 Feb 1749. 6) Marte, b. 1752, mar. Ole Opsahl. Marte was in 1814 mar. Peder Mikkelsen. They were then birthplace Council folks at Bjørnerud Vallset. 7) Dordi (Tordis) (1720-1813), mar. Anders Eriksen Frisvold (Raw) (1734-1797). 8) Mari, mar. Mogens Mogensen Hestnes (1727-1729 / July 1802).
Tore Andersen (owner in 1726),
mar. Malene Pedersdtr. (Shift 27/1 1738). children: 1) Kjersti, b. 1726.
Erik Christensen (1746-1773),
mar. Anne Eriksdtr. children: 1) Christen, dp. 15 Oct 1772 d. 15 May 1847 owner from 1797.
The widow Anne Eriksdtr.,
mar. 2nd Rasmus Halvorsen (1745-4 / August 1788). children: 1) Erik, dp. 18 Dec 1774. 2) Randi, dp. 16 Feb 1777. 3) Halvor, dp. 6 May 1781, d. 15 Apr 1853 Ekeberg Ødegård. 4) Anders, dp. 25 Jan 1784. 5) Peder, dp. 11 Jun 1786.
Anne Eriksdtr. was 15 Apr 1790
mar. 3rd widower Kristian Henriksen, son Henrik, dp. 2 Jan 1791.
Christen Eriksen (1772-1715 / May 1847),
mar. 1. widow Kari Olsdtr. (B. 1744, d. 28 Sep 1831). childless. Kari Olsdtr. she had in her 1st marriage a daughter, Fredrikke Larsdtr., b. 1790.
Christen Eriksen,
mar. 2nd Kirsti Simensdtr. had 5 Jun 1839 twins, Charles and Erik, both died in 1840.
Ole Larsen (Sønst-Ra) (1775-1834),
mar. Anne Pedersdtr. (1789-1861) had the following children born Ekeberg (16 Apr 1821. 3) and 4) the twins Jacob and Agnete, 1827 d.s.a.
Peder Svendsen,
mar. Marie Pedersdtr. Son, Peder, b. 19 Sep 1837.
Ole Dyresen Frisvold, b. 26 Aug 1798, 18 Nov 1831
mar. Sara Olsdtr., B. 1806. A son, b. At Ekeberg: Martinus, b. 9 May 1844 see Frisvold.
Jens Kristian Evensen, b. 1819 in forest under Stange rectory, d. 17 Apr 1893. (His father, Even Skogen, from Hadeland). 
mar. 1. Elen Dyresdtr., Outer Haug, b. 1 Jan 1823, d. 29 Oct 1847 (change 19 Dec 1850). children: 1) Eline, b. 1844, 1867 mar. Even Olsen Sorli, b. 1834, see Hestnes n. 2) Dina, f. 1 Jan 1846, mar. Dyre Ostby. 3) Elen, b. 7 Oct 1846, 17 Oct 1871 mar. merchant Johan Peter Larsen, saws, Christiania. When the shift was Ekeberg assessed for 1500 spd.
Jens Kr. Evensen on 12 Nov 1850
mar. 2nd Ingeborg Olsdtr. Vasaasen, b. 24 Mar 1829, d. 10 Oct 1911. children: 1) Berte, b. 27 Jan 1851 23 Oct 1873 mar. tanner Dyre Andreassen, outer Ostby, b. 1847. 2) Christian, b. 8 Feb 1855 ext. U.S.A. 3) Lina, f. 23 Dec 1856 7 Jun 1887 mar. Gbr. Karl Olsen Skarkerud, Vardal, b. 1858. 4) Oline, b. 19 Jan 1861 11 Nov 1886 mar. painter Andreas Kristofersen Skaven, b. 19 Aug 1857. 5) Johan, b. 12 Apr 1863 ext . U.S.A. 6) Karl, b. 20 Jan 1865 ext. U.S.A. 7) Ole, b. 12 Mar 1867 ext. U.S.A. 8) Teodor Marius, b. 2 Feb 1870, d. 24 Feb 1874.
Pet Andreassen (Ostby), (b. 1847, d. 29 Dec 1925) and Berte Kristiansdtr. Ekeberg, b. 1851, d. 1879 had children: 1) Kristian Dyresen, b. 6 Jan 1876, the next owner. 2) Marius Dyresen, b. 8 Apr 1877 farm owner in Oslo. Pet Ostby,
mar. 2. Dina Ekeberg, f. 1 Jan 1846, d. 27 Sep 1929. Children: Inga, b. 28 Jan 1887 co-owner along with Kristian.
Jens Kristian Evensen drifted store on the farm twice. He had set the goal to cultivate 2 acres of land for each child who was born, and this he managed at the closest. There was considerable housing industry at the farm in his time. 3-4 rays and loom were simultaneously at work.
Kristian Dyresen, f. 6 Jan 1876, 1927
mar. Elida Østby, Oslo, f. 5/8 1887. Children: 1) Bjarne, b. 2 Dec 1928) Egil, b. 30 Apr 1930.

1863, Oct 4 - Bernt Frederik Egeberg  of Arstad, Stange parish, born 22 Oct 1848 is confirmed.  His mother is listed as "Pige Olea Olsdatter" and father "Johan Borresen" at the Rosvardig church.  17 Nov 1849.  The date is different from the original record of 1849 above.  "pige" is a title that says that she has never been married but by this date she already married to Knud, so the statement seems to mean that she never married to Johan. 

Bernt Johnson's confirmation 1863
[ Løten, Parish register copy nr.4 (1863-1877) 1863, p. 262]

Christiansand, Norway 1848
Christiansand, Norway in 1848, the year Bernt Egeberg was born and
the port which Marianne, Evan and Oleane went through.
courtesy of Wikipedia Common

1865 - Folketelling - Census records of Løiten prestegjeld (farm), Norway show Knud O. Egeberg with his wife and daughter. The ages show that Olia married again and had a child at age 41. Here husband was also pretty old to be starting a new family at age 52. Two other people in the household seem to be another female worker and her son.  The name of the farm they are on is "Egberg" property no. 191b with 2 households.

Dist. 3 page. 81 Ihlseng (census dist.)
(parish) Løiten (farm) Egberg (household)191b
001 01 Ole Hanssen 36 Stange Prgj. Huusfader g Bruger og Selv.
002 01 Mathea Hansdatter 27 Romedals Prgj. hans Kone g

003 01 Hans Olsen 4 Løitens Prgj. deres Søn ug

004 01 Eli Olsdatter 2 Løitens Prgj. deres Datter ug

005 01 Bernt Johansen 18 Løitens Prgj.
ug Tjenestekarl (servant)

006 01 Berte Larsdatter 47 Løitens Prgj.
ug Tjenestepige (maids)

007 01 Kirsti Halvorsdatter 22 Løitens Prgj.
ug Tjenestepige (maids)
008 01 Even Olsen 27 Løitens Prgj.
ug Dagarbeider (hired help)

009 02 Ole Olsen 72 Wangs Prgj.
ug Føderaadsmand (surrendered property)

010 02 Elias Olsen 27 Løitens Prgj. hans Søn ug

011 02 Kirsti Olsdatter 50 Wangs Prgj.
ug Tjenestepige  (maids)
012 02 Regine Jørgensdatter 5 Løitens Prgj. Beslægtet ug

Loten kommune
Løten kommune
Elverum kommune
            Løten kommune is stated today on their web site as:
"Løten municipality has about 7500 inhabitants. Løten is an agricultural community with a nice downtown, between Hamar and Elverum. We are known for a rich cultural life, kind nature and a generous atmosphere! Our vision is - center of diversity -"
Olea Egeberg i 1891-92   Marianne Egeberg Rohne 1891
Olea Olsdatter Aadalen Egeberg and her daughter  Marianne Egeberg Rohne about 1891
in Texas from the family photo of Evan Rohne.